MLG’s NM Enviro Dept. releases ‘strict’ Green New Deal-style emissions rule

On Friday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico Environment Department released its crippling new enviro-Marxist emissions rules that will further harm New Mexico’s industries and consumers. 

According to a release from the Department, “The new rule establishes emission reduction requirements for equipment including storage vessels, compressors, turbines, heaters, engines, dehydrators, pneumatic devices, produced water management units, and more. The new rule also establishes emission reduction requirements for processes such as well workovers, hydrocarbon liquid transfers, liquids unloading, pig launching and receiving, and more.” 

“The new rule sets foundational requirements for all oil and gas operators to calculate emission rates and have those calculations certified by a qualified engineer, perform monthly checks for leaks and fix them within 15 days, and maintain records to demonstrate continuous compliance. Building upon the foundational requirements are strict standards for equipment and processes that emit larger quantities of pollution,” it continues.

The Department claims the rule “will eliminate hundreds of millions of pounds” of emissions from oil and gas in New Mexico to establish “ innovative and actionable regulations to curb the formation of ground-level ozone.” 

Lujan Grisham lauded the new rule, claiming, “This is a momentous step forward in achieving our goals of lowering emissions and improving air quality.”

Environment Department Secretary James Kenney added, “Over the next few months, we will begin robust and innovative compliance assurance activities to ensure oil and gas operations are adhering to these new requirements.”

Enviro-Marxist groups lauded the emissions rule as a “big win” for “climate action.”

Larry Behrens, the Western States Director for the pro-energy group Power The Future wrote regarding the emissions rule, “Just like Joe Biden, Governor Lujan Grisham is forcing radical green policies through bureaucratic back doors instead of trying to pass them through the legislature. Even a legislature dominated by her party rejected her extreme gas price hike this year, but that’s not stopping her from pushing her agenda. The next time the governor’s shrinking group of supporters claims she has no responsibility in the high gas prices in our state, you can point to decisions like this one.”

“We participated in the … efforts to regulate ozone precursors, even though the oil and gas industry contributes less than 3 parts per billion of ozone out of the roughly 75 parts per billion that exists today,” Doug Ackerman, president and CEO of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association, wrote in an email to the Santa Fe New Mexican.


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  1. It is so sad that the rest of the world can continue to pollute using coal, fossil fuels, raping the earth for the minerals to create electric cars, solar panels, etc. We have the brightest scientists in our Labs that have developed safe nuclear energy and clean gas energies. 50 years from now the rest of the world will have swallowed up the US and the planet will look like Bladerunner but it will still be spinning and God will continue to view the world with shame. Anyone want to start building an ARK?

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