Thanks to Biden, Lujan Grisham, the average price per gallon of gas in NM hits $3.35

In Joe Biden’s America and in Michelle Lujan Grisham’s New Mexico, Democrat socialism is costing citizens where it hurts — their pocketbooks.

As the holidays arrive, and families look to save their money for presents to fill their loved ones’ Christmas with cheer, it is a lot direr in New Mexico, one of the most heavily impoverished states in the nation. Thanks to Lujan Grisham’s strict lockdowns, 40% of New Mexico’s small businesses are gone. 

And at the pump in MLG’s New Mexico, due to anti-energy policies instituted in the state like the “Green New Deal,” as well as the Biden regime’s job-killing edicts, gas prices are soaring to record levels we haven’t seen since the devastating Obama years.

The lowest average gas price in New Mexico right now, according to AAA is $3.20 in Quay County. However, in places like Harding and Catron Counties, New Mexicans can expect an average gas price that is much steeper. For Catron, an average gallon of gas will cost $3.89, while in Harding County, it will cost $3.71. 

This makes the average gas price in New Mexico, according to AAA’s figures, $3.35. Joe Biden and Michelle Lujan Grisham did that. 

And Lujan Grisham’s allies in the Legislature this year proposed a bill that would result in a 20 cent per gallon gas tax that would hurt the poorest New Mexicans. Thankfully, the bill died due to public outrage, including that of the Piñon Post. However, far-left legislators have promised to bring the bill back in the 2022 Legislative Session, if not the 2021 Special Session rumored to begin on December 6, 2021.

As families hurt during the holidays, Gov. Lujan Grisham, an alleged serial groper, and Joe Biden, a failed political hack, are living large while New Mexicans and all Americans suffer under their dictatorial reign.


3 thoughts on “Thanks to Biden, Lujan Grisham, the average price per gallon of gas in NM hits $3.35”

  1. The demorats hates fossil fuels.. they have this misconstrued idea that the life giving fossil fuels are bad and the not so green energy will be good for us…never mind the massive mining that must be done.. .they blame the co2 emitted for the hurricanes ..droughts..storms..etc…which has been happening with lower co2 in the past…..
    Wuhan Lujan and her Reich Ministry of Energy is very ignorant in this matter..,,,they should read this..learn something and get educated…..good read..

    It is worth considering how borderline psychotic the demand for Net Zero is in a world in which 84 per cent of our energy comes from fossil fuels.

  2. Thanks to the high gas prices my 74 year old cousin and myself (71) we are donating plasma in order to have a Christmas and be able to drive also! I’m a Democrat and voted for you but you got to do something about these high prices! We can’t live this way! You are living high and not having to worry about how you are going to make ends meet! But we the fixed income people, or the people that don’t even have an income cannot live this way!

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