ABQ Planned Parenthood security guard allegedly assaults, illegally detains pro-lifers

According to a video shared by the pro-life group Abortion on Trial (AOT), pro-life advocates were assaulted, illegally handcuffed, and detained by the Albuquerque Planned Parenthood security guard.

The group writes, “Last week in Albuquerque New Mexico a security guard at Planned Parenthood left the clinic’s private property to illegally handcuff and detain a peaceful pro-life advocate on the public sidewalk.”

“After witnesses opposed the action and reminded the guard he had no legal authority to handcuff people on the sidewalk the security guard forced the woman onto abortion clinic property, assaulting an 85-year-old man in the process. He then detained the woman at the back of the abortion clinic’s property, illegally, until police and AOT’s attorney arrived on scene and demanded her release.”

The group claims that not only was the use of force “overly aggressive,” but that “this was an illegal display of unauthorized force. This security guard had no legal right to cuff and detain the woman he found on public property.” AOT noted how he “did not even have the right to a [citizen’s] arrest under New Mexico law. This security guard was simply acting far beyond his legal authority.”

It appears that there may be litigation filed against the abortion chain, writing in a statement, “Planned Parenthood is responsible for who they hire and what those hired do while on the job. This event was unfounded, harmful, and illegal. We fully intend on holding this provider accountable for the harmful and illegal actions taken on their behalf.”

“Pro-life advocates on scene did a great job of doing what they could to de-escalate the situation and attorneys are now handling the situation,” AOT noted.

Watch a video of the encounter here:

5 thoughts on “ABQ Planned Parenthood security guard allegedly assaults, illegally detains pro-lifers”

  1. AnotherPro-Life Warrior

    Not surprised – this guard has gotten more and more “activist” over the months. Hopefully he won’t be working there much longer. Truly shameful. Amazing that the local news is not carrying this (LOL). They would if the Pro-Life prayers warriors were the ones attacking the guard.

    1. What the security guard did is illegal and he should be charged with battery and impersonating a police officer. The witness was correct in advising the guard he has no authority off the premises of the business. I’m a former APD officer and I probably would have summoned the guard into court.

      1. That psycho needs to be arrested. Another example of the successful brainwashing of the communist indoctrination centers. He has committed many crimes and needs his license revoked and jail time.

  2. Was just assaulted by this security guard today. Went to try to make an appointment and he very rudely stopped me and asked to search my wallet. After I tried to hand it to him he said I could leave if I was going to give him an attitude. He said nobody goes in unless they go through him 1st an he searches everyone. Yet a lady walked in right before me and he did not search her belongings. He continued to tell me I cannot go in and followed me to my car and stood so close to my car I could not back away. I had to call the police in order to leave. The whole time he was very threatening and and very much abusing his authority. At 1 point he even pulled his mask down and told me to stop acting like an animal. I asked him what did I do wrong to him to treat me like this. People go there for help. Not to be treated like dirt. The world is a dark place as it is and people like this with a gun on their side are extremely dangerous. We need to find out who this man is because he needs some serious help. He should not be allowed to be level 3 security guard with a armed weapon. This is absolutely uncalled for and and extremely dangerous.

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