NM Reps. Block, Lord formally launch impeachment process against Gov. MLG

On Tuesday, State Representatives John Block (R-Alamogordo) and Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park) officially initiated the process to impeach Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. The lawmakers introduced a certificate form for their colleagues in the State House and Senate to sign, signaling their call for an extraordinary session aimed at impeaching and removing the governor from office.

The impetus for this move arose from a recent controversial action by Lujan Grisham. She issued an order prohibiting law-abiding citizens from openly or concealed carrying firearms in Bernalillo County while simultaneously asserting that constitutional rights and her oath of office were not “absolute.” A federal judge promptly intervened, issuing a temporary restraining order (TRO) to halt the governor’s edict. Her actions were decried far and wide by both Republicans and Democrats.

“The U.S. Constitution is absolute and designed to protect the rights of the people against tyrannical decisions like Governor Lujan attempted to do,” declared Rep. Lord, highlighting the fundamental principles underpinning the impeachment proceedings.

The effort spearheaded by Representatives Block and Lord involves disseminating the certification form, tailored for both the House and Senate, to all 112 members of the Legislature. Each legislator will return their signed forms to Legislative Council Service Director Raul E. Burciaga.

In conjunction with this formal process, the two lawmakers launched a web page, ImpeachMLG.com, to galvanize New Mexicans to call for the governor’s resignation. The website empowers citizens to send emails to all Democratic state lawmakers, urging them to endorse the certificate form for an extraordinary impeachment session of the legislature. Furthermore, ImpeachMLG.com will serve as a record-keeping tool, tracking the lawmakers who defend constitutional principles by supporting the call for an impeachment session.

Rep. Block emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “We are taking formal steps for Gov. Lujan Grisham’s impeachment because her despotic actions violated her oath and put every single New Mexican in danger. We must nip this governor’s lawlessness in the bud, which is why we have led the charge since day one to see the governor impeached. We mustn’t fail in this effort, or else every petty tyrant across the land will use Lujan Grisham’s illegal actions as precedent to seize more power by trampling on Americans’ rights.”

The move by Reps. Block and Lord signals a critical juncture in New Mexico’s political landscape as the state grapples with balancing executive authority and individual liberties.


35 thoughts on “NM Reps. Block, Lord formally launch impeachment process against Gov. MLG”

    1. To me she committed treason we need to remove her I have eight grandsons five granddaughters we go to family functions at parks I can’t carry a firearm but I have some of my family members that can and thank God for that cuz they are able to take care of the family while we’re doing these functions there has been plenty of incidents where cars are chasing another car and they’re shooting or mistaken one of my family members for someone else and if it wasn’t for my family members that are legal license to carry I’m scared of what would happen that day so no what she did was wrong that is treason.

      1. New Mexico is an open carry state, meaning you can openly holster a visible firearm. Please do this since criminals do not care about the law and illegally carry concealed firearms.

        1. I applaud your stand against this, so-called elected governor. Even though she WAS elected, she really doesn’t know (or even cares) about the constitution, much less, what the laws are within our Country.

  1. Thank you Representatives Block and Lord for standing up to do what is right. You are truly showing that you represent the citizens of New Mexico.
    Now we hope other law makers do the same.

  2. Please make sure that you publish a list of all state legislatures and senators that do not support the impeachment of Gov. MLG.

    They should be the next to be impeached or voted out!!!!

    1. You can't be Catholic and vote Dem

      Yes, let New Mexicans know who sides with the anti-American MLG; publish the list and Republicans at state and county level mail that list to everyone in your community.

  3. Where do I sign up to help? Impeach, arrest,convict and jail her! Also prevent her from being in politics or ANY Government position!

  4. For what it is worth, I will sign the petition but I seriously doubt if Democrats in the Legislature will support the impeachment effort.

  5. Where do I sign up? Maybe the Independent registered voters get this unethical fiasco with MLG. Can we rely on them for support in ousting the Governor? I think the number of Independent voters are pretty close to the number of registered Republicans, maybe John Block can answer this question. Yes you are correct, I don’t think the Democratic Party of today is the Democratic Party of long ago, long , long ago.

    1. Link in story. I also get emails with link. If you donate I’m pretty sure you can choose from many items that say impeach mlg.

  6. MLG should never have been placed in office. Do NOT wimp out, and give her a stern scolding! By the way, I am troubled by the emails I receive, asking me to donate to help legislators to do their jobs!!! Arghh. You receive a paycheck — do your job!

  7. I signed it and shared it with everyone I know!! I hope everyone that comments does the same. My representative , Willie Madrid, actually emailed me last week after I sent him an email asking for him to do something. He agreed that “she has gone into the weeds”……his words,not mine. Maybe with enough pressure the dems will actually do the right thing, hopefully. But we cannot stop pressuring them or nothing will change! Thank you John and please don’t stop trying to get rid of the tyrant.

  8. MLG should be impeached. Her arrogance and attitude seems more like Stalin than a supposed public servant. Her disdain for the public is legendary, remember she called us “lizard people “. Her heavy handed tactics during the scamdemic filled her with a sense of power befitting a communist commissar. She locked down the public , ruining businesses and churches while she and her comrades dined in luxury. Her “rescinding “ of our constitutional rights under the pretext of public safety is akin to blaming the passengers for the wreck of the titanic. Kudos to Rep’s John Block, and Stephanie Lord. We should all support this most critical cause in NM.

  9. The House formally condemned her on a vote of 9 to 3 yesterday. Read the PDF here: https://rules.house.gov/bill/118/h-res-684

    This is the beginning of the road to impeach her on Article 14. Federal, which supercedes State. That was a brilliant move, because now, any rep who votes against her impeachment and removal can also be implicated under the same article….since ALL OF THEM took a vote to defend the Constitution. A vote to support her is a vote against the Constitution.

    John, PLEASE do a story/report on what I just said. A lot of people have a poor understanding of the process that is happening and don’t comprehend just how much trouble she is in right now. I also don’t think that her travel to China was random. SHE KNEW this was coming down and didn’t want to be anywhere near her home state when it did.

  10. Thank you, Stephani and John! Didn’t the legislature try to pass laws that would keep Ms Rocket Surgeon from extending and extending her covid restrictions? And didn’t each one fail? (I don’t blame you – I blame the lefty dems.)

  11. Red Herring fallacy. Grisham violated her oath of office. What Grisham chose to do has nothing to do with President Trump or with John Block. Seek counseling for your TDS.

  12. Well it seems to me that this ban on firearms in Bernalillo County was a trial balloon it was only going to be for 30 days so I think she wanted to see or her handlers wanted to see how people would react just like the lockdowns during covid-1984. There will be more Bolshevik nonsense coming down the pike. Fraudulent clumate change monsense lockdowns. Everywhere one turns its climate change nonsense. The crazy weather is from georngineering: HAARP CERN NEXRAD MICROWAVES EMF FROM THE TOWERS, SPRAYING OUR SKY TO ALLOW ELECTRIFICATION OF OUR SKIES FOR WEATHER MANIPULATION AKA weather warfare.

  13. The governor of NM has violated her oath of office. She made statements that her oath is not absolute
    Such statements provide deep insight to her thi king and apparent willingness to use unconstitutional EO to get her way. She stated that she had to take action but failed to consult LE State AG office and other officials. Her compelling action has clearly show her. Unfittness to act as Governor
    There are and were so many other actions for her to take that would have been more productive given a better position to move in a positive manner. Now we as citizens need to ensure that this action by her is addressed in the process of impeachment
    We can not let this act to go unpunished because the act was as serious as you can get. We now must take time away from serious issues to address her petty and unconstitutional action and EO. She has clearly shown she is incompetent to further manage New Mexico as governor. The impeachment process will be a clear message to her and any future duly elected official that oath has meaning and their are consequence for act against the state,her oath and the US. In general.
    Therre is no justification in any context that such action was warranted needed or would have any positive effect which she actually stated. Failure to act on impeachment sends the wrong message and that oaths of office no longer have meaning.
    As citizens of NM and the US we elect our officials to do the proper governance. We trust them. Her actions statement not just in this instance has shown she has lost the trust , respect and confidence to be our governor.

  14. Coming from 2 small town politicians that represent communities with total populations that are less than the number of known gang members in ABQ, and who think the only thing guns are used for is hunting and protecting one’s property from illegal border crossers. The Governor’s efforts were directed towards Albuquerque and were intended to make our streets and public spaces safer, and didn’t prevent legal gun owners from possessing or protecting themselves with firearms on their private property. Bad behavior has consequences and too many people in ABQ have behaved badly with guns. Gun ownership requires respect and responsibility.

    1. Thanks Debra, for disparaging small towns and their duly elected representatives, and reminding us little people to bow down when Albuquerque speaks.
      But you miss a couple of important points –
      – When you put your hand on a Bible, raise your hand, swear an Oath before God and give your solumn promise to protect and defend the Constitution of New Mexico and the United States that is your Honor, your Vow, your Word.
      THAT is absolute.
      – More important, people mistakenly think that the 2nd Amendment gives citizens the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. IT DOES NOT.
      The Right of Self Defense is a Natural Right, a God Given Right that requires no approval, no permission, no license from ANY government paid stooge or flunkey.
      The 2nd Amendment is a LIMIT ON THE GOVERNMENT – “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed” It’s an important distinction, one that many people don’t know or understand. The Bill of Rights isn’t some document from the government that “gives” us these Rights, it’s a list of limits to government and a warning to the government that these Rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

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