Maggie Toulouse Oliver explodes over Trump ‘Big Lie’ statement, claims he’s targeting her

In a Sunday statement, President Donald Trump wrote, “I am willing to challenge the heads of the various papers or even far-left politicians, who have perpetuated the Real Big Lie, which is voter irregularities and fraud on a massive and determinative scale”

The 45th President added, “While I am willing to do it, they will never agree because they cannot argue that facts in states including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, and others such as New Mexico, where the Democrat Secretary of State changed the voting laws without legislative approval just prior to the election, making it virtually impossible for the Republican presidential candidate to win.” 

The 2020 election, which allegedly had massive fraud, including in New Mexico under the watch of Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, with the lack of purging voter rolls, the failure to implement an identification card to vote, ballot harvesting running rampant, and dark money leftist ally groups working overtime to perpetuate the “Big Lie” that voter fraud in the state does not exist. 

President Trump’s recent statements targeting Toulouse Oliver have resulted in her freaking out via a fundraising email to her donors, claiming “Trump zeroes in on Maggie.” 

The desperate ploy claims President Trump’s statement “is a lie,” bashing him as a “bully.” She also erroneously claimed he is “going after Maggie and our voting rights.”

“We must protect our democracy by standing up to bullies like him. Grassroots donors like you are the lifeblood of our campaign. With our fundraising blackout rapidly approaching, and Trump just getting started on spouting his lies and bullying Maggie, we need to raise as much money as possible,” the email wrote, subsequently asking for campaign funds. 

It is unclear why the Toulouse Oliver campaign is claiming “voting rights” are being targeted, as the 45th President zeroed in on fraudulent activity permitted by the Secretary of State, not the right to vote. 

Toulouse Oliver faces off against the only declared Republican candidate, conservative activist Audrey Trujillo of Corrales.

7 thoughts on “Maggie Toulouse Oliver explodes over Trump ‘Big Lie’ statement, claims he’s targeting her”

  1. Freaking out because it’s all true. NM under its current regime has perpetuated voter fraud that has been part of the NM election landscape for decades. That’s how we end up with communist creatures like all the current “elected “ officials that have trampled on citizens rights during the flu outbreak. Too louse is just one of a string of useless Secretaries of State That continues to keep NM Democrat (communist) , poor and last in every good conceivable category. A change is badly needed . New Mexicans need to clean out the whole current regime from top to bottom and then hold individual people elected to fulfill their oaths to the public without interference from political parties (republicans, Democrats) who are just as corrupt.

    1. MTO is nothing more than a manipulator of the True and a manipulator of Votes!
      She is nothing more than a puppet for Grisham.
      I would NOT give her a Red Cent!!!

  2. Who’s the bully? Who’s family member is trying to get professor Clements law cert. revoked? Who’s a George Soros appointee??? Nice try Maggie, but we all know who and where the corruption lies!

  3. Let’s see I remeber the NMSOS voter portal listing Yevett Herrel as winner at close of polls 2018, then 1.6 hours later that socialist Xocito Torrez Small won after close of polls , thanks to a rounded out 8,000 absantee ballotts being Dumped in a Democrat run county ( Dona Anna )

    This led to a civil suit, where NMSP siezed the suspect ballotts, for Inspection , this led to SOS M.T. Oliver sending her staff to RE-DACT all information from those susspect Ballotts except the person voted for ! So names, addresses, voter regestration numbers , etc.

    SOS M.T. Oliver’s reason ……………. she wasn’t a memeber of the government ???? REALLY ????

  4. The only thing Trump did, was tell the truth. And the truth is that the ever CORRUPT Maggie Toulouse Olliver ‘did’ illegally change the election laws without
    approval from the State legislature. Perhaps the maid, ‘doth protest too much’?

  5. She’s upset because it’s the TRUTH! I pray that Audrey wins her seat. She stands for voter integrity, the removal of the Dominion machines, increased poll watching and requiring ID to vote. In my opinion, those things are long overdue in this state. I’d bet my firstborn on there not being an honest election here in 50+ years. Do the right thing: vote for Audrey.

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