MLG touts abortion, pot, taxpayer-funded college as biggest accomplishments

On Tuesday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent out yet another fundraising email, this time trying to claim her administration has been a success on three major issues: abortion, recreational marijuana, and taxpayer-funded “free” college programs.

She spoke about how her signing of a 2021 bill to legalize abortion up-to-birth and infanticide was a “safeguard” for the ability to kill more children in the womb in New Mexico.

Lujan Grisham wrote, “I safeguarded our reproductive rights as the GOP attempted to enact near-total abortion bans in other states.”

Regarding pot legalization, she wrote, “I legalized cannabis to take a step toward ending the war on drugs, which has disproportionately harmed Black and brown communities.”

Lastly, she wrote, “​​I just signed a bill that will provide free higher education to every New Mexico student – opening doors for a generation of young adults.” This program costs the taxpayers a recurring $75 million, which in times of economic crisis will require tax increases to fund.

Lujan Grisham did not, however, talk about the 40% of small businesses killed under her pandemic lockdowns, the high pandemic virus numbers despite stringent mandates, or New Mexico having the highest unemployment rate in the United States.

Under her tenure, other than mass economic devastation, the Governor faced scandal after scandal, including a $150,000 payoff from campaign funds to a sexual abuse victim who claims she groped him. At the Children, Youth, and Families Department, important records were being deleted while whistleblowers who sounded the alarm got fired.

The Department of Workforce Solutions also had hundreds of millions of dollars missing while she paid people not to work during her pandemic lockdown — further exacerbating the economic devastation.

But despite these grievous offenses in office and more, Lujan Grisham is banging the drum on her legislative record of killing more babies up to the date of their birth, legalizing drugs, and forcing New Mexico’s already impoverished taxpayers to fork over more dough for “free” college programs.

Lujan Grisham faces multiple GOP opponents, one of which will be selected on the June 7 primary to take her out. Multiple Libertarians are also running for the nomination, showing a competitive race to defeat the scandal-ridden Governor in November.


6 thoughts on “MLG touts abortion, pot, taxpayer-funded college as biggest accomplishments”

  1. Good luck MLG on campaigning on those issues. Pay attention STUPID! It’s all about “Kitchen Table Economics.” We are paying up the wazoo because of your Liberal BS do nothing venture into the Deep Black Hole New Mexico programs.

  2. And she’s PROUD of murdering children, selling pot, destroying small businesses, destroying taxpayers, and ‘leading’ a state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation, the worst ‘education’ system in the nation, one of the highest and at times THE highest rate of suicides in the nation, meth addicts and homeless on every corner, destruction of the oil and gas industry, and the highest property crime stats in the nation. These are her ‘biggest accomplishments.’ Include the CRT indoctrination crap she has rammed through for schools. Useful IDIOTS aka her fellow ilk will proudly vote to help her continue the destruction, assisted by epic voter fraud. If you vote for her, you own this.

  3. MLG baby and New Mexico murderer

    MLG is very proud she condones the murder of babies and her indoctrinated free college with her CRT crap. How better to teach people lies but to do it for free. She is evil, disgusting, and there are a lot of stupid people that will vote her back in. New Mexicans love being controlled, lied to and they love our crime ridden streets. All funded by the evil democrap party and their minions. Praying New Mexicans do the right thing.

    1. I think she is getting kickbacks from the marijuana industry and the drug cartels

      New Movie coming out 4/5 details how the election was rigged. The trailer is up now.

  4. Nancy Tannenbaum

    The real indicator of her (lack of) character is her deep pride in having accomplished the legalization of brutal abortion of children including infanticide, legalization of marijuana, and “free” college for which citizens will be financially gouged. Those voting for her are indicating their (lack of) character as well as they are her accomplices in all that she does. No wonder this state leads the nation in unemployment, bottom of the barrel “education,” property crime, and from time to time, suicides.

  5. MLG’s campaign slogan should be death, destruction, and deception. You have to give college away for free since the average NM student doesn’t receive the education needed to do anything but sit in useless classes that employ useless ideas that have been tried around the world and used to subjugate a population into mediocrity and submission.

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