MLG’s spokesman who called GOP a ‘death cult’ quits over mental health

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s key spokesman, who has remained at the center of many of the Governor’s crises, Tripp Stelnicki, is jumping ship from the administration ahead of the 2022 election.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Stelnicki “told the governor in his resignation letter he was stepping down to prioritize his mental health.” 

“A position of trust like this is too important – to you, the people who serve you and the people you serve – to be occupied by someone who cannot give 110%,” Stelnicki wrote in the letter. 

Stelnicki is well known for his condescension of New Mexicans and rudeness to members of the press, including a KOB 4 reporter who asked him basic questions about the Governor’s “red to green” plan to lift harsh restrictions. He wrote: 

Did you read the attachment to the news release yesterday and find it confusing? Please let us know if we can help you understand it. Three colors is not confusing. Checking a website— or asking your county to check a website—once every two weeks is not difficult. 

During the interview with KOB, he claimed long, cold bread lines outside of grocery stores over the 2020 holidays due to Lujan Grisham’s restrictions were a “minor inconvenience.” 

The Piñon Post reported on the long lines prior to the interview with KOB after the Governor’s office told KOB 4 that the lines were just “Republican talking points.” The office also claimed, “The state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line, as you suggest.” 

Stelnicki is also well-known for calling the Republican Party a “death cult” that wants more New Mexicans dead of the virus. 

“You don’t have to ask the death cult their opinion or publish their quotes. False equivalence now is actually life or death. There is no ‘both sides’ to this. There is one group preaching accelerated illness & death because they ‘love’ ‘business’ & if you can’t see through that?” he wrote

After Stelnicki’s announcement, Lujan Grisham claimed she was “lucky” to have him. “His intelligence and strategic thinking have helped in countless tough moments, and he has played a key role in our collective, ongoing push to better serve New Mexicans through good, proactive government,” she wrote. 

Stelnicki’s departure is just the latest in a long line of other administration officials jumping ship, including cabinet secretaries, senior advisors, regulatory personnel, among others.

8 thoughts on “MLG’s spokesman who called GOP a ‘death cult’ quits over mental health”

  1. This guys Twitter account was either banned or he closed it willingly many months back when he was fighting with other users. This guy is an utter joke.

    Please remember his condescending interview with the local news on the color coding system that they instituted. He was an utter clown then, and remained as one.

  2. I think we need to get some mental health evaluations on politicians before they run. Now MLG step out of the race your mental health needs a big evaluation.

    1. Bridget Harrington

      What KS Native said. I also wondered if he was the latest groping target and decided to get out of the line of fire. Exiting the industry altogether is a great way to avoid answering questions.

  3. Come 2024 elections, out of the current 2 million plus residents of the atate of NM, 3.5 million will vote to keep her in. (Yes, those numbers are a little off, by 2024, 4 mil will vote for her.)

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