Governor’s ‘green’ legacy at risk after climate study debunked

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is touting the positive impact of her administration’s oil and gas regulations on the state’s greenhouse gas emissions compared to neighboring Texas. The claim is based on an “independent” study by environmental measurement and analysis firm Kayrros, indicating that New Mexico’s oil and gas operations emit half the emissions of Texas per unit.

The study attributes this difference to New Mexico’s state regulations addressing methane waste and emissions. Governor Lujan Grisham stated, “This study proves what we in New Mexico already know: we are doing the right things at the right time to produce the cleanest barrel of oil in the country.” However, an analysis by The Center Square challenges the study’s accuracy, noting a 25% undercount of Texas Permian Basin oil and gas production.

Data from the Dallas Federal Reserve reveals that in 2022, New Mexico’s Permian Basin production was only one-third of Texas, contrary to the study’s claim. Despite the flaws, the Kayrros study has been endorsed by the governor’s office, which did not respond to inquiries from The Center Square.

Texas oil and gas insiders contest the study’s findings, asserting that methane pollution in Texas has been on a decline similar to that in New Mexico. Ed Longanecker, president of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association, emphasized the industry’s commitment to responsible operations, citing a 76% reduction in methane intensity from 2011 to 2021.

While acknowledging the positive impact of New Mexico’s methane waste rules implemented in May 2021, critics question the accuracy of the study’s comparison between the two states. Methane, considered 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide, is a significant concern in oil and gas production due to leaks and intentional releases.

Governor Lujan Grisham, who issued an executive order on “climate change” shortly after taking office, praised the efforts of Secretaries Sarah Cottrell Propst and James Kenney for their work in curbing emissions from the energy sector in the state. The regulations mandate operators to capture 98% of produced natural gas by 2026 and ban routine venting and flaring. Since their adoption, New Mexico claims a 36% reduction in gas lost and a 69% reduction in routine venting and flaring. Critics, however, question the objectivity of the study and emphasize the need for accurate data in evaluating environmental policies.


14 thoughts on “Governor’s ‘green’ legacy at risk after climate study debunked”

  1. To begin with, the “legacy” is all in her head.
    She is already “cashing her chips” in, so she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her.


    The loony lefty environmentalists destroyed the thriving steel industry town I grew up in. This is a physically obvious concrete fact. Don’t let them destroy the fossil fuels industry.

  3. Another study bought and paid for by the Marxist midget in Santa Fe. The inmates are running the asylum and the rest of the inmates (the state legislature) believe it. We are doomed as a state. Maybe Texas will reclaim their original boundaries.

  4. the wicked witch of Santa Fe only cares about herself and she will do or say anything in order to get what she wants which is to keep moving up the political chain of command. She Loves the revenues that the Oil and Gas industry brings in to the State coffers but she’s Hellbent on screwing them over at the same time. Her answer to the low scores of our School system is to Murder more of the unborn children and that way they won’t be part of the school system’s problem in the future. She needs to look to the Almighty for guidance and not Satan. I pray for our leaders to ask for God’s forgiveness and seek his will instead of forcing their ungodly actions on We The People. It’s Sad how far OUR COUNTRY has fallen in the last decade.

  5. “Marxist midget in Santa Fe”. Lol good one.

    I’ve been calling that thing “The tolite queen sitting on the seat in Santa Fe”… sorta makes you feel good when everybody I know starts coming up with cute little appropriate nicknames for the Governor.

  6. MLG is the worst Governor in America and American history. No other Governor took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and yet she is attacking it! She was already the worst governor because of her groping a man, and of course her corruption. Free stuff from Virgin Galactic. She is pals with a lady who ripped off the school system, by selling them overpriced robots! So much for helping the students, she helped the teachers union, instead. She is against the oil that is funding out schools.

  7. If you pay someone enough money they will tell anyone and everyone anything you want them to tell.
    That b@#%* has got to be the most illiterate ignorant narcissistic poor excuse for a human on the face of the earth.

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