2021 FBI data shows NM has second-worst crime rate in the nation

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data from 2021, New Mexico ranked as the state with the second-highest crime rate in the nation, with crimes affecting 2.19% of the population. 

KRQE 13 reports, “The numbers also show New Mexico’s per-population kidnapping and abduction rate was the highest in the nation. But that may be due, in part, to the way the state defines kidnapping. New Mexico’s definition of kidnapping could be construed as relatively broad and includes holding someone against their will using force or intimidation.”  

In 2021, for every 100,000 New Mexicans, law enforcement reported 2,189 crimes against persons or affecting 2.92% of the population. The only state with worse overall crime was Arkansas, with 2,276 crimes per 100,000 people. 

The report added, “New Mexico law enforcement also reported more homicides in 2021 than the year before. Across New Mexico, police reported 193 homicides to the FBI in 2021. That’s 67 more than in 2020.”

New Mexico clinched the top spot for the highest crime rate in the kidnapping category, with the most abductions than any other state

Regarding assault, New Mexico agencies reported nearly 25,500 instances in 2021 — 1,872 more than the state reported in 2020.

According to the FBI, “In 2021, the FBI expanded homicide crime statistics for New Mexico are based on 42 of 128 law enforcement agencies in the state that year who elected to submit an expanded homicide report.” 

Explore all the FBI data on New Mexico here.


10 thoughts on “2021 FBI data shows NM has second-worst crime rate in the nation”

  1. You can say “Thank you” to pretty boy Keller, Moochie Loserjan, the no cajone`s judges, the no morals lawyers, and the others who claim New Mexico and Albq as sanctuary havens for ILLEGALS and CROOKS! The catch and release game at the jail house needs to end as well.

  2. Well let’s do a quick review…..
    1) The fbi are Liars and Enemies of We The People
    2) The Demorats have controlled the state for 70+ years….
    3) All Politicians Must Hang!!

  3. Just one more shining example of how New Mexico is ALWAYS last (or close to it) in the best statistics & 1st (or close to it) in the worst….

  4. Just for actual number conparison not Per 100,000, PHX AZ pop more than the entire state of NM has 2./3rds less reported felonie crimes than just ABQ.NM. That says a lot it must be management policies ?

    BUT I noticed many of the counties that stood up the M.L. Gruesome and the democrats ( the rest the state escept 3 counties) don’t have these problems?

  5. Why abortion? It is all the Democrats have to run on. None of their stuff works, only, creates MORE problems. Oh and we the taxpayers get to pay for it all. It’s the “New Mexico Way”! They have been in control here closer to 90 years.

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