Facebook accused of silencing NM GOP candidate after page deactivated

In a recent development that has sparked controversy and debate over freedom of speech on social media platforms, Angelita Mejia, a Republican candidate for the New Mexico House of Representatives, found herself censored by Facebook. Mejia, who is running unopposed in District 58 in Chaves County, had taken to Facebook to announce her candidacy and seek support in the form of ballot petition signatures, a requirement for official candidacy in New Mexico.

Mejia’s campaign and personal Facebook pages were abruptly deactivated within a day of her posting about her campaign and the need for petition signatures. Facebook cited a violation of its “community standards” as the reason for the shutdown but failed to provide a specific explanation for the action. This left Mejia and her campaign in the dark, unable to reach potential supporters through the platform as the crucial deadline for signature submission approached.

Steve Pearce, the Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM), expressed his concern over the incident, calling it an attempt by Facebook to silence a conservative voice. He said, “This is clearly an attempt by Facebook to silence a conservative Republican woman and to prevent her from being able to collect signatures needed to place her name on the ballot for the upcoming primary election.”

Candidate Angelita Mejia

Pearce demanded that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg take immediate action to restore Mejia’s accounts and uphold the principles of free speech and fair political engagement.

Despite Facebook’s actions, Mejia’s campaign was able to gather the necessary signatures through grassroots efforts, underscoring the resilience of traditional campaign methods in the face of digital obstacles. However, the incident has raised questions about the power wielded by social media giants and their role in the democratic process.

Mejia herself has called for an explanation from Facebook, not only for her sake but for the constituents of Chaves County whom she aims to represent. She emphasized that censorship is unacceptable regardless of political affiliation, pointing out what she perceives as an anti-conservative bias on the platform.

“Facebook not only owes me an explanation, but the company also owes an explanation to the people of Chaves County who next year will be my constituents,” said Mejia. “Censorship is always wrong, regardless of when it happens to a conservative woman or a liberal one. In my case, Facebook’s anti-conservative bias has been made very clear.”

This incident highlights the ongoing debate about the responsibility of social media platforms in moderating content while ensuring that the democratic process is not hindered. As digital platforms become increasingly integral to political campaigns, the balance between preventing harmful content and protecting free speech remains a contentious issue.


4 thoughts on “Facebook accused of silencing NM GOP candidate after page deactivated”

  1. 1st Lesson: Do not trust tech and social media. You are not in control of your own information.
    2nd Lesson: Censorship has begun in this country. Free speech is a) no longer free, b) no longer accepted. Once liberties are removed from society, it is rarely ever returned/restored. Example: look how difficult it is to return prayer to school.

  2. And at the same time FB is littered up with ads from democrat candidates including that totally useless piece of human garbage, Joetaterhead Biden.

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