MLG skewered for ‘living large on our dime’ in fiery new ad

On Tuesday, the Republican Governors Association (RGA) released its latest ad showcasing far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s lavish spending on the backs of New Mexico taxpayers. 

The ad called the Governor out for brushing off criticisms of wasteful spending as “nonsense.” 

In a previous ad responding to criticisms, an announcer said, “Have you seen this ad attacking Governor Luhan Grisham, but expensive steaks and alcohol for her friends? It’s nonsense.”

The RGA hit back, with spokesman Will Reinert writing, “While New Mexicans struggled during the pandemic, Michelle Lujan Grisham spent taxpayer money on everything from baby shower decorations to lavish food items.” He added, “To make matters worse, Governor Lujan Grisham thinks she is above being held accountable for her ridiculous purchases, and her office even went so far to call the focus on her spending ‘bull****.’”

The fiery new TV ad says:

Michelle Lujan Grisham calls accountability for her lavish spending “nonsense”

The facts: 

She spent our tax dollars on…



Gourmet meals…

Dry cleaning…

Shoe repair…

A new doggy door…

Even a baby shower with pink pacifiers 

Tens of thousands on inappropriate expenses… more than many New Mexicans make in a year.

Governor Lujan Grisham – living large on our dime.

Now that’s nonsense.

WATCH the ad: 

6 thoughts on “MLG skewered for ‘living large on our dime’ in fiery new ad”

  1. Let’s be honest she is a dictator and no one cares. She has thrown the US Constitution in the trash and there is nothing we can do about it. I don’t recognize my county anymore, very sad state of affairs.

  2. MLG selling out NM everyday

    Sorry this add does not say enough about her corruption. Where are the adds showing she loves murdering babies, and how she has sold out our state to support green energy that does not work anywhere? Not impressed with this add.

  3. This ad needs to tell of the other things she has done, like signing the executive order to protect the doctors who are murdering babies….and giving NO protections for the ones being killed. And the border too. This evil bitch has to go.

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