Violent slaying of ABQ woman catches national press

The family of a 23-year-old woman from Albuquerque, who tragically lost her life when confronting the thieves who stole her car, demands justice for their loved one. The incident involved a 13-year-old suspect who shot Sydney Wilson after she tracked her stolen vehicle to a Smith’s grocery store and gas station in Southwest Albuquerque using a GPS app.

According to KOAT Action News, Sydney Wilson’s family stated that she was fatally shot by the 13-year-old suspect when she approached her stolen white Hyundai. The minor later surrendered to the authorities and is currently held at Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Center, facing charges of murder, tampering with evidence, and unlawful possession of a handgun.

The national press, including Fox News, is now picking up the story.

Before the fatal shooting, the teen suspect and other juveniles had stolen alcohol from Walgreens and recklessly driven the stolen car. As the situation escalated, the car’s driver crashed into a black Mustang and a curb while attempting to escape, leading to the deployment of the car’s airbags.

Sydney Wilson’s sister, Crystal Miller, recalled arriving at the scene shortly after the attempt to resuscitate her sister. She expressed deep anguish and regret for not being there to prevent the tragedy, as Sydney had called her moments before the shooting to inform her about finding her stolen car.

Despite Crystal’s guidance against confronting the thief, Sydney was determined to reclaim her car, displaying her strong-willed nature. Her family believes that even though the suspect is young, he should face severe consequences for his actions.

Crystal Miller emphasized that she wants the harshest penalties for the teen and even believes that the suspect’s parents should be held accountable.

Sydney Wilson’s mother, Deidra Wilson, echoed the sentiment, expressing concern over the lack of adult supervision and the need to improve the home environment for children in New Mexico. She questions why a child as young as 13 was involved in such dangerous criminal activity.

“I want the maximum sentence for him and the family involved. He is 13 years old. There’s no reason he should have been on the streets without an adult,” Wilson said. 

Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina acknowledged the broader issue of minors engaging in criminal behavior throughout the state and emphasized the importance of uniting as a community to foster a healthy environment for children.

The family’s calls for justice and accountability highlight the need to address the larger problem of juvenile involvement in crimes and ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

During the 2023 Legislative Session, Democrats made it easier for underage offenders to be sprung from prison, even those like the suspect who had killed another. Therefore, the suspect, if charged, will be eligible for parole early, depriving the Wilsons of peace of mind knowing the perpetrator is behind bars.


23 thoughts on “Violent slaying of ABQ woman catches national press”

    1. Exactly. If they want to engage in killing people, the penalty should be death. If that starts happening, maybe future kids like this one will think several times before engaging in such stupid behavior.

  1. It starts at home, It was mentioned that his biological parents spent time in prison and did drugs. He didn’t stand a chance for a future filled with a loving home. He had nothing to lose but the victims pay dearly for his decision. This scenario plays out in families more than we can ever imagine and the collateral damage manifest itself later in life. God help us.

    1. He’ll get his! Try him as an adult fully ! They want to kill an adult, then try him as an adult to the full extent of the law ! He took a life, so take his life too by lethal injection , the little @#$%&* .

  2. Criminals are created in the home and school environment.
    Thats where prevention should take place.
    Murderers should have severe consequences. Murder is playing God. Parents of underage murderers should receive a sentence as well, since they are responsible.

  3. Sick of people always getting off in this state!! Minor or not he deserves what he gave that poor girl…death! We need to bring the death penalty back PERIOD. MLG is this biggest piece of trash and she has earned her one way ticket to hell.

    1. My motto is a life for a life it doesn’t matter what age I believe the death penalty should be brought back. Too many innocent people’s lives are being taken just because there are too many juvenile delinquents and idiots running around

  4. Albuquerque is full of violent idiots. They can’t be reasoned with. The only way to teach them is with consequences and hard punishments. As long as they’re soft on crime the city will continue to deteriorate into chaos and violence.

  5. This young lady found her car Without the police. So what was the
    Red River Chief and his Blue Line Gang doing?
    Having a pizza party and congratulating each other on how good they look in their
    Underoos? The Burque is an Upholstered Toilet.

  6. Sad no mater how you look at it, kids murdering, women murdered trying to get her car, parents not responsible for their children. It does not help that NM is in the lower levels of every measurable level of health and welfare in the nation. The sad think is NMs continue to vote for the same POS democrats that want to money to fix things that $$ cannot fix. We need rules and punishments for not following them, we need drug programs to get people clean. We need to follow our conservative values that most of NM has.

  7. Let’s just face it. New Mexico is the murder capitol of America. With homicides increasing, the weak, wimpy justice system and killing of the unborn can we expect anything less from young impressionable people learning anything else?

  8. New Mexico laws protect criminals and juveniles from preventing preants from disaplan also this is mother’s State father rights are disregarded our court system is broken.

  9. Regardless of how likely it is this kid did it, he is innocent until proven guilty; let’s not allow the media to dictate guilt —
    so, I’ll speak generally….

    I wonder where people (13 year-olds and otherwise) get the idea to use firearms in this manner?
    Hollywood? Video Games (Grand Theft Auto franchise, I’m looking at you, here)? I’m sure the parenting they receive doesn’t help.

    Fact- Humans learn behavior from watching other humans – whether watching them on the screen or on the street.

    We shouldn’t censor media makers, but we should hold them accountable for the societal issues they cause – for example, by portraying irresponsible, dangerous and reckless firearm use, media makers promote irresponsible, dangerous and reckless use of firearms.

    Maybe the perpetrator thinks they’ll get off like ol’ Alec “Killer” Baldwin?

    *Regardless of outside influence*, if/when convicted, the courts need to make an example of the dangerous human that committed this crime.
    Real & serious crime, real & serious punishment.
    How about throwing an extra 20 years, no parole, on top for using a firearm to commit a violent crime? Ask any repeat offender how likely they would be to use a firearm in a state with a law like that.
    Survey says —- Highly unlikely!!!

    The pinko socialists in this state will only be interested in using this nightmare of a situation to further their agenda of disarming law abiding Americans. As evidenced by the case of Alec “Killer” Baldwin, they have no interest in holding Hollywood accountable for their actions.

  10. It’s sad that the “system” doesn’t protect victims but is in place to protect criminals of all ages. The police no longer are allowed to intervene when crimes are committed and show up only to file a report giving the illusion that they are protecting the public. Police no longer look for stolen vehicles, so I assume that Ms. Wilson was left on her own trying to retrieve her stolen property. The bleeding heart liberal’s and communist functionaries posing as public servants all have blood on their hands .

  11. If they want to kill with a firearm then they should be fired upon with a firearm ! What’s it called, oh yeah ” firing squad ” ! Make an example of them !

  12. And let the victims family pull the trigger ! I’m sorry to say. Enough is enough ! New Mexico ! How many people have to die b4 something is done ! Cmon already

  13. It’s sad to hear all these kids that partake in school shootings and violent crimes. When I was growing up I didn’t remember any of that. The first thing I heard was Columbine. I don’t understand how a 13 yo old has access to a firearm. They need to find out how he obtained that and punish them. I assume it was the parents.Thirteen year olds shouldn’t be out at night stealing alcohol, stealing cars, and killing people. Sounds like the parents didn’t care their 13 yo was out and about. Don’t you think the police were called out for robbery. They probably didn’t respond because they were probably too busy with other calls especially because Albuquerques violent crime rate. I believe God is the ultimate judge and when the time comes he will be judged accordingly. No minor should think it’s ok to take a life. At the very least they should detain him and make him have weekly counseling till 18 and make him see the family he ruined.

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