Pedophile-linked Lincoln Project targets GOP Rep. Herrell: Report

According to Alex Ross of the Roswell Daily Record, the disgraced pedophile-linked fake “Republican” group the Lincoln Project has conservative Republican Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (NM-CD-2) on its “preliminary list” of Republicans it is trying to target in 2022.

Ross writes, “Spokesperson for Lincoln Project told me today they are ‘finalizing’ the House Republicans they hope to target in 2022, but say Yvette Herrell of #NM02 is ‘on our preliminary list.’ Herrell last November unseated Democrat Xochitl Torres Small 54 to 46%.” 

He added, “Herrell has been one of [President] Trump’s most ardent supporters in Congress, voting against certifying the election results in states Biden won in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Trump also carried #NM02 by a large margin.”

The Lincoln Project has been dubbed the “Pedophile Project” by Donald Trump, Jr. after the group’s co-founder John Weaver reportedly harassed nearly two dozen underaged boys, one young man saying the sexual messages started when he was 14. The group is also known for widely condemned media stunts, such as in Virginia’s gubernatorial election where it paid actors dressed as racist Charlottesville protesters to erroneously claim support for Republican Glenn Youngkin. Despite the desperate ploy, Youngkin won the election.

Now, the scandal-plagued D.C. group is attempting to get back on its feet after its fall from grace by helping out radical leftist Democrats to attempt to unseat Herrell. 

But Congresswoman Herrell responded, “Bring it on! I’m proud to be a true conservative representing our New Mexico values, and I won’t back down.” 

It appears the hand-selected choice of the radical New Mexico Democrat Party for the Second District is Gabe Vasquez, a Trump-hating social justice keyboard warrior and Las Cruces City Councilor who believes the United States is “deeply rooted” in “white supremacy.” He has already snagged many of New Mexico’s high-profile endorsements, including that of Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich. He is also endorsed by porn actor-turned Democrat state Rep. Roger Montoya. 
Herrell is asking donors to help her combat the left-wing extremism of the Lincoln Project by donating here.

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