TV station distances itself from anti-MLG ads after ‘concerned citizens’ complained

On Tuesday, the left-leaning TV station KOB 4 attempted to distance itself from advertisements using its reporting that criticized Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The scandal-ridden Governor has misused taxpayer funds to buy personal expenses such as $200/lb Wagyu beef and liquor while forcing New Mexicans at the same time to stand in long bread lines to get food and basic goods over the holidays in 2020.

The ad used news clips from KOB and other stations reporting on Lujan Grisham’s lavish spending on the taxpayers’ dime.

One KOB anchor says regarding the Governor’s spending spree, “there’s more booze, there’s more food, and some other items that might surprise you.”

Another anchor from the station says, “Are these expenditures okay with you or not?”

KOB 4 released a statement attempting to distance itself from the Republican Governors Association (RGA)-affiliated PAC, “Get Families Back to Work,” which ran the ads.

“In recent days, concerned citizens have reached out to KOB TV about a political advertisement that uses content from KOB TV news reports.  Many people have interpreted this particular advertisement as an endorsement by KOB TV of a particular candidate. This is not the case,” wrote KOB TV’s Vice President & General Manager, Michelle Donaldson.

“KOB TV does not take sides in political elections.  Like all broadcasters, we are bound by election laws that ensure access to the airwaves for political messages,” she wrote.

“Broadcasters are guided to give wide latitude to a multitude of political opinions.  When the ad is from a specific candidate for office, broadcasters are prohibited by law from censoring, editing or altering the message in any way.  Additionally, the US Supreme Court has determined that independent spending groups have a constitutionally protected right to participate in the political process and speak out on issues and candidates.”

“It is not unusual for candidates or political groups to use excerpts of news reports in their ads.  The editing of these ads may create confusion about their origin. To be clear, KOB TV does not endorse or support any particular candidate,” Donaldson concluded. 

Lujan Grisham attempted to downplay the ad, calling the thousands of dollars misused “nonsense” in her latest television spot.

The RGA quickly responded to her rebuttal in a fiery television ad:

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  1. BuyYourOwnBoozeMLG

    It’s hard to believe there were actually any”concerned citizens” complaining about the television station’s ads. Rather, any concerns were undoubtedly those of MLG’s camp having to repeatedly look at the trainwreck that is the MLG governorship.

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