NM House Dems nominate far-left racist Javier Martínez for speaker

On Saturday, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported that the New Mexico House Democrats, including those newly elected on November 8, voted to select far-left Majority Leader Javier Martínez as their pick to be the next House speaker.

Martínez is an unashamed racist agaisnt white people. He said in 2021, “one cannot be racist against White people.” 

He is known for his harsh criticism of Republican policies, and his support for far-left policies, such as abortion up-to-birth, the anti-police agenda, the “Green New Deal,” and higher taxes. Martinez also supports disrespecting the American flag by kneeling for the National Anthem. 

Martinez has in the past supported radical bills promoting illegal immigration, including one bill to put illegal alien teachers in New Mexico schools.

The Democrat also has admitted that Democrat “racist” policies in New Mexico, with leftists holding power for over 90 years, have led to failures in child proficiency in schools. 

After receiving the Democrats’ nomination, he praised the retiring current Speaker Brian Egolf, another far-leftist, saying under his rulership, the state has “passed some of the most transformative legislation in state history, including key investments in education, infrastructure, public safety, our environment, and more.”

First-term Representative-elect Reena Szczepanski (D-Santa Fe), who was hand-picked by Egolf, was nominated as the Democrats’ new majority whip. 

Rep. Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo) was chosen to succeed Martínez as floor leader, another establishment choice from Democrat-dominated Albuquerque. Rep. Raymundo “Ray” Lara (D-Doña Ana) was picked to be the Democrats’ new caucus chair. 

The new picks from the Democrats demonstrate a hard-left turn, in the same vein as Egolf, who no doubt is content with the extreme left-wing leadership in the House.


12 thoughts on “NM House Dems nominate far-left racist Javier Martínez for speaker”

  1. Well, why not? After all, NM is a dump run by radical racist leftist communist democrats and a “governor” aka dictator who will now joyfully complete the destruction of the state while the useful idiots who voted for them will wonder what happened. Stupidity on steroids.

    1. The only thing that will make things worse will be the likely abuse of “white people” cheerfully sanctioned by subhumans like “lawmaker” martinez and the rest of the regime. When the “governor” returns from her jaunt to Egypt in her private jet, brace for impact (she’s got plans). And don’t forget to thank the useful idiot democrats and the do-nothing-can’t we all just get along? republicans.

    2. Yes it will get worse, folks need to suffer enough to make a change. I guess our poor schools, lack of opportunities, lock down, illegals, and taxation with out representation is not enough to change the mind set to only vote for someone with a Hispanic name regardless of their mindset.

      1. i agree mike. the repubs were warned they would not get support because they have done nothing for the people, they violated their oath they allowed these egregious crimes against the people during the unconstitutional covid hoax. why are they surprised they did not win? they do not care cause they are grifters and do not have to win.

  2. Watch what the legislature does in the 60 day session coming up. Free speech, due process, and the 2nd amendment will be under attack.

  3. Adios New Mexico! You are now the unenchanted land of windmills, godzilla power lines, liars,power hungry devils, and baby murderers.

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