NM Dems have ‘severed ties’ with Democrat lawmaker

According to a report from the Albuquerque blog called “The Paper,” the New Mexico Democrat Party has severed ties with Democrat state Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto of Albuquerque amid a barrage of claims by women that he sexually harassed them, claiming “credible accusations and subsequent investigation” led to the break.

“To date, there have been accusations of eight incidents of harassment, sexual and otherwise, by Ivey-Soto against several women, many of them lobbyists, and a few of which were witnessed by others,” claimed the outlet. 

“DPNM has severed ties with Senator Ivey Soto within our internal party affairs. He has been told by phone that he is not welcome at our events,” the Party wrote to the outlet in a statement.

“We have individually disinvited him from past and future DPNM events and he no longer serves on any DPNM committees or caucuses or as the regular DPNM parliamentarian, which he was for years. After being highly involved in internal DPNM affairs for years, he is no longer welcome to have any role within DPNM,” the statement concluded, according to The Paper.

Ivey-Soto has vigorously denied the allegations, saying to the blog, “I am befuddled and bewildered” by the Democrats’ move. 

Fringe far-left national groups recently penned a letter to all groups associated with the senator asking them to sever ties with him. Signers included the Women’s March (led by antisemite Linda Sarsour), the National Women’s Law Center, and other low-profile “national” groups.

“As lvey-Soto has been credibly found to break basic rules of workplace conduct, he should not be in any position of power. To avoid any conflicts of interest and humiliating situations for women and survivors of sexual violence, we call upon your organization to sever ties and take any other appropriate action within your power to support the many women and survivors, including removing Ivey-Soto from panels, boards, committees; ending contracts with him; and finally, to call on him to resign from the State Senate,” the group wrote. 

Ivey-Soto has served in the New Mexico Senate since 2013 and previously served as Associate Deputy Secretary of State of New Mexico for Elections, Ethics & Legal. He was also reportedly the New Mexico State Elections Director.


7 thoughts on “NM Dems have ‘severed ties’ with Democrat lawmaker”

  1. MLG didn’t resign from her position following the settlement from her groping incident, so why should Ivey-Soto?

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Then again, just like the pandemic, rules for thee, but not for me. Ivey-Soto probably didn’t get the stamp of approval from Soros, so he is not going to be able to play in the Democrat sand box with the other turds. If he actually did what he is accused of, then let his accusers come forward and let a jury of his peers judge the evidence. Otherwise, Democrat voters need to pay attention to the issues and the candidates instead of just voting for democrats because their parents and grandparents did. Uninformed and under informed voters are becoming the ruin of our great nation.

  2. No mention about him continuing to tell the 33 county clerks what to do and raking in ‘consulting’ fees all at taxpayer and voter expense. Because, ‘look over here at his sexual behaviour’, don’t look over there at interference with elections and election tampering…

  3. Guess this DEM is feeling the “Cancel Culture” Wonder what he thinks about it? Notice I said “think” because the leftist Dems just “feel” hahaha. I can only hope and pray this may be the beginning of the Dems imploding themselves. Dog eat dog. I got the popcorn.

  4. He’s neck deep in Voting Fraud. He’s taken money to help certain “friends” and he’s a sexual assault predator. Or in short
    Just your average Demorat Crooked Politician.

  5. Two things go against this man-he was not radical enough for the “sons of Soros” gang and he didn’t want a gender change. Too bad we can’t get rid of the Secretary of State who won’t get rid of Dominion machines. New Mexico is the land of death instead of enchantment.

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