Leger Fernandez wants the GOP to ‘stay OUT of New Mexico’

Over one week since conservative firebrand Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) visited New Mexico to stump for GOP Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of the Second Congressional  District and GOP gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti, far-left Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez of the Third District is still having a fit over the Republican governor’s Carlsbad rally.

In an angry-sounding fundraising email, Leger Fernandez’s team wrote, “DeSantis’ presence here, less than 100 days out from the election, is further evidence that the GOP is preparing to flood New Mexico with dark money and far-right propaganda in the coming weeks.” In actuality, DeSantis has disclosed his campaign donors, and so has Ronchetti. 

Leger Fernandez, on the other hand, has taken dark money from the likes of the pro-abortion groups EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood, as well as other leftist dark money organizations. As for the so-called “far-right propaganda” spread, there’s no evidence to suggest anything of the sort.

The Democrat’s campaign team continued, “In a GOP-led New Mexico, we could see dangerous legislation like the anti-voting, anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+ bills passed in states like Florida by extremists like DeSantis.”

“We must make our stand now and reject their extremist ideology — ahora es cuando! We need every New Mexican to add their voice — tell DeSantis and the GOP: Stay OUT of New Mexico!”

The Leger Fernandez team’s panicky rhetoric is devoid of facts. DeSantis has enacted measures in Florida to make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. He has also enacted bills against the grooming of children in schools, which Leger Fernandez apparently finds “dangerous” and anti-LGBTQ+” despite most Americans supporting such reforms.

Leger Fernandez, a first-term representative, faces a much tougher re-election challenge this year with the political map gerrymandered by Santa Fe Democrats to steal representation from the southern GOP-held congressional district, which diluted her previously Democrat+14 district to a mere Democrat+5 partisan lean. Republican Alexis Martinez Johnson is running against the Democrat congresswoman.


14 thoughts on “Leger Fernandez wants the GOP to ‘stay OUT of New Mexico’”

  1. By wanting to keep DeSantis and other prominent GOOP leaders out of New Mexico, Leger Fernandez shows her fear of New Mexico’s evil and corrupt regime being exposed to the outside world.

  2. What a wicked woman. I pray people in this state wake up and flood the polls on election day do they can’t continue to cheat the vote. Her money comes from those who kill future voters!

    1. I know it’s tempting to call someone wicked when they support and endorse evil acts like abortion, but they are generally very deceived, believing they are doing “what’s best” for mankind. Satan and his forces have a frightening foothold in the hearts of so many people who unaware of this evil influence. Continue praying and making your voice heard! God bless you

      1. Yes, deception is the right word here. I’ve seen her campaign ads and that’s exactly what they are- deceiving because she has been deceived.. We must keep praying. that the Dems eyes will be opened..

  3. Further proof that what democrats say the “evil” Republicans are doing is exactly what they are doing. Conservative voters, please turn out and vote to turn this democratic/socialist/communist insanity around. America is circling the drain

  4. While NM unemployment is the highest in the nation, Florida has the lowest. Either the Democrats are jealous of the successes of DeSantis or they are truly inept.

  5. The socialists don’t think low unemployment is a success. To them, everyone being a ward of the state would be a success. They want total government control.

  6. Boy, you all have such a twisted way to things. “DeSantis has enacted measures in Florida to make it easier to vote” which is an outright lie. And I think you ae wrong on the status of the NM Unemployebt rate, please check your sources Pinon Post.

    1. LOL FL. has NO individual Income tax…….. yet FL. has a surplus estimated to equal $480 per person! That said NM. Gov. M.L. Gruesome, created 1000snds of unemployed skilled labor by shutting down Oil& Gas state owned land leases. Lost $3 Billion in revenue from same industry for just our schools?

      That said, the only things NM. Places first in the nation are Cartheft capital of the USA, & 2nd Most dangerous city in the USA By actual number of crimes ( Not Percapita) Otherwise we rank last of all 50 in economy , education, ect.

      Numbers don’t lie the media lies, Polititions LIE, But Numbers are just Numbers and they don’t LIE!

  7. Well the Ignorant fools that vote for these people will believe what ever they are told! Freedom is BAD, Employment is BAD, Market economy is BAD, just let us tell you all what to do! We the state KNOW what you need! For those Ignorant ( TOOLS ) Socialism of any kind is the same Crap as the founders faught a war to avoid,!

    TWO Classes the Ruling Class and the people, aka chatel, aka serfs, aka Comoners, Becareful what you vote for, it takes a war to get out of socialism!

  8. First term and already sounds like those swamp dwellers in DC. This should her first and last term in Congress, she is worthless. She has done nothing.

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