Lujan Grisham calls for special session next Tuesday for virus relief

On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced her call for a special session to address three COVID-19 topics: housing, small businesses, and unemployment. 

According to the Governor, the special session will be held on next Tuesday only, but possibly it might spill into Wednesday to work on possible $300 relief checks to individuals, relief for housing, and small business grants. 

When asked about the funding of the payouts, the Governor said it would come from federal CARES Act funds. 

In September, the Piñon Post sent a letter to Congress urging them not to grant Lujan Grisham any further federal funding due to her irresponsible virus spending during the first round of COVID-19 relief, which she quickly spent, as well as sate funds she spent without the Legislature’s approval. During her last special session earlier this year, Gov. Lujan Grisham vetoed $318 million in federal virus relief for local governments, including “$23 million for tribal governments and another $15 million specifically for counties in the northwest with large Indigenous populations,” according to the Associated Press.

The Governor tried to amplify the severity of COVID-19, claiming more people have died from the virus than strokes and car accidents, while also saying an American dies every second from the virus. She did not provide sources.

.@GovMLG tries to amplify the severity of COVID-19 deaths, claiming more people have died from the virus than car accidents and strokes.

During the press conference, Lujan Grisham warned New Mexicans about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, warning people about gathering together and urging them to buy takeout for their holiday meals — the few that are still open after her lockdown. 

“Do not mix up households–coming into contact with non-household members. It is high-risk,” said the Governor. She also barred people from hugging each other.

.@GovMLG during press conference: “No hugging” when “mixing households” over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday

The Governor later tweeted a list of places she deems non-essential and essential for New Mexicans.

Slide from the Governor’s presentation.

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  2. I have a question, I am diabetic and have congestive heart failure. My husband has heart problems so if Walmart store is closed how do we get our meds? Being seniors we have enough problems without worrying about getting our meds.

  3. She still owes Luna county and city of Deming hospital and Ambulance firefighters police sheriffs all the 2019 Caravaners came thru here from the borders for 8 weeks( Election future voters?) and we were promised to be repaid for all the services used by the many who were sick and pregnant and the young children checked up and llooked after. Anyone know who we complain to? Still have homeless vets and drug addicted citizens roaming with no help ca

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