MLG mandates boosters for healthcare workers — Newsom follows suit

Despite health care workers laboring throughout the pandemic without either a COVID-19 shot or a “booster,” scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has mandated not only the original inoculation but a booster for health care workers. 

In early December, Lujan Grisham’s regime claimed, “[a]lthough experts caution that much remains unknown about the new variant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week amplified its recommendation on COVID-19 booster shots, saying all vaccinated adults ‘should’ receive one either six months after completing a Pfizer or Moderna series and two months after a Johnson & Johnson shot.”

“The amended state public health order, issued Thursday by Acting Health Secretary David R. Scrase, M.D., will require those categories of workers to receive a booster shot,” the directive instructed.

Now the far-left state of California is following suit, mandating booster jabs for all healthcare workers. 

“​​CA will require healthcare workers to get their booster. As the Omicron variant continues to spread — we’re stepping up efforts to get more people boosted and keep Californians safe,” claimed embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Twitter. 

“With Omicron on the rise, we’re taking immediate actions to protect Californians and ensure our hospitals are prepared. More to come in our official announcement tomorrow,” he said.

It appears Newsom is taking his directives from Lujan Grisham, who is the chair of the Democrat Governors Association, despite her alleged sexual assaults on multiple men — similar behavior to what led to the fall of Democrat former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

During the pandemic, Lujan Grisham has shuttered small businesses, targeted health care workers with mandates, killed at least 40% of small businesses in New Mexico and was caught repeatedly skirting her COVID-19 guidelines.


7 thoughts on “MLG mandates boosters for healthcare workers — Newsom follows suit”

  1. Way to go MLG! That ought to drive out more healthcare worker from the State. While you scream the hospitals are being overrun, you are a fraud!

  2. The evidence is out there that Wuhan Lujan and Herr Reich Ministry of Health won’t tell you because they are power hungry… all they have to do is look at the other countries with the high vaccination rates but their cases are still going up that only means one thing that’s the shots don’t work
    Those do called called vaccines are only good for 5 months and then it it declines to way below effectiveness… that is why now they are saying three or four boosters when at first they said only take two shots and you won’t need a mask and everything will be back to normal again
    Here is a good article that tells you what is really happening

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  4. MLG hates all New Mexicans

    Tired of MLG reign over NM. But nothing has been done to stop her. Talking about her does nothing. Wish there were laws to stop her. Or at least brave people that would do something. NM is in complete democraps control. She will destroy us until nothing is left.

  5. I have so had my fill of this Death Cult and it’s minions.
    Trump gave us the gift that keeps on stealing.
    It’s stolen you family members, your jobs, your freedoms, your health, your homes, your friends…
    You’d think the radicals would have erected a statue to him by now but there are no two sides, you are either loving your neighbor as yourself or you are not.
    I am quite done with it all…
    Families are divided, people no longer feign the slightest of civility, people are homeless, either dying because they took the jab or because they didn’t.
    Former free and independent people are now forced to depend on handouts from the government, which in the end will cost them more than a bank loan or student loans.
    There is no Christmas in our house. We have forgone it this year and it is replaced with prayer and mourning for the people who have become enslaved by the likes of New Mexican politicians and those like him throughout the world.
    Return with All Your Heart
    “Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the aged, gather the children, even those nursing at the breast. Let the bridegroom leave his room, and the bride her chamber. Let the priests who minister before the LORD weep between the portico and the altar, saying, “Spare Your people, O LORD, and do not make Your heritage a reproach, an object of scorn among the nations. Why should they say among the peoples, ‘Where is their God?’”

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