MLG panders to oil and gas as she works to destroy the industry

On Monday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham pandered to the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA) at its annual conference, which has donated tens of thousands of dollars to extremist anti-oil Democrats, including Lujan Grisham, who received $5,000. Democrat Speaker of the House Brian Egolf’s speaker fund received $25,000 from the group. 

At the conference, Lujan Grisham thanked “oil and gas producers for their contributions to the economy and tax revenues that form the backbone of state education funding,” according to the Associated Press. The industry contributes over 30% to the state budget annually.

At the event, she tried to move oil and gas producers to move from oil and gas to the hydrogen fuel industry, claiming to be championing legislation on the oil and gas alternative in the 2022 Legislative Session — which is supposed to be a 30-day session specifically about the state’s budget. 

“We are working on that as we speak,” Lujan Grisham claimed, saying she wants New Mexico to be a hydrogen fuel “hub.”

Lujan Grisham’s corrosive administration rammed through the job-killing “Energy Transition Act,” New Mexico’s very own Green New Deal, in 2019, which forces through stringent environmental mandates, including 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2050. It has already skyrocketed energy costs for New Mexicans, and even the bill’s biggest proponents say it needs to be heavily amended as to not completely wreck the state.

In northeast New Mexico, the Energy Transition Act (ETA) has forced the closure of the San Juan Generating Station by PNM, leaving countless New Mexicans without jobs and only around 80 employees able to retire. “For the rest of the employees, though, they’re going to have to go find some other form of employment,” said plant manager Omni Warner. 

NMOGA under the leadership of former executive director Ryan Flynn and former chairman of the NMOGA board Claire Chase took a neutral stance on the rabidly anti-energy ETA. Many wish-washy “Republicans” in the Legislature voted for the job-killing bill.

At the conference, Lujan Grisham claimed, “We continue to have conversations with the Biden administration to make sure that they understand the critical importance of this industry in our state.” That has yet to be seen as Biden has canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, which employed tens of thousands of Americans, and drilling contracts on federal land have been stonewalled. Biden’s pick to lead the Department of the Interior, Deb Haaland, is a supporter of the Green New Deal and oversees a large portion of these public lands in question.


3 thoughts on “MLG panders to oil and gas as she works to destroy the industry”

  1. Oil Industry Help NM not MLG

    Wow, hope the oil industry is not stupid. MLG thinks all New Mexicans are stupid. That is why she continues to screw us all over. The industry is only important to her now because her and all her minions needs money. She will screw them once she has what she wants. Evil Egolf’s no better. He is a typical lawyer always thinking of ways to fill his pockets. Rhino republicans of New Mexico need to be thrown out of office for voting with evil democraps.

  2. uumm…and where are the environmental groups about the worthless wind and solar garbage??…..are the democraps eating themselves?…

    The Sierra Club doesn’t want you to know about the surging opposition to renewables because it decimates their claim that we can live without hydrocarbons and nuclear energy and instead run our economy solely on unicorn farts and fairy dust, oops, I mean solely on solar and wind energy.

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