MLG attacks gun owners with latest anti-gun executive order

While still recovering from testing positive for the virus after a fundraising trip to Aspen and Denver, Colorado, far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham took time out of her day Friday to attack legal gun owners by doubling down on her 2020 “red flag” law.

She signed an executive order to create a task force “dedicated to the coordination and promotion” of her red flag law, which strips away New Mexicans’ inalienable Second Amendment rights, as well as Fifth Amendment due process rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

According to a press release from Lujan Grisham, the red flag task force “will be chaired by Department of Public Safety Secretary Jason Bowie and consist of six additional members appointed by the governor with professional experience in law enforcement, mental health, or public health.”

Lujan Grisham was angry that most sheriffs, who support the Constitution, have refused to implement the unconstitutional law, which has resulted in only nine uses of it since its passage. 

The law is useless since most criminals have illegally obtained firearms (which this law would do nothing about), and the law punishes those who have obtained firearms legally, just to be ripped away through a law based on presumptions — not facts — about an individual. 

“We applaud this executive order and thank the Governor for her work,”  said Sean Holihan, state legislative director of the dark money Giffords organization, which just so happened to have a phone bank for the embattled governor earlier this week. 

After the order was made, the extremist anti-gun organization “Everytown For Gun Safety” founder Shannon Watts wrote on Twitter, “VICTORY IN NEW MEXICO! @GovMLG just issued an executive order to help implement the state’s [red flag law], which authorizes law enforcement to petition courts to temporarily remove guns from people who pose a risk to themselves or others.” 

The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association responded to Watts’ tweet, writing, “​​She has no idea what she is talking about. New Mexico has had a red flag gun confiscation law for 2 years now. Violent crime went way up since it became law. No one is safer, we just have fewer rights while @Michelle4NM plays games for big money out of state donors.” 



8 thoughts on “MLG attacks gun owners with latest anti-gun executive order”

  1. So desperate to take our guns away. Tells me one thing – that she is scared of We The People.
    When the people fear the Government, that’s tyranny. When the Government fears the people, you have freedom.

    Let’s vote Grisham out of office this November!!!

  2. Journal Poll today has MLG at 47 and her opponent at 40. WHY do so many people in NM NOT make the connection between their beloved Democrats and the condition of the state which is #1 on every crap list there is, except for murder I believe, but we’re working hard to get there!

  3. She’s projecting, accusing conservatives of what they, Dems, do. They do not follow the Constitution because they don’t believe in it and there’s no authority willing to stop them. The NM SC is in her pocket enabling her extreme policies/orders.

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