Star-studded blockbuster to film in New Mexico

New Mexico is set to become the backdrop for “Eddington,” an upcoming A24 film featuring a stellar cast including Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix, Golden Globe Award Winner Pedro Pascal, and two-time Academy Award winner Emma Stone. The New Mexico Film Office disclosed that the movie will be shot in various locations, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe County, and Truth or Consequences. This venture is expected to provide employment for more than 300 locals.

Directed by College of Santa Fe alumnus Ari Aster, known for the A24 films Hereditary and Midsommar and produced under his Square Peg banner in collaboration with A24, “Eddington” boasts an impressive ensemble cast that also counts Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes, Elvis’ Golden Globe winner Austin Butler, and BAFTA Award winner Michael Ward among its ranks. Two-time Academy Award nominee Darius Khondji, renowned for his cinematography, is on board to lend his visual storytelling expertise to the film.

The storyline of “Eddington” centers around a New Mexican sheriff with lofty ambitions, though specific plot details remain under wraps. This project marks Aster’s inaugural feature film endeavor in New Mexico, although some cast members have previously worked within the state. Emma Stone, for example, was involved in a project in Española and Santa Fe in mid-2022.

Amber Dodson, the director of the New Mexico Film Office, highlighted the state’s allure for major film projects like “Eddington,” attributing the interest to the picturesque landscapes, skilled crews, and appealing film incentives. 

The movie’s production in locales such as Truth or Consequences is not just about utilizing the state’s scenery but also about weaving the essence of New Mexico into the narrative fabric of the film.


8 thoughts on “Star-studded blockbuster to film in New Mexico”

  1. The movie industry pays New Mexicans peanuts to work on those sets. Very few make a livable wage. The few who do, work ridiculous hours which reduce the hourly rate to basic as it gets. But it is so cool to see a famous actor from 50 feet away right!?

    Any guns planned for this movie set?

    Too soon?

    1. Spot on Sparky… I was gonna ask the same thing…Are there gonna be any involuntary homicides on the set tho…

      I got a starter pistol that Id sell for fifty bucks… Uses .32 snap caps…no rifling, matter of fact nothing is ejected from the barrel… Its loud too… revolver type, double action… You just got to use your imagination a little bit and it would look like a real gun…

      Special Baldwin effects stuff…

      Yeah yeah yeah… Im gonna get censored again…not enough coffee yet…

  2. Big deal. I wonder if our town will see any revenue from this, probably not much. Our main street is now blocked off for filming. Will businesses be compensated for lost business during the filming? And why does a restaurant have to clear out the locals so that the actors can eat alone? Why are actors treated like delicate flowers? And the delusional suckers who think they will be “discovered” just add to the circus. No thank you can keep Hollywood.

    1. Because people like popcorn and they serve beer in the movie theater now.

      Why does the restaurant kick out the locals? Perhaps that is the real question…

  3. So I just came from town and Broadway St has no parking in front of the businesses and the side streets. One local found out she had to walk four blocks to pick up her takeout order! Businesses are still open but geez! I’ll be glad when Hollywood is gone in May. That’s right folks, two months of this bs.

  4. I believe the Oompa Loompa gave an obscene amount of $$ to the film industry awhile back? I could be mistaken though. However, I did take pics of the many, many movies being filmed here during the lockdowns. OUR family business could not operate and NO “gatherings” or you get reported, yet somehow filming with 100+ people was just fine. They did somewhat attempt to hide it and keep it off the main streets then. They just filmed at many ranches that I worked at or close to. We had many “location scouts” come by our place. 2 miles past the PRIVATE ROAD/PRIVATE PROP signs, then past our gate that has more than adequate signage. We just started meeting them on the driveway telling them to NOT get out, turn around you are trespassing..used a bit of intimidation. We did not move to BFE to be overrun by Citydiots on our own property. Dumba$$es

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