Democrat state lawmaker snitches on fellow citizens

Once again, a New Mexico lawmaker is snitching on fellow New Mexicans, this time state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo), who is claiming that a law office in the state is making fake “religious exemptions” for people to enter the State Fair.

The far-left state legislator shared a post on Twitter from a profile that has “#F**KTrump” in the bio. The post shared appeared to show a screenshot from the Facebook account of Adam Oakey.

The post read, “Hey citizens/businesses in New Mexico: Beware of fraudulent ‘religious exemptions’ from people that have an Oakey Law Firm letterhead.” 

Thomson shared the post, writing, “Isn’t this illegal @HectorBalderas?’”

Later in the post, she thanked a commenter for saying they shared the information with KOAT 7 News. 

Thomson is known for belittling fellow New Mexicans, previously teaming up with scandal-ridden alleged groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s press secretary Nora Sackett to belittle citizens concerned over child health. Previous to that, they teamed up to mock people asking for health advice. 

Thomson also claimed Trump supporters should be “forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist.”

The snitching from the lawmaker is nothing new, with state Sen. Bill Soules (D-Doña Ana) snitching on local businesses in his community. 

Mr. Oakey was has been contacted for comment but the Piñon Post has not immediately received a response.


10 thoughts on “Democrat state lawmaker snitches on fellow citizens”

  1. Liz is one of, if not the worst person in the New Mexico legislature. If you want to truly fear for your freedom, state and country, check her out on Twitter.

  2. Ladies & Gentlemen… Boys and girls… your history lesson of today what we are experiencing is what Stalin and Mao Zedong did during their communist dictatorships… this is history repeating itself and we need to stop it…

    We need to get these Democrats out or the gulags will be coming back in… those who forget the past is doomed to repeat it and this is a perfect example

  3. Tripp had a Twitter account that he finally closed down after months of back and forth mocking and heckling (did someone tell him to tone it down or was it just choice to terminate the account?). I see Nora and Liz are still at it without consequence.

  4. To H_LL with NM Democraps

    The only way this women can get any attention is to be a snitch. Who would want to be her friend, well other than another snitch psycho. I mean look at her. Don’t you feel sorry for her? She is nuts you can see it. All Democraps are crazy.

  5. What is with the DEMS in this state from local government to state all want to snitch on people for what they do. Otero County has a couple of their very own. Its the DEMS ploy in NM to try to shut down citizens right to free speech

  6. Thompson–seen with pretty-boy Keller.. need I say more? Puppets bilking New Mexicans and bowing to the piglet Loserjan-Gruesome .. Stab someone in the back to hide your own corruption..

  7. So I need a religious exemption to enter the State Fair? Pheww. They can keep their “State” Fair. As far as this “lady” (I’m being nice) she should move to Iran and see how she likes their oppressive regime. I bet they wouldn’t tolerate her rhetoric like we do.

  8. Why is the NM State Fair still requiring a shot that does nothing but put you in line for serious future medical consequences ? Don’t go and let it go bankrupt

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