NM GOP rips Dems’ ‘weak’ convention in fiery statement

On Saturday, the Republican Party of New Mexico blasted the Democrats’ “lovefest” convention held in Roswell, which included scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Lujan Grisham calling herself and Democrats “bada**” despite their failures in the state. 

Here is the NM GOP’s statement on the New Mexico Democrat convention:

This Convention was a weak affair with low turnout and empty seats, showing the waning support of the Governor and the Democratic Party. This lovefest Convention is nothing more than a ‘Democrat Makeover’—underneath the self-congratulations is a real sense of fear and nervousness. These Democrats know they’re in trouble. From Washington to the Roundhouse, progressive Democrats have inflicted pain on New Mexicans and destroyed our great state.

The Democratic Party is an organization that lacks direction. It will continue to promote progressives whose policies hurt New Mexicans year after year. It doesn’t matter who is on the Democratic slate in June. The Democrat members of Congress will blindly follow the disastrous, radical agenda of the Biden Administration that’s destroying America. Here at home, Gov. Lujan Grisham has failed New Mexicans and doesn’t deserve another term. Her progressive policies and authoritarian actions have ruined our state.

The list of her debacles is endless: 40% of our small businesses lost, tax increases, reckless spending, COVID rules (that she personally breaks) that have shattered our economy and stripped citizens of their freedoms, a failed education system, a continuing crime crisis, classrooms filled with untrained teachers, ignoring our border crisis and her call to eliminate our vital oil and gas industry.  This recent legislative session speaks volumes, as the Governor’s wish list went down in defeat. New Mexicans know all this, and voters will make the right decision and boot her out of office in November.

The Democrats are again showing New Mexico their propensity to allow voter fraud. As part of the Convention, people will be voting by phone, absentee ballot and electronically over five days. That’s hardly a secure process.  And why would it take more than a week to count ballots?

The Democrats’ convention was marked by hypocrisy, unsecured elections, and many protesters outside picketing against the Democrats’ agenda.

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5 thoughts on “NM GOP rips Dems’ ‘weak’ convention in fiery statement”

  1. Laura Harrelson

    that is not a very flattering picture of the idiot. ( but, who cares )i just hope people do take note and vote her out. if not we are all screwed.

  2. Don't just vote New Mexico use your brain

    Hope people in our state vote her out, but not holding my breath. New Mexicans do not pay attention and we have too many people from other states living here. Such as Comifornias and New York transplants. These idiots love to vote communists into office. They flee their overpriced states they created, and have turned New Mexico into the same hell. The GOP needs to do much more then make statements to save our state.

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