MLG regime cancels public hearing amid backlash to proposed state park fee hike

Amid widespread backlash from New Mexicans after Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s State Parks Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) proposed over 100% price increases in state park fees, the division is canceling a scheduled April 1, 2024, hearing on the matter.

According to a study commissioned by the division and reported by KOAT & News, “The study shows proposed fees such as raising day-use per vehicle from $5 to $10; raising camping fees from $10 to $20 a night for New Mexico residents; electric service from $4 to $10 a night; water service for $10.” These proposed increases would cost over 100 percent more.

New Mexico House Republicans came out unanimously against the proposed fee increase, writing in a letter, “New Mexicans are among the most economically challenged Americans. Raising our fees to be consistent with the fees of neighboring states – which in some instances results in increases of 200% – fails to account for the vast differences in wealth of residents in our neighboring states, all of which have significantly fewer people living in poverty. The increased fees and new fees will make activities like camping, boating, and paddle sports unaffordable for many New Mexicans at a time when they are struggling to keep up with the significant inflation of recent years.”

EMNRD’s Field Operations Bureau Chief Jared Langenegger wrote in a Wednesday statement, “New Mexico State Parks, a Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) is announcing the postponement of the public hearing on its proposed rule revisions scheduled for April 1, 2024.”

He noted, “This decision allows additional time to review and consider over 800 public comments and feedback received regarding the proposed rule amendments. State Parks The Division will continue to receive public comments on the proposed rule changes through March 29, 2024.” 

“State Parks The Division plans to review the public input received and revise the proposed rule changes in the coming months. Once the review and revision process is complete, recommendations will be presented through a rule revision process, which will include additional public meetings and another public comment period,” continued Langenegger.


19 thoughts on “MLG regime cancels public hearing amid backlash to proposed state park fee hike”

  1. And this is when oil and gas revenues are at record highs…does this administration know anything about managing money, short of increasing taxes and fees? Good grief!

  2. Typical of the out-of-touch, socialist Democraps to push a price increase onto the citizens of NM. Dems spend Oil & Gas monies like drunken sailors (with apologies to the sailors) in the latest $10+Billion state budget with nary a thought of passing some of the record revenue surplus back to the taxpayers. Across the nation, all citizens are struggling under record high inflation caused by excessive government spending and the 100%+ increase in fees is just another “let them eat cake” response by Marie Antionette (MLG) and her socialist underlings.

  3. What are these folks using for brains? Doubling the fee when you get there, after paying an additional 50 cents per gallon for the trip! Not going to happen for thousands of families.

    1. That’s what they want, for you and your family not to be able to enjoy anything, to whittle you down to control you~this is the definition of a communist state and it’s happening all over the country. the US is collapsing.

  4. To ensure a campsite, you have to make a reservation. So, you pay a third party an additional reservation fee. Pay them again if you make any changes or cancellation.

    Camping in a NM state park should not cost nearly as much as a motel room.

    1. AND the limited “first come first served” sites are gone, at least at Heron Lake. Everything is now with the crappy RA system. We went last year to Heron Lake and had to call RA to reserve/pay for a spot, and then found out that there was no water after we paid for it. Called them back to request a refund and were denied one. This issue is not only an issue with state parks. The Feds are using RA as well, and it’s a dumpster fire.

  5. Enjoying God’s wonderful Creation and outdoor world is a great blessing. Taking away experiences that are healthy for our bodies, minds and hearts is not at all helpful for children, adults or families… all for the sake of a few dollars when we have/ had a huge surplus, thanks to Oil and Gas!!!

  6. Vote these idiots out. Good grief…raise our fuel prices, then raise state park fees, eliminate resident passes. They aren’t for the people-it’s pretty clear it’s all talk.

  7. MLG is New Mexico’s Marie Antoinette. Remember Marie’s famous last words before being guillotined: “Let them eat cake.”

  8. New Mexico State Parks need to be FREE. We pay enough in taxes & the state has beaucoup $$$. So much so that they waste a lot of it.


  9. more ways to screw us regular folks over !! leave us the hell alone already!! do your jobs & go after all the criminal activity around the state. & why are all those idiots wearing masks?!?!??!

  10. Masks… I get it. You gotta hide from your executioners chair.
    Keep killing babies at the moment of birth and keep condoning that kind of idiocy you insane far left mental health rainbow unicorn no nut jobbers.
    Raise the gas taxes to $5.00 a gallon to save the earth.
    Raise the property taxes while your at it to 3,000 mills per 1,000k valuation.
    Take away all the guns….and the bullets.
    Tax everything possible 10,000% and drive poverty out of New Mexico… because that will drive poverty out of New Mexico and increase the level of education a thousand fold.

    No one will be left.

  11. Wow, I’m a Republican but what are NM House Republicans really saying, by straight up acknowledging that NM is “economically disadvantaged”..makes for a more suitable commy state. And I suppose the majority of Republicans are doing all they can but their hands are tied by Democrats??? Politics and on both sides.

  12. With regard to my earlier post, I meant to say “NM House Republicans”, those we elect to represent us…

    -New Mexican

  13. Here is my well-thought-out opinion on this crazy idea. First of all, I going to address the fees at Elephant Butte Lake, which at times can become the most populated city in New Mexico, due to holidays. I have been going to Elephant Butte Lake to camp since 1986 to current. The state was charging camping fees at the time when there were no paved roads to get to camping spots going north of the dam. In addition to that, there were no trash receptacles and no porta potties. I wrote then Governor Carruthers, to complain about the fees with no paved roads etc. The next year Gov. Carruthers had the roads paved and added trash receptacles and porta potties by every camp spot. The fees rose a bit, but well worth it. Over the years fees have risen bit by bit. But this Governor took away the trash receptacles and the porta potties. So, to me raising the fees is wrong and I demand the trash receptacles be returned! People are now leaving their weekend trash on the beach. We have taken that trash along with us back to Albuquerque to dispose of the trash. I also demand the return of the porta potties with the maintenance of same, before any discussion of raised fees. I also agree that New Mexicans will be not able to enjoy our birthright of this state’s treasures for relaxing, having fun, and of course nature. I do not agree with This whacked-out Administration’s idea of raising fees. If I were standing in front of the Governor, I would say “Come on Gov this idea is just plain wacked and makes no sense.

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