Dems continue eating fellow Dem alive

Democrats continue their onslaught against their fellow Democrat, state Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto (D-Bernalillo), over accusations of sexual harassment to a former Michelle Lujan Grisham staffer, Marianna Anaya, who has made false sexual assault accusations before.

Around 25 dark money far-left groups, including OLÉ, the Center for Civic Policy, Equality New Mexico, New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, New Mexico Native Voters, the New Mexico Working Families Party, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, ProgressNow New Mexico, Emerge New Mexico and the New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, all signed a letter demanding the Democrat be stripped of his interim committee assignments.

“We understand that the internal investigation, begun in March, has now been completed by an outside attorney and referred to the legislative subcommittee charged with making a determination on whether there is adequate evidence to [take] action on the multiple charges made against Ivey-Soto,” the groups wrote in a letter, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

They claim some of his accusers are appearing before the same committees “on which Ivey-Soto sits. As a committee member, he has the power to cross examine, embarrass, and even intimidate the very same advocates who have accused him of harassment. He can also influence the outcome of the bills brought by these women.”

Ivey-Soto told the New Mexican, “Certainly, if I were acting in any manner in these interim committee meetings that would be deemed as retaliatory or otherwise unprofessional, singling out people who have filed a complaint, I think at that point it would be cause for leadership to take action.”

Senate Pro-Tempore Mimi Steward (D-Bernalillo), who has animosity toward Ivey-Soto, reportedly said, “The subcommittee work is not yet completed and until it is we must follow the procedures, confidentiality and due process required by policy.”

“The subcommittee leads this process, not outside [counsel] or leadership, and they must be afforded the time to gather all the information they need before any decisions or further action related to this matter will be made,” she added. “I respect the concerns of the advocates and will take them into consideration at the appropriate time.”

The interparty fighting with Democrats comes as the November 8 election will decide the governorship and the fate of the state House of Representatives, where Republicans have a shot at flipping the chamber and reclaiming the Governor’s Mansion.

Despite the cries about supposed sexual assault by Ivey-Soto, these so-called “advocates” have been radio silent on Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham paying off a former staffer, James Hallinan, $150,000 over claims the governor poured water over his crotch and then groped him.

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