Hispanic and Latinos’ ‘drift’ away from Dems could mean Vasquez’s downfall

Far-left Democrat U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District could be in for a surprise in his 2024 attempt to seek reelection, as Hispanics and Latinos, who make up 60 percent of the District, are shifting away from the Democrat Party.

Vasquez narrowly won his race in November by a mere 0.7 percent, making him one of the most vulnerable GOP targets in 2024.

According to an Axios-Ipsos Latino Poll, “More Latinos continue to favor the Democratic Party, but their allegiance is drifting. Some Latinos signal growing differences on cultural issues and crime — and give Republicans an edge in handling the economy.”

“Latinos are still more Democratic than Republican by significant margins,” Ipsos pollster and senior vice president Chris Jackson said. “But when you’re talking about elections that are won by a percentage point, small losses can make a difference.”

“The Democratic coalition is complicated in the best of times. The more pieces are in play, the harder it’s going to be for any Democratic candidate to thread the needle.”

This could mean imminent doom for the first-term Vasquez, who faces strong opposition by Republican former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell, who has vast support and won the seat over Democrat Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small, a Latina, in 2020. Herrell has national support from U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, along with many top Republicans in New Mexico. 

National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Delanie Bomar wrote, “For years, Gabe Vasquez and the Democrat Party have taken Hispanic voters for granted by ignoring the issues that are most important to them.”

She continued, “Under Biden’s failing economy, it’s clear New Mexico Hispanics are realizing Vasquez isn’t the guy for them.”


13 thoughts on “Hispanic and Latinos’ ‘drift’ away from Dems could mean Vasquez’s downfall”

    1. It won’t mean anything if people don’t show up to vote. We only needed 50% of registered Otero County voters to turn out in the last election to keep Yvette Harrell. Albuquerque managed over 50%. Unfortunately we couldn’t even do that in her home townk. Eddy and Lea counties were even worse turnouts in CD-2.

  1. Vasquez is pro-open border, pro abortion, and pro gender-affirmation, but anti-police, anti- New Mexico, and anti-America. Nuff said.

    1. Paul you put it perfectly, but will enough NM Hispanics in CD-2 realize Vasquez does not represent their values and their traditions?

    2. Lol! Tell us something ANYTHING that Herrell,Pearce or any other republican has done in your lifetime that has helped the American people. Pitiful

  2. While that may be the case of Hispanic and Latino drift from the Democrat Party, my question is: what is the Republican Party doing in Vasquez’s district to win over their votes? Are they working the district and communicating to win them over? I would like to see Chairman Pearce respond to this. Perhaps Pinon Post can interview him and get these questions answered along others on what are they doing within the state to turn things around.

  3. We have to get rid of the fake voting system before we can elect people. All these people have been seated…

    1. Exactly. It was relatively easy for CD2 to be stolen. And what did the state republican party do about it? What exactly will be different this time? I know my vote didn’t count last election…

  4. A vote for Yvette Herrell is a vote for law and order, the Second Amendment, a secure border, oil and gas, and our farm and ranch industries— all issues important to the good folks in Congressional District 2.

  5. I get peeved when I see voter blocks described in terms of ethnicity. Brains to think for oneself regarding issues are not dependent on race.

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