MLG’s gas tax on the poor is coming back

During the 2021 Legislative Session, the Piñon Post helped in the defeat of the radical “Clean Fuel Standards” bill sponsored by state Sen. Mimi Stewart, which would result in a 20+ cent per gallon gas tax, hurting the poorest New Mexicans.

As we previously reported in July, the proposal, which is supported by scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, will try to bring the failed proposal back to further harm New Mexicans already being harmed by the currently inflamed gas prices:

Our report noted:

According to a press release from the Governor’s Environment Department, “In her remarks, Gov. Lujan Grisham highlighted the innovative ways New Mexico is addressing climate change, including reducing emissions from the utility sector and the oil and gas industry, adopting clean car standards, prioritizing clean fuel standard legislation, investing in green energy job training, and making New Mexico the nation’s largest hydrogen hub. Through a whole-of-government approach, New Mexico is decarbonizing and diversifying its economy.” 

It is important to note that she mentioned “adopting clean fuel standards.” Not only is this concerning regarding a standard on industries, such as the transportation industry, but it is concerning regarding citizens if she chooses to try to impose a clean car standard on the average citizen.

By implementing this on industries, it would result in an at least 20+ cent per gallon gas tax on the poor, a proposal that failed during the 2021 Legislative Session, with even Democrat senators being hesitant to support it.

But a “clean car standard” for everyday citizens would mean forcing New Mexico’s citizens — a state with some of the poorest people in the nation — to buy expensive “fuel-efficient,” “green,” “hybrid,” or fully electric vehicles — crippling New Mexicans’ bank accounts and forcing thousands to either break the law, walk, or not travel at all. It would plunge countless people into financial ruin, resulting in an economic catastrophe for New Mexico. 

But the Governor’s new “Clean Fuel Standards Act” has been drafted and is ready for the 2022 legislative session, being touted as one of Lujan Grisham’s top priorities.

The new bill, according to the Rio Grande Foundation, “would lead to a 35 cent/gallon increase in gasoline prices. That’s based on the Environment Department’s statement that [the] bill targets reductions “carbon intensity” of 20% by 2030 and 30% by 2040 from 2018 levels.”

The poorest New Mexicans are set to be harmed the most by this proposal and Piñon Post urges citizens, as they did in the 2021 Legislative Session, to again advocate against this legislation. 

4 thoughts on “MLG’s gas tax on the poor is coming back”

  1. I cannot understand the reasoning behind such destructive, catastrophic decisions being made by NM Dem legislators. They have no idea how the state economy will crumble with their attempts at regulating the lives of its citizens. Dems memories are pretty short if they can’t remember Richardson’s choo-choo and the fact that it couldn’t support itself with the number of people who were using it. What was their solution? Increase ticket costs. Roadrunner user numbers dropped because of the increase. Now, apply that Dem idea to higher gas taxes. We will surely see similar results and the idea of ‘taxing the rich falls into the same Democrat game plan as well.

    1. Norman, read Klaus Schwab’s great reset. Then everything will make sense. Did you not hear biden and the rest of them say they were going to completely shut down oil and gas? What does that mean? Americans will be living like sub saharan africans, with no electricity and any other so called perks that are considered racist by these libtards.
      In actuality, electric cars are terrible for the environment and use child labor and of course coal. The batteries never break down and pollute the earth.

      Michael moore did a great movie about the truth of the green agenda and libtards were not happy. It is called planet of the humans and u tube pulled it immediately. This agenda is ugly and wants to destroy all that God has created. Carbon is the basis of life, and they want to eliminate it.

  2. Where will they be digging the paupers’ graves? I can’t afford to buy something I neither want or need and quite frankly I have already dreamed of dying from exposure because I can’t afford the rent that just increased by $ 600.00 a year and price of groceries now costs nearly $150.00 dollars a month without any frills.
    “Driven by a deep compassion for seniors and those living with disabilities, and with experience as a caregiver herself, Lujan Grisham…” – will see that she lives well above those she has been said to care for and will spare no expense to do so.
    I still have not heard where she plans to put all the nuclear waste these cars’ will create! Funny how she’s so silent when “the people she serves” ask questions.
    I guess we will see more raises in taxes for that as well? I expect nothing less from her. Thanks Governor Ghoulie!
    I can’t confirm this as being a fact and I have no wish to spread a rumor but I have heard it said that all the women in my area are giving their husbands jock straps with cups for the coming holiday season and expect them to be worn when walking the streets of Albq. I do wonder why that is??

  3. Just as satan knows his time is almost up and is destroying everything that is good, kind and useful…so goes MLG as an unwitting pawn of the Dark One.

    Q: How does one fit a high heeled shoe on a cloven foot anyway!?
    Quote from The Devil and Daniel Webster 1939
    “He was talking about the things that make a country a country, and a man a man. And he began with the simple things that everybody’s known and felt — the freshness of a fine morning when you’re young, and the taste of food when you’re hungry, and the new day that’s every day when you’re a child. He took them up and he turned them in his hands. They were good things for any man. But without freedom, they sickened.“

    “Electric Cars or Freedom? A New World Without Freedom is No World At All !- says Celeste-The-Cat

    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death !- Patrick Henry

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