New Mexico braces for rolling blackouts this summer

New Mexicans and most others in western states are set to be bracing for blackouts this summer, according to a new report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

“The demand for electricity is determined by how much one has used at any given time. The more electricity is used, particularly during summer, when most rely on air conditioning, the higher the demand. Electricity supplies power to homes and businesses,” wrote KOAT 7. 

Temperature outlook via NERC.

Last September, there were reports from PNM that there were concerns about rolling blackouts possibly coming to New Mexico this summer.

“We need the public to be ready to help us conserve and save the grid,” PNM communications director Ray Sandoval said at the time. “That way we don’t have to implement those strategic rotating outages,” he explained.

That news came after the San Juan Generating Station was shuttered due to the far-left Democrats’ Green New Deal (Energy Transition Act), which was responsible for its closure and the loss of many jobs.

As we previously reported last September:

During a special Public Regulation Commission meeting Thursday, Public Service Co. of New Mexico (PNM) said it is being forced to PNM executives said the utility will fill “quite a hole” next summer due to “green” replacements taking longer to materialize as the San Juan Generating Station is set to close next week.

According to PNM spokesman Ray Sandoval, PNM “generally has a 2,000-megawatt system with about 500 megawatts provided by the San Juan Generating Station.” 

With the closure of the San Juan Generating Station, it has purged countless jobs, with only around 80 employees able to retire. “For the rest of the employees, though, they’re going to have to go find some other form of employment,” said plant manager Omni Warner. 

The AP reports, “El Paso Electric, a utility that serves customers in southern New Mexico, also is expecting a capacity gap next summer. Like PNM, El Paso Electric will have to buy power from other producers to ensure adequate capacity when customers crank up their air conditioners during the hottest of days.”

The report continues, “PNM officials said they have revamped their plans for alerting customers when it looks like demand will outpace capacity and rolling outages might ensue. The media blitz will include automated calls, television and radio commercials along with social media posts that urge customers to cut back on their use. A special website would go live for tracking outages.”

As three-digit temperatures hit New Mexico, we will see if the rolling blackouts and brownouts hit residents, as many have been very concerned about the potential ramifications.

“It’s an impoverished state. Most people here probably won’t have the resources or income to escape and go somewhere else to get some relief. I don’t think that’s safe. It does concern me,” New Mexico resident Melinda Van Stone said to KOAT 7.


25 thoughts on “New Mexico braces for rolling blackouts this summer”

  1. It seems we are paying extra on our power bill for renewable energy. I see hundreds of new wind turbines being put up. It also has been said the power will go to Arizona and california.I think WE should get what we are paying for.

  2. Yet the powers that be are wanting to do away with natural gas appliances and force people into electric vehicles. What a clown show.

  3. Now we know why they were so insistent to install SMART METERS on every home so they could remotely shut off power.

    It’s an energy rationing system enabled by technology which the Communists could only dream of.

    1. SMART METERS also allow them to get data on the appliances you use, and how often you use them. It’s real-time monitoring of your home.

      1. I refused to allow them to install a Smart Meter. So they estimate my bills. Which is fine with me. If you don’t want the Smart Meter, they can’t force you to get one.

  4. I very much doubt that those who are the drivers behind the push to electric vehicles and the destruction of the hydrocarbon energy sector will be affected by rolling blackouts.

    1. Your tax dollars paid for their full-house solar systems to keep them going. Notice all the solar panels are on government buildings.. We pay the bill for Continuity of Governance while we all suffer the effects the legislated.

      1. We’re not seeing the true impact of this policy (yet) in June of 2023. That’s because in the heat of the day in June the skies are normally clear. Just wait a couple weeks when the monsoon season kicks in. Typically the skies fill with clouds late in the morning and by mid-afternoon the cloudcover increases to over 50%. That’s when all these solar panels start producing less than 50% of their rated power levels and the blackouts will start.

  5. I will not conserve; I will not buy an electric car; (actually I just purchased a huge SUV); I have gasoline generators/propane generators to get me through blackouts; I just changed from an electric stove to a gas; If people get sick enough of this insanity maybe they will change the way they vote. I really doubt it.

    1. I recommend we all jack our air conditioners *down* during cloudy afternoons. See how that affects the grid. No sense in giving these people a break by suffering. Their policies will cause everyone to suffer eventually. And why wait and give these idiots cover?

      1. So just waste electricity intentionally to ensure we have blackouts? What about the elderly, sick and disabled people these blackouts will affect? Oh that’s okay, they don’t matter.

  6. We all knew those who are in policy making positions had invested in their so called green deal. They make their fortunes we in the public pay more for less and now will not even get the basics provided to us. At least Michelle can drink her liquor, party and pay her policy makers above market value while maybe we can eat our cake.

  7. PNM has been managed stupidly for a very long time. Kinda like the Dems run New Mexico.

    Closing down coal fired power plants before other adequate infrastructure is operational is a travesty. Convert those plants to nuclear for the future. Solar and wind generated power alone will never be enough.

    1. Power plant shutdowns have been poorly planned and managed by power companies. Farmington had a great option to take over the San Juan Generating Station. People in the know indicate that PNM sold them out and undercut their effort. The result is poor grid management. There’s plenty of natural gas and uranium to run power plants, but no political will.

  8. If you notice the ROLLING blackouts are generally in the states controlled by the Democratic/Uniparty. There is really no difference between either party anymore. The lust for control of the sheeple is out of control.

    1. Do you even pay any attention to politics? Republicans in New Mexico are out numbered and aren’t part of any uniparty. And, the Democratic Party has been taken over by the Democratic Socialists of America. Come out of your basement and into the real world.

  9. Oh how they (PNM) pushed air conditioning over the old swamp coolers that cost 1/10th of air conditioning to run. I still have my swamp cooler & it works just fine… PNM can pound sand, all we get is higher bills & lousy service.
    We on the North end of the mountain have lost power more in the last year than the past 45 years. Lining their own pockets is their idea of public service. I trust them as far as I could throw them.

  10. The Chinese Communist Party is also behind the push for “green” energy in America because it will enable them to overtake us in productivity and military readiness. They build new coal power and nuclear plants while we shut ours down.

  11. You can be the rolling blackouts don’t touch the Governor’s Mansion… For a change, could the dems please elect someone competent??? Oh wait – dems – never mind.

  12. John R. Martinez

    As our state grows So will the electricity demands and water demands People do not realize that our world is changing they have to adapt to the changes In our household we have conserved our electricity in water supplies and we’re living just fine even with the heat wave So learn to adapt to your home environment and you’ll be just fine. One more note quit complaining about the republicans of the democrats.

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      This state is not “growing.” People are leaving in droves. This communist governor has destroyed the economy. Businesses are closing. New businesses that would pay a wage capable of supporting families are not coming here because of the rampant crime and bottom of the list education which makes finding an educated workforce next to impossible. As for “adapting” as you brag you have done, that attitude is precisely what the powers that be aka current rulers/dictators/etc. count upon. Just comply, “adapt,” and keep voting them in, and you’ll be fine.

  13. This is just the beginning of going electric. They cannot handle the power demand now what about when everything is electric. Who are they kidding. We are many years away from total electric if it ever happens. This whole green deal is a joke and will never work. Stop shoving this bull down our throats.

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