‘Still short’: MLG begs for campaign cash, calls GOP the ‘party of anti-masking’

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham begged donors for more campaign cash running up to the end of September, claiming “extremist Republicans” were going to “suppress voting rights, end reproductive freedom, and refuse to act on climate change.” The campaign claimed the Governor could not afford to fall short on fundraising by the end of the month — despite Lujan Grisham having a massive war chest for her reelection campaign that she had begun building the day she took office.

In one ploy, she tried to label Republicans as “scary,” erroneously claiming the January 6th incursion of the U.S. Capitol was an action of the Republican Party and that pro-life laws in Texas would somehow hurt New Mexico. 

She wrote, “From inciting a riot at the U.S. Capitol to ending access to reproductive health care in Texas, the GOP is at its most extreme right now – and they’re doing everything they can to flip New Mexico red. I won’t lie to you, friend: it’s a scary moment for our shared future.” She went on to ask, “Will you rush $15 right now to help us defend New Mexico from far-right extremists?”

In one hilarious line in the email, Lujan Grisham wrote, “That’s why I desperately need your help: To protect New Mexico from the party of anti-masking and voter suppression, I need to reach our emergency $20,000 filing deadline goal before Oct. 4 at midnight. The stakes have never been higher, so I need everyone reading this email to contribute.”

But now, after the supposed September deadline, Lujan Grisham’s campaign has gotten even more desperate, sending emails begging for donations, with emails titled “still short” claiming that if the scandal-ridden Governor is not kept in 2022, “Republicans could erase this progress in an instant. To protect our state from the GOP, I need you to help me meet this goal right now.” 

Another email from October 3 claims if the MLG campaign does not “meet every single goal, our state could fall straight into the GOP’s hands.” 

With seven Republican candidates to choose from to take out Lujan Grisham after the corrosive agenda the Governor has inflicted upon the state, it is no wonder she is so scared for her reelection. From locking down New Mexicans and killing at least 40% of small businesses to ramming through extremist abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bills, Lujan Grisham has made many enemies.

[Read the list of the things Michelle Lujan Grisham has done to New Mexicans during this pandemic (the list is very long).]


12 thoughts on “‘Still short’: MLG begs for campaign cash, calls GOP the ‘party of anti-masking’”

    1. “Still Short”….?
      Short on integrity
      Short on Morals
      Short on Honesty,
      Short on Bipartisan Vision
      Short on Cerebrum,
      Short on Intuitiveness
      Short on Psyche
      Short on Sincere Compassion
      Short Sighted’
      Short on Sincerity
      Short on Remorse
      And if she doesn’t realize it yet but she is Short on Time!

      I am not Sorry. that I have “No Mon For Your Fun!”
      I hope she leave son the same roller skates she rolled in on because We The People”..are short of patience with you!
      Instead of breaking down walls she reinforced the old ones and I am not referring to border walls.


  1. “ masking “ social distancing and all the other Orwellian terms the neo commies (so called Democrats) refer to are simply tools of control. I can’t imagine what the communists are worried about with the so called republicans being only controlled opposition. Only a small few like representative Stephanie Lord have the fortitude to speak the truth about the dire situation in NM. Also the fact that we vote on computers that are programmable like casino slot machines will guarantee that we are stuck with vile scum as “ leaders” for the foreseeable future.

  2. I do not think the people on this forumn realize the power she has over the fearful people like our parents. She is in complete control. No one prior to any of these administrations really stood up to the State with the exception of a few here and there challenging MVD and other unconstitutional laws; but we were ridiculed and called kooks. The Republican voters know the vote is rigged so they do not vote.

  3. COVID has become the sacred cow of the democrap party. What ever happened to the “science?” This is nothing but unconstitutional political theater. As we all know MLG needs to be removed as expeditiously as possible.

  4. Yes, she is a tyrant. Quiet now except for her fund raising efforts for re election..
    She has most going inside businesses still wearing masks. She feels she has most under her control. As the followers say, “she is protecting us”. Not her job in the way she is doing it! Florida is the model on how to protect the people.

  5. MLG is the extremist! I notice even with the indoor mask mandates, and in Walmart and other small stores, roughly half the customers are mask-free~the balloon fiesta should be a bell-weather event for New Mexicans stating that they have had enough especially after the state fair vaccine mandate nonsense! Non-compliance does more for resistance and change and I see this starting to happen in this state~ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with all the corruption in this state and our great country!

  6. Moochie–the ONLY taxpayer funded project you should be allowed to use is the wearing of an orange jumpsuit, a single cot and 2 hot meals a day!!

  7. HUMMM, I wonder where the NM fearless leader stands on the voter integrity issue. She should stop trying to control us with COVID crap and would like HER to request a forensic audit of the 2020 election wouldn’t we??? Come On Man!

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