In stunning move, Attorney General Torrez turns on Gov. Lujan Grisham

In a stunning move of opposition to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez announced a new Civil Rights Division in his office, a proposal the governor pocket vetoed from the 2023 Legislative Session.

“We are going to establish the first dedicated office focused on protecting the rights of everyone in this country, but particularly the children of this country, and that includes Latino children,” Torrez said before the start of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) convention, where he is being honored. 

Torrez says the division, vetoed in S.B. 426, will concentrate on civil rights cases and prioritize protecting children.

According to KRQE 13, he told the crowd, “Now, we didn’t get that bill over the finish line, but when we had the veto, I made a promise to this community, and I’m going to make a promise to my extended community across the country: we’re going to create the civil rights division in the Attorney General’s Office anyway!”

“We are re-allocating within the agency, and frankly, it’s a position that I didn’t want to be in. I didn’t want to be in a position where I had to repurpose some of the resources that we had dedicated to other issue areas, but I think it’s so important to start better protecting children and start improving education that we take a more affirmative role and build out this institution,” Torrez said to the ire of the governor, who expressed the Division would “muddy the waters for agencies already tasked with child welfare and that no funding was set aside for the division,” according to the report.

Because of the route the Attorney General is taking, Torrez said his prosecutors won’t be able to gather evidence ahead of litigation, but rather only after they make a public filing. “One of the other things that we don’t have that was included in the bill is the ability to gather discovery before litigation. A civil investigative demand. Where we could quietly gather information before we decided whether to initiate a formal action,” Torrez says, “Now, because we don’t have that power, we’re going to end up like all other civil rights plaintiffs—we’re going to file an action which is a big public process and then go through the discovery procedures after that.”

KOAT 13 added, “Torrez said he’s already hired two attorneys for the division and hopes to hire several more and a division director before the year is up. He added that the new office will also focus on equity in education and jail conditions.”


27 thoughts on “In stunning move, Attorney General Torrez turns on Gov. Lujan Grisham”

    1. Good question. Did something happen in NM where a child’s rights were trampled? Or is he “protecting” zygotes?

      1. Are you kidding me!?
        The rights of children are violated at our border every single day!
        CPS is a financially incentivized child trafficking operation.
        Please get an education.

    2. It means to actually “PROTECT “…. To keep safe from harm, to ensure ALL needs are being met, to include but not limited to physical, mental, emotional, educational. To support parents in achieving there potential to increase opportunities for success

      1. There is no support for parents anymore. They would rather remove a child from the home and have the “government” raise the child so that child can be indoctrinated into the “NEW WORLD ORDER”. The child is supposedly being protected FROM the parents whether citizens or not.

    3. It means funds allocated to education will go to an office our state government has found illegal to operate. His office.

  1. The actions of the AG will undoubtedly be praised by Soros. I fear the weaponization of the agency. Federal claims could be used to require compliance with federal guidelines. It must be a long term commitment. I do not see our state’s judiciary being able to stand up to Mr. Torrez. This really is a balance of power problem.

  2. I foresee this new division being used against conservative parents seeking to prevent their children from being indoctrinated into the Alphabet cult.

      1. Really?, gee what is it you don’t understand? That the Dictionary has been around a LOT LONGER THAN YOU! YOU SHOULD READ IT! UNLESS YOU WANT TO CHANGE THAT TOO

  3. Sounds like the AG has been out on the hustings and picked up some strong concerns from parents who are wondering what their children are experiencing during those long hours at school. Since he isn’t asking for extra money, why not wait and see what he turns up, then cheer or boo?

  4. More BS from his lips. With Torres there is a hidden agenda. Not to mention he does not even mention the unborn children.

  5. New Mexico is a minority-majority state. Non-Hispanic White children make up about 25% of the population. Do you think he plans to protect the civil rights of those children? Unlikely.

    1. Minority has no color.

      There are more and there are less.
      Discrimination does go by color
      One day hopefully children will just be children

  6. Theydidittome Theycandoittoyouyou

    I find it interesting though s little baffling that the Attorney General suddenly has this deep interest in and dedication to the protection of Civil rights for everyone. Everyone ? Even me? No, he must mean everyone but me, be side he did nothing to protect mine when I reported the City of Carlsbad for violating my rates, and flagrantly violating a NM Statute that has been on the books for years. The City refused to reconnect my water after my housesitter allowed it to get disconnected by not paying the bill. After getting the run around for most of April,I finally got the head of utilities to tell me I could have my water reconnected if I gave consent for a home inspection. NM Statute 13-30-2 says that NO utility may deny service for ANY reason other than money owed for past service. I paid the balance of my bill, and then I was denied service for a reason other than I owed money ey, which is that the City wanted to inspect my home for reasons not shared with me. I may not be Stephen Hawking, but sounds like they are breaking the law to me. I submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, and apparently they informed the Cstlsbad ifficisls og my compkainr. The AGs office then called me one day, asking if I wanted the City’s answer read to me. The answer started out saying something like this: The residents claims that we have denied water service to are are inaccurate and false. We told her that we would allow her to have water service after she consented to a home inspection but our electric and plumbing inspectors. Am I in a parallel universe where neither the City nor the AG has the ability to grasp that the City of Carlsbad admitted in the first sentence of their answer that they had broken the law exactly as I described. The answer went on painting me to be some kind of unsavory character, with the implication seeming to be that it was okay to violate my rights, and okay for them to break State Law in tbe normal performance of their jobs, because they have decided they don’t like me, and have decided that I have to stand by silently ehikr o am singled out to be treated as if I were not one of those citizens who is entitled to the protections afforded by the Constitutions. Access to water is a basic human right, so I have to learn to accept my status as non-human and passively allow any government agency to violate my rights eho decides they want to violate my rights. The complaint was closed, and the AGs office acted as though they had done a fine job when their only investigation was to show Carlsbad officials my complaint, and then accept their answer as proof that I was lying, despite the fact they admittef to everything I accused them of, in their answer. He has done such a bang up job on individual cases that he is now ready to make this a normal function of his office, and protect people from similar abuses, statewide, even as he refused to protect my rights. It appears that he is going to be using his office to validate and endorse Municipalities who lie and violate the rights of its residents, and to circumvent any serious investigation into the abuse of power that is the status quo for some municipalities. The AGs office seems to be the only oversight of any kind of City Municipalitie’s chosen methods and manners by which they fulfill their job duties. This has already succeeded in allowing the City of Carlsbad to continue to run their government as a tyranny. From there it will only spread and worsen because corruption is contagious.

  7. I hope besides Latinos ,white ,he includes our true American children indegenant which covers more of the state and need protection !!

  8. Torrez is wanting to protect the criminal children who are getting away with murder, stealing, destroying property, selling and doing drugs. The crimes that include underage drinking and even assault, are not being prosecuted. They get a little probation, a dlap on the wrist and then out again to do more serious crimes. This is not good.

  9. The Soros plant finally gives us a hint as to where he has been instructed to take us and he calls it “protecting everyone,” especially children, but defines nothing.
    I thought is was only the FBI that investigated parents for having the audacity to want their children to learn the three R’s instead of being politically and sexually indoctrinated.

  10. I can’t be a member of LULAC, I’m not Latino. I couldn’t get into La Raza or the NAACP either. It would be so nice to be in a booster club for my race.

  11. He is supported by the Soros Sons and is laying ground for governor, senator, or consideration for a DA job in a red state to change them blue. Watch Sound of Freedom to see how far this nation has fallen.

  12. Quietly gather information is very disconcerting. Sounds very KGB. Building cases without complaints, or A civil investigative demand. This is a very dangerous man at this point.

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