MLG taking large NM delegation to Europe for enviro excursion

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico is once again leaving the state, this time for an international trip to Rotterdam, Netherlands, under the guise of promoting business and trade at the 2024 World Hydrogen Summit and Exhibition. Critics argue that her travel highlights a concerning trend of prioritizing global climate agendas over immediate local issues, as she aims to discuss potential investments in New Mexico’s hydrogen sector.

It is not immediately clear what this expensive “climate change” excursion will cost. However, with the governor flying out her husband, Manny Cordova, Office of the Governor Deputy Chief of Operations Caroline Buerkle, Environment Department Cabinet Secretary James Kenney, Department of Transportation Secretary Ricky Serna, Office of the Governor Communications Director Michael Coleman, New Mexico Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rob Black and HyVisory Inc. Managing Director Stewart Stewart, it is sure to be quite the expense.

Taxpayers see this as an extravagant use of taxpayer money, especially when many New Mexicans continue to face everyday challenges that are sidelined by high-concept, low-impact environmental strategies.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The governor’s hydrogen-based model for the economy is more about aligning with trendy global environmental movements than delivering practical economic benefits to New Mexico residents, especially since oil and gas funds the state’s large $10+ billion budget. 

The governor’s office boasts about creating a favorable hydrogen policy landscape in New Sed, which supposedly attracts global energy leaders. However, detractors argue that this focus diverts attention and resources from more pressing statewide needs such as public safety, education, healthcare, and infrastructure, all of which the state is ranked last or near last. 

As the governor prepares to promote New Mexico as a thriving hub for hydrogen investment, despite her hydrogen bills failing miserably at the Legislature year after year, her critics urge a reevaluation of priorities, suggesting that state leadership should concentrate more on tangible solutions that directly benefit its citizens rather than chasing international acclaim for environmental initiatives.

The governor recently left the state for Washington, D.C., to attend Joe Biden’s White House correspondents’ dinner and other lavish D.C. media parties.


21 thoughts on “MLG taking large NM delegation to Europe for enviro excursion”

  1. MLG’s hypocrisy knows no bounds as flies to Europe on a fuel- filled plane to attend a climate meeting in Amsterdam!

  2. MLG plays around with New Mexico dollars like she’s a teacher or something. Let’s do a field trip! I like every teacher on the planet knows you got to use those monies before the end of the fiscal year. Except she knows that her time is up and she’s got to use those Monies. It just so happens to be a nice lavish field trip across Europe while the plebeians back home deal with skyrocketing gas prices in groceries. Seems legit! Let’s keep voting Democrat so she can rub our faces and her Green New Deal ideas during the special legislative session. Because she knows better than us. I think you’re going to get it pretty strong message come November Missy! Let’s get these pictures out of Miss out of touch Marie Antoinette!

    1. Marcello T Hinojosa

      Vacation and site seeing that’s all it is. You’re welcome from all the New Mexico tax payers.

  3. Oh, how nice. As New Mexicans struggle to pay mortgage/rent, utilities, food, gas, security all for no peace!
    Let us make sure she flies Boeing…

  4. Laura Harrelson

    you idiots in the Northern part of the state, and the ones who didn’t vote, this is your fault she’s blowing the money on stupid trips and taking the ones that don’t have anything to do with the summit. stupid little troll.

  5. Hydrogen will never be an affordable, practical or safe energy source.

    Developing and implementing modern nuclear as a major energy source would provide better return on investment.

  6. Let is keep voting Democrat. We the people of Nuevo Mejico enjoy living in a crumbling state in last place In everything while our politicians line their pockets and the state police enforce the rule of corrupt law.

  7. Do you think the people of northern New Mexico read this publication? Do you think anyone who voted for this hydrogen filled governor reads this publication? Did she care for the man whose crotch she grabbed? Does she value the life of a 9th month baby about to be born but instead we fund taxpayer dollars to abort this beautiful child who had no voice or choice? What kind of crazies vote for these low-life politicians? This is inclusive of the swamp in DC. It’s going to get more idiotic if we don’t do our part and change the way she’s spews her verbal diarrhea. One democrat at a time.

  8. She and her delegation will be “tip-toeing through the tulips” as the tulip bloom season ends at the end of May. A coincidence?

  9. What is this hydro project going to cost us in the terms of water consumption. First she gets marijuana which uses alot of water, then solar wind farms which require alot of water to install. What are the brains in Santa Fe going to tell our farmers and ranchers when they can’t have water for their crops or animals. Seems as MLG is more interested in the climate than she is in NM.

  10. She really doesn’t need to be gallivanting around on taxpayers money!!! I think she should be arrested for fraudulent use of tax dollars!

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