New poll delivers devastating news for gun-grabbing Gov. Lujan Grisham

A recent statewide survey commissioned by the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA) has shed light on the sentiments of New Mexico voters regarding public safety measures. The data overwhelmingly suggests that most voters in the state believe that the key to ensuring safety for their families is addressing crime and incarcerating criminals rather than implementing unconstitutional gun bans.

Ryan Munce, President of co/efficient, a national public opinion research firm, emphasized the findings of the survey, stating, “Our statewide survey affirms that most New Mexico voters believe their community is less safe due to Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham’s ban on law-abiding citizens carrying firearms. There is broad agreement that violent criminals will still have guns and will still commit crimes.”

A striking 68 percent of New Mexico voters expressed their opposition to Gov. Lujan Grisham’s order that prohibits law-abiding citizens from openly and concealed carrying firearms in Albuquerque. Moreover, 89 percent of voters firmly believe that criminals will ignore this ban.

Munce highlighted the consensus among New Mexicans, noting, “To keep their families safe, New Mexicans agree that politicians and law enforcement should focus on putting violent criminals in prison instead of disarming law-abiding citizens in public.”

The survey also revealed that an overwhelming 83 percent of respondents consider a “crackdown on crime,” which includes “putting criminals behind bars,” to be the most effective approach to protecting families and loved ones from harm. This perspective underscores the belief that it is the actions of criminals, rather than inanimate objects, that are primarily responsible for crime. The governor has refused to call a special session to address crime, despite the crisis ravaging New Mexico streets.

Conducted between September 14 and September 18, 2023, the survey included 1,367 likely general election voters and employed a combination of mobile text responses and landline phone interviews. The survey’s demographic composition was designed to mirror the age, gender, education level, race, geography, and party affiliation of the true voting population, yielding a margin of error of 3.21 percent.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s pollster ratings system, co/efficient has a B+ rating, with its polls favoring Republicans by 2.3 percentage points. Regardless of this fact, that means 65.7 percent of respondents still massively oppose the governor’s anti-gun edict.


32 thoughts on “New poll delivers devastating news for gun-grabbing Gov. Lujan Grisham”

  1. A serial shoplifter was arrested a day or two ago after stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of electronics at the Target at Uptown on Louisiana and was captured after a foot chase. A serial female shoplifter was arrested after stealing (over time) thousands of dollars’ worth of baby items from a Target on Montgomery. Both appeared in their little striped jail outfits on the same day before a judge (I believe the judge’s last name is Gallegos), both were charged with felony shoplifting, and both were released “on their own recognizance” and told to come back “in several months” for their hearings. This happens ALL of the time. Democrat “leaders” are members of the same criminal organization – their Democrat Party – and in this state, Grisham is the current head of their cabal and those who keep voting for her and the rest of their ilk are their reliable brainwashed accomplices. The stupidity is amazing.

  2. This is shocking to me: “89 percent of voters firmly believe that criminals will ignore this ban.”

    Who are the 11% that believe criminals will obey the edict?

    Not shocking to me are the number of New Mexicans in the survey supporting the edict knowing that criminals will not comply.

  3. Why is she still in office?? She shouldn’t be making any statements. She should be packing her sh*t and leaving. What are you doing New Mexico? Blatant disregard for the Constitution and for the people of N.M. GET HER OUT

  4. So 11% of the New Mexicans polled believe that criminals would obey the MGL Health Emergency Ban on the carrying of firearms in public. There is a cure for ignorance but absolutely no cure for stupidity.
    FLASH: Criminals by definition do not obey the law. Imagine a major drug deal with the crime boss saying “Remember the no firearms in public ban, so leave them at home because the deal goes down at the warehouse on @#&@%# street and we can’t be caught with guns and getting a fine by the the governor cause she is serious.” The place would surely erupt in laughter.

    1. I agree with Sam NM needs to bring Back the Death penalty for violent offenders that commit violent crimes weather its with Guns or anything else. Nm has gotten to soft on there Laws that is why more out of state criminals move to NM because they know if they get caught the will only get a slap on the Hand!!! Do you’re Job Governor and lawmakers make these Criminals held accountable for their actions. You kill someone u also should get the death penalty. You rape or moleste kids and the elderly u should get the death penalty.

      1. I agree with you but they should go back to public hangings so the criminals see this and MIGHT think twice before a crime is commited.

      1. I personally would love to get this done. This governor will be the small start, then we can actually go after the, bigger “clown joe-blo biden”. Who’s actually the one that started ALL this crap by letting ALL these illegal aliens (and they’re NOT immigrants) just walk into our Country through the southern border, just to mention ONE of the borders.
        This one is the BIGGEST fish that NEEDS to be impeached.

    1. Exactly what we, the American people need to start eliminating these criminals off the face of our planet. Especially with our new technology on the, DNA issues. There’s absolutely no way that an innocent person will have to worry about getting hung, and we should also make these executions made public, once again. I strongly believe that by doing this publicly, WE can start slowly getting our laws back under control.

  5. You people sound like a bunch of backwoods hicks that think the 2nd Amendment was their only right, God given right, and that it is superior to all other rights, like the Right to Life, Liberty and Property. You probably couldn’t explain any of your other 26 constitutional rights if you were staring down the barrel of a rifle that was, of course, obtained illegally and without background checks or any waiting period. The problem with New Mexico is New Mexicans.

    1. I hope you don’t live in NM Debra. If you do, why did you make that last statement and why don’t you leave. You are not welcome in this state. True New Mexicans are lovely people. It’s some (some not all) of those that some from other states that mess things up for the rest of us, thinking that they are better and more educated. This issue that been stated and talked about IS the second amendment, not any of the others. Do you know how to read? Do you know that MLG did?

    2. The problem is not New Mexicans in general, but the democRAT new mexicans, that want no guns, no borders, free housing, free food, free murder after sex(abortions) which I have no problem with. Basically what it boils down to is anyone that voted for the little nazi,,, not once but twice!!! Voting stupidly has consequences.

    1. Why? What in the world do you think it accomplishes? Did you hear MLG state “no”, when asked if she felt that criminals would follow her mandate.

    2. Rick, you need to learn that we are sovereign individuals, our rights come from God not from government. We consent to be governed and our elected officials are tasked with ensuring and protecting those rights. What we have with MLG is an Marxist who thinks we are too dumb to know our rights where she could easily manipulate us to give up our rights to “save the children”. You may be ok with what she did but all that says about you is that you have Stockholm syndrome and you are so blinded you are defending your oppressor. If you feel this way I suggest you go live in communist China for a while and you may have a newfound appreciation for the rights and liberties so many of our countries finest have given up their lives to protect. It is up to this generation to protect all our rights, specifically 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Because the only thing that is keeping America from full totalitarian control is our right to bear arms. Not only are our children counting on us to keep a free Republic, but the whole world is counting on us as well. If America goes down, the whole world goes down. And I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but we are reliving history, specifically Maos cultural revolution. We are in the days our forefathers warned us about, so MLG can go to hell, there is no way she is infringing on our gun rights, EVER!!!

  6. We need the death penalty to be reinstated. I’m sure criminals will think twice before they kill innocent children, if New Mexico had the death penalty.

  7. Leave her alone. She is trying to stop violence that is now happening all over the state. People are stealing, robbing and then there are those on the streets high on femoral that look like zombies. We need to put these people in rehab and help them get back on their feet. We don’t need guns. No impeachment. Who would you put in her place?

    1. LMAO Lisa you are exhibit A for every dumb Democrat in this state. She isnt trying to “stop violence” she’s trying to stop law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves from the criminals that our weak-minded state government won’t put in prison.
      To answer your simple-minded question, I’d put ME in her place. You people have no idea how much you need me.

    2. Maybe if she closed the border and her Soros funded DA would prosecute criminals instead of letting them back on the street to continue their crime sprees. Maybe if she untied law enforcement hands and instead of defunding actually hired more enforcement. Maybe if she stopped letting criminals out of jail arguing “overcrowding”. This is a catastrophe she created. Now she wants to sell you her solution of giving up your rights because she is too incompetent and too corrupt to do her job. Don’t be a useful idiot! She is a communist and she cares nothing for the people of NM.

  8. If she were bond as the law requires her to be, which she isn’t, her bond could be pulled/called and she’d be out office that fast.

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