As NM families struggle, state pays Dem consultant $125/hr for pro-pot propaganda

Democrat political insider and consultant for some of New Mexico’s highest-ranking Democrats was recently reported to have been given a no-bid contract with the state’s Cannabis Control Division to help generate propaganda supportive of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s pro-pot law that legalized recreational marijuana use. 

The contractor, Heather Brewer of “HB Strategies,” was paid “$125 an hour under a no-bid, $64,750 consulting services contract designed to make the agency look good,” according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Brewer ran Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s failed U.S. Senate race, has assisted pro-abortion up-to-birth group Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, worked as a staffer for U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, and consulted for Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, appointed Supreme Court Justice Shannon Bacon, and pro-abortion group “Respect ABQ Women.”

She is a founding board member of the extremist Democrat training camp “Emerge New Mexico,” which promotes radical pro-abortion female candidates to run for political office in the state.

Now, all of Brewer’s support for radical Democrat policies and politicians is paying off with this hefty contract that some could construe as a political kickback from Democrats who are in charge of the state.

But Bernice Geiger, public information officer and marketing director for the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, claimed, “HB Strategies brings years of high-level communications experience, and the compensation is commensurate with that experience.” 

To further defend the lucrative contract, Geiger said, “It’s also important to note that overall costs for an independent contractor are likely to be less, given that they are paid a flat rate without the overhead costs of payroll taxes, employee benefits, etc.”

But Republican contenders for governor blasted the payoff to the Democrat consultant. 

State Rep. Rebecca Dow, who is one of the GOP contenders for governor, wrote in a release from her campaign, “While New Mexicans across this state are suffering from skyrocketing gas prices and the highest inflation in decades, Michelle Lujan Grisham paid a sweetheart deal to a party faithful. The no-bid contract was given to Heather Brewer, a Democrat consultant who has worked with New Mexico Democrats and Planned Parenthood, and was billed at a rate of $125 an hour to the New Mexican taxpayer. What is a cannabis spokesman anyway?”

“When I call for MLG to get New Mexicans back to work, this isn’t what I have in mind,” Dow said. 

“MLG is signing premium checks to her far-left friends and allies who are turning exorbitant profits. With our dollar being devalued more every day due to the Biden inflation crisis you would have hoped to see our leaders in Santa Fe getting the most out of our hard-earned tax dollars. New Mexicans are struggling to make $125 per day; to pay that rate for an hour’s work to a Democrat operative is a textbook example of Santa Fe waste from MLG. New Mexico is last in unemployment, but one thing is clear – it sure pays to be one of MLG’s cronies!”


4 thoughts on “As NM families struggle, state pays Dem consultant $125/hr for pro-pot propaganda”

  1. I have zero personal experience with this sort of thing, and it could simply be my imagination, but in the photograph above, does this woman look what one could describe as “high?” Of course, it could merely be that she shares the same crazed expression with her fellow leftist extremists. Not to be petty, of course. It’s something about the eyes (the “governor” looks the same).

    1. That was the thing that actually caught my eye and brought me to read this article. It really has a photoshopped look to it. Her eyes are too big, although it’s possible that’s really how she looks, she just looks like a cartoon version of a person to me. I did a quick search on the internet, and that’s the exact picture she has on her website, so apparently she likes how she looks in it.

  2. MLG kept your kids out of school

    Our young people need jobs and MLG and the Dems give them marijuana. They don’t want to see New Mexicans suceed.

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