Lujan Grisham, campaign staff duck the press amid latest campaign filing

After scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s latest campaign finance report dropped, many are asking questions about expenses she listed on the filing. That included the leftist Santa Fe-area paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Daniel Chacón, a reporter for the New Mexican, wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “@GovMLG’s reelection campaign is ignoring my repeated requests for information about specific expenditures in the governor’s campaign finance report. I haven’t even gotten any acknowledgment of the many calls, emails and other messages I’ve sent to spokeswoman 


Chacón was inquiring about another large payment the Lujan Grisham campaign made to an Albuquerque-based law firm, Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward PA, for $72,556. According to the paper, the firm is “believed to have represented the governor in a sexual harassment case.”

The harassment case involved James Hallinan, a former Lujan Grisham campaign staffer, who alleged the Governor poured water over his crotch area and then groped him. Lujan Grisham settled with Hallinan for $150,000, which came in the form of two installments.

On Wednesday, one of Hallinan’s attorneys, Rachel Berlin Benjamin, told the New Mexican, “That is a question best directed to the Governor,” regarding the latest payment to the Albuquerque-area law firm.

Many are now wondering what Lujan Grisham is hiding by ducking the press. What other details could come out regarding the large sum paid to Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward PA?

Far-left ex-Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who failed in her run for governor in 2010, wrote on Twitter, “Her mother died. Give it a break,” referring to the Governor’s mother who recently passed away.

However, the Lujan Grisham campaign has had time to send out multiple solicitations for campaign cash following the death of the Governor’s mother. But somehow, commenting to the press about one’s campaign finance reports is too much to ask for the failed ex-politician.

Others pointed out how Lujan Grisham has been notorious for ducking the media:

Every single time the Piñon Post has reached out to the Governor’s office or campaign for comment, the request has never been returned. Transparency appears not to be a top priority of the Lujan Grisham administration, judging by how the media is treated.

Read more about all the shady stuff in Lujan Grisham’s latest campaign report here.

3 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham, campaign staff duck the press amid latest campaign filing”

  1. Nancy Tannenbaum

    “Her mother died. Give it a break.”
    To state the obvious, how many mothers died when the “governor” imposed her lock downs, preventing daughters from being with them? Shall we get into the suicides, including those of children, triggered by the “governor’s” policies? As for her ducking the media, she is what every tyrant on earth has ever been – a coward.

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