Dem legislator tries to defend blatant gerrymander, gets ripped to shreds

On Friday, leftist Sen. Joe Cervantes (D-Doña Ana) took to Twitter to claim the far-left Democrat gerrymandered maps passed in the Democrat-dominated legislature were not gerrymandered but rather were “competitive” maneuvers. The conversation came after GOP Rep. Yvette Herrell narrowly lost the seat to far-left Democrat Gabe Vasquez following the November 8 midterm elections. 

He wrote, “To those charging me with gerrymandering – we did the opposite. We created a competitive district rather than a seat assigned one party. This is how we restore Congress to the founders’ ideals, and turn back tribal extremists entirely beholden to parties.” 

It is unclear what Cervantes meant by “tribal extremists.”

The districts rip away the old one northern, southern, and central district approach, and force communities that have little common factors into adjoining districts. The maps plunge the South Valley of Albuquerque into the southern district while chopping Hobbs in half and splitting it between the Second and Third District. The formerly northern district now snakes down the eastern part of the state to Roswell, while Albuquerque is now adjoined with Lincoln, Chaves and other counties.

After his defense of rigging the map by drawing out the only conservative-leaning district to a Democrat one by an 18-point partisan swing, New Mexicans took to the comments to call him out for his leftist hackery. 

One commenter wrote, “Lying piece of s**t… south valley is not part of the souther[n] portion of the state.”

Another person wrote, “I live in Rio Rancho, I know exactly what you did. Been wishing I could be part of a red district, but I’ve been a part of D3 with Santa Fe for as long as I can remember. 

Then, a miracle, red D2 reached up to Rio-then the South Valley grew right off it, like some weird [appendage].”

“You know damn good and well what you did. If you can’t win fair and square you cheat. It’s the Democrat way. Curry is a red county,” wrote another.

Others replied with GIFs: 

Even Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), the retiring House speaker, admitted to the partisan gerrymander before the redistricting process, saying, “So this is the last election for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District with a map that looks like it looks now.” He added, “So next time it’ll be a different district and we’ll have to see what that means for Republican chances to hold it.”

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s columnist Milan Simonich wrote in a piece after the formerly Republican-leaning district was flipped blue:

Herrell put partisan complaints ahead of everything else. She did it again Wednesday after losing her congressional seat to Democrat Gabe Vasquez.

This time is different. Herrell actually has a valid complaint.

Her 2nd District was redrawn in a blatant example of gerrymandering. The 1st and 3rd congressional districts were manipulated in similar unfair fashion to weaken Herrell.

For instance, the state Legislature, dominated by Democrats, carved Republican-dominated Chaves County into three congressional districts.

But despite the left and right agreeing that what the Democrats did was a blatant gerrymander, Cervantes is doing whatever he feels he needs to justify his partisan power grab.


11 thoughts on “Dem legislator tries to defend blatant gerrymander, gets ripped to shreds”

  1. Just a life long New Mexican

    What is he going to do with the church next? He cried fowl as his priest would not give him holy communion because he voted for the abortion bill. Repent Cervantes!!

  2. What is another word for gerrymandering?
    pettifoggery dishonesty
    cheating corruption
    deceit deception
    fraud swindling
    duplicity jobbery

  3. Hey John,
    Congratulations on your win. There are many Rio Rancho folks that would like to travel to the opening day in Santa Fe and just line the streets to welcome all the legislators. Now that our district ‘s republican lost the election it’s hard to know the definite date of the session. Could you please let me know? Thanks.

  4. Cervantes LIED about the make up of the “old” District 2.
    It ran across the Southern third of NM, and included some heavy Republican counties in the Eastern part of the state that were balanced by a number of heavily loaded Democrat counties West of Dona Ana County…..and including Dona Ana, which has 2 Democrats registered to each registered Republican.
    The redistricting was purposely done to keep Republicans as the minority in each district!!!!

  5. Democrap continued B.S.

    Just more evil democrap bs. Praying for New Mexico, when will we learn? Democraps have destroyed our state, they will never stop doing so. People here love being worst in education. Worst crime, best at letting criminals free, best at child abuse. You name it. NM is and will always be the worst in our nation at everything. This will continue as long as dumb a$$ people here continue to vote democrap. This is gerrymandering. Democraps lie every second of everyday.

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