Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Hector Balderas sued in federal court

On Monday, election integrity watchdog Voter Reference Foundation (VRF)  filed a lawsuit against New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and Attorney General Hector Balderas to ensure the publication of the state’s voter rolls.

The suit was filed in ​​U.S. District Court in Albuquerque with the First Amendment being front and center in the complaint about the group’s right to publish the voter rolls for taxpayers to view.

VRF claims Toulouse Oliver falsely claimed in public statements that the group illegally published New Mexico’s voter rolls. She has a past of refusing to release voting records, as she did in 2017 when they were requested by President Donald J. Trump. 

“After VRF published the New Mexico voter roll in December, Oliver said it was illegal and referred the matter to Democratic Attorney General Hector Balderas for investigation and possible prosecution, according to a ProPublica article cited in the lawsuit,” Just The News reports.

“We are not going to be deterred by partisan election officials who believe the election records taxpayers pay for are their personal possessions,” said Doug Truax, Founder and President of Restoration Action, which started VRF. “The public has a right to see them and if they try to block us, we will assert that right in court.”

“The taxpayers of New Mexico pay for election administration, and they have an absolute right to view the records that are produced,” added Truax.

The lawsuit reads, “Because their First Amendment rights to use and disclose the voter data for purposes of encouraging voter participation and protecting election integrity are being chilled, Plaintiffs sue the Defendants in their official capacities to obtain a declaration that their conduct is lawful and to enjoin Defendants from enforcing any statute in violation of Plaintiffs’ rights.”


9 thoughts on “Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Hector Balderas sued in federal court”

  1. We need more lawsuits at a federal level any lawsuits brought a a state level are struck down by MLG’s Supreme Court which she owns outright.

  2. If you need more of a reason to vote for Audrey Trujillo and Ant Thornton, here you go! Now we need a Conservative constitutional lawyer to replace Hector.

  3. Ole Joe STALIN, said it isn’t who votes that’s important it’s who counts the votes???? If they aren’t doing anything wrong, then why fear open discussion in public??? On Catron county news dot org, a man posted graphs showing a spike in voter registrations days before the 2020 election………… Now a friend of mine tried to register online a month before & was required to register in person instead. But the Graph shows ( Based on Sec. Of State reports) over 130 people registered here days before, Thing IS NO ONE REMEMBERS ANYONE DOING THAT!

    One would have to assume some kind of computer fraud by SoS happened. Maybe that is where the 3 million M. T. Oliver got from Congress was spent???

    Anyway, these spikes in voter registration happened all over NM. every county shows the same, some show more voters than adult populations???

    1. Debra Rae Steinman

      As usual, you are spot on. Without election integrity our great republic will be something of the past.

  4. At least some of us are trying to break the curse of the democratic stranglehold here in New Mexico. We need to try to pass the Convention of States and join with 19 other states that are calling for reform of the Constitution to set term limits for politicians and create a balanced budget. I know that Craig Brandt told me that it was tried before but with a democratic state it didn’t go anywhere in session. We have to keep trying and not whimper away like a beat down dog. There can be a shift if people get involved.

  5. The dominion machines were connected to the Internet as confirmed by the manager of the polling station Coors/Alameda. These two are hiding the truth and they both know it. I consider this being a traitor to our country

  6. Catherine Partain

    I am furious! I was born in Albuquerque and my whole life this has been a beacon of light and freedom of expression. What the hell are these serpents doing seated in our public offices, holding the voting rolls hostage from its own people?!!!! The people will not put up with this!

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