New Mexico gets national attention over MLG’s CRT radicalism

Recently, ABC News highlighted New Mexico’s radical Critical Race Theory (CRT) agenda adopted by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Public Education Department (PED). The new social studies standards were adopted by a process 100% controlled by PED, with a “comment period” for New Mexicans to add their thoughts, although it did not result in the removal of CRT from the standards.

For example, one standard asks children to “[a]ssess how social policies and economic forces offer privilege or systemic inequity in accessing social, political, and economic opportunity for identity groups in education, government, healthcare, industry, and law enforcement.”

Other standards include language such as, “Demonstrate how diversity includes the impact of unequal power relations on the development of group identities and cultures” Regarding the territorial period of New Mexico, the rules aim to “Determine the role of race and racism in the acts of land redistribution during the territorial period.”

But ABC News branded the new radical standards as a positive development for schools to “focus on social identities and understanding the world through the lens of race, class and privilege.”

The news organization characterized the changes and comment period on the new CRT standards as follows:

Opponents of the new approach expressed fears that children would be labeled as victims or oppressors based on their race.

Some commenters color-coded the entire proposed rule, identifying language that they saw as echoes of critical race theory, including phrases like “unequal power relations,” “privilege or systemic inequity,” and requirements that students identify their “group identity” starting in kindergarten.

The agency also removed “mentions of sexuality, communism, police brutality and gun violence following concerns raised by the public,” said Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham spokeswoman Maddy Hayden.

The agency decided to keep the privilege, power and inequity language, and even increased the instances of those terms in an effort to make the language consistent across different sections of the final rule, in response to public comment.

These standards will be mandated to begin in the training phase next year, with instruction of the Critical Race Theory standards beginning in the fall of 2023.

Lujan Grisham is currently up for reelection, and her constant scandals, including paying $150,000 to an alleged groping victim may cost her. The further implementation of Critical Race Theory into the schools is not likely to help her chances.


6 thoughts on “New Mexico gets national attention over MLG’s CRT radicalism”

  1. If we don’t fix the election process (Get rid of Dominion Machines), we are doomed in this loop. If we don’t learn to identify the “infil-traitors” on the Republican side, we are doomed in this loop.

  2. CRT is child abuse. It is illegal to teach children deliberate falsehoods. Once again where is the indictment for MLG?

    1. Amen MLG does not care about children – she loves murdering babies now wants to take over the rest of the children. Where ae the Pastors in New Mexico – they should be shouting fro the pulpits.

  3. CRT is racism taught by democraps

    New Mexican parents please remove your children from public schools. Homeschooling sounds hard it’s not. It’s rewarding and your children get a real education. The best way to stop CRT is to take our kids away from the worst public school system in America, leaving them with no money. New Mexico schools have been the worst for decades. This is communism, and indoctrination. Read your history, this is how the Nazis caused hatred towards the Jewish people.

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