Dem convention: MLG calls herself a ‘bada**,’ breaks self-imposed mask mandate

Democrats’ 2022 convention, being held this year in Roswell, might just be as fraud-ridden as New Mexico’s regular elections, with the leftists opting for letting their attendees get in the event “virtually” while they can mail absentee ballots for their candidates of choice. 

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, delegates to the Democrats’ convention have until Wednesday to mail their ballots, with the final results of convention winners being announced on March 13.

In contrast to the Republican convention held last weekend in Ruidoso which resulted in results being announced the day afterward, Democrats will just have to wait. 

According to the New Mexican report

Delegates will be able to vote through an electronic ballot or by phone until 9 p.m. Wednesday. From Thursday to Friday, Democratic Party staff will be “validating and curing ballots,” van Dijk wrote.

The following Saturday, a representative from each campaign will have the opportunity to observe ballot counting via Zoom “as is required in our rules,” she wrote. Results will be announced when the convention is called back to order March 13.

The convention crowds, according to attendees’ social media photos, appeared tiny, likely due to the Democrats’ forced jab mandate for all who decided to go. Vax cards were “required for entry.”

Also, Democrat Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Jessica Velasquez said, “All convention attendees are required to wear a face mask at all times.” According to photos from the event, many had broken the Democrats’ rules — including the Governor. 

Roswell’s newly elected far-left Democrat Mayor Tim Jennings, who previously served in the state Senate and voted for partial-birth abortion multiple times, spoke at the convention. He joked, “I get to be mayor on the day of all days: April Fools’,” according to Daniel Chacon of the New Mexican. 

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham took the stage with people holding “MLG” signs and wearing buttons with her signature loud cowboy boots that were passed out during the event, according to reports.

“It’s really good to see over the podium without a box and to see all of you in person, all together,” said Lujan Grisham. 

Lujan Grisham said, “Stand if you believe that we have the power to be our badass selves and win!”

Also during the convention, the Governor had a cringe-worthy dance with attorney general candidate Raúl Torrez.

Far-left state Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard noted how there are anti-MLG protesters outside, claiming in her speech, “We have security in the building today. We’ve got protesters outside because our governor — [Michelle Lujan Grisham] — dared to do the right thing and follow the science and keep us safe.” It is unclear what supposed science Lujan Grisham was following by forcibly masking children, closing down businesses, and making New Mexicans stand in bread lines to buy food over the holidays. Likely, many of those reasons are why protesters picketed the scandal-ridden Governor.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Lt. Gov. Howie Morales, Roswell Mayor-elect Tim Jennings, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez, and many others did not follow the Democrats’ mask mandate:

During Rep. Melanie Stansbury’s speech, she said, “When I ran to be your governor and won, I mean, sorry, your congresswoman.” She corrected herself, saying, “When I ran to be your congresswoman, I apologize …”

NOTE: Article photo via a screenshot of Daniel Chacon’s Twitter video.


11 thoughts on “Dem convention: MLG calls herself a ‘bada**,’ breaks self-imposed mask mandate”

  1. Democrap destruction of NM

    1st sad to hear Roswell let these far left idiot’s into what used to be a conservative part of NM in. 2nd, how dare MLG act like she is a proud New Mexican as she promotes our culture while at the same time promotes Critical hate theory against her own culture. Shame on Roswell. You are just as bad as ABQ. Sad for new mexico, we are truly lost.

  2. It makes me sick to see these people who think she has done such a great job. Your stupidity is costing the rest of us.

  3. Roswell voters elected a far-left politician as their new mayor? How the heck did that happen in southeastern NM? Truly disappointing.

  4. They are Bad A because the dominion machines are connected to the internet and they know they win by cheating.. If we don’t fix our voting systems in this state – we are gone pure communism and I will just have to move.

  5. What happened in Roswell was PATHETIC ! To loose the Republican Mayor’s seat by approximately 54 votes and approximately 20% of registered voters participated ! ! Wake up people ! ! The world is run by those who show up.

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