Lujan Grisham vows to crush Second Amendment, ‘go after’ gun manufacturers

During an appearance Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, far-left Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she will continue her attacks against the Second Amendment — going further to say no one in America should personally own an “automatic weapon.”

During the appearance, she said she would continue to try and ban all weapons with high capacities, mandate the age to purchase any firearm is 21 years of age, expand her “red flag” law, and put forward a 14-day waiting period to purchase a gun, among other anti-gun measures. All of these proposals died in the 2023 Legislative Session with a lack of support from the majority of members. 

Morning Joe host Mica Brzezinski asked Lujan Grisham if the Farmington shooter should have been able to get an AR-15, to which she responded, “It shouldn’t. This is my point exactly. Frankly, no one that isn’t in the military — this is a weapon of war — or, uh, the trained police department. In my view, no one in America who isn’t in one of those two situations should own an automatic weapon. There is no reason to own one of those…. There is no reason.” Automatic weapons are already banned in the United States.

She also said she is “looking at” legislation that died in the last legislative session to “go after gun manufacturers. This is an all-of-the-above approach. Every single thing. I want fewer firearms in the street, I want no more gun trafficking, I want people held accountable, and what happened to Mr. Wilson? Did he reach out for help at the school? I’m going to need to know that. Was there a missed opportunity for a red flag high-risk protection order?”

Brzezinski also asked Lujan Grisham about abortion, with Lujan Grisham referring to pro-lifers, “They’re chipping away one thing at a time. They want the Supreme Court in a position to be able to finally rule on that. Congress must act, but in the meantime, we are going to make sure that these medications are available in our state. We’re going to make sure that clinics are available. We’re probably going to have to band together and make sure that there’s a process and resources for women to move and travel across the country…. Democratic governors — and women Democratic governors — are going to make sure that women, no matter where you are, have the ability to get to us for the protections and support you need, including my own Department of Health is looking at launching a national hotline so people really know who is standing up for you and where you can go to be protected.” By protected, she is referring to “protecting” the right to kill a child in the womb up to the ninth month of pregnancy, which is legal in New Mexico.


43 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham vows to crush Second Amendment, ‘go after’ gun manufacturers”

  1. What part of “automatic’ vs. semi-automatic does this crowd not get? Or do they actually know and deliberately push off the false narrative to the absolutely clueless?

      1. There are very distinct difference between automatic firearms and semi automatic.
        #1 Automatic firearms are not BANNED They are regulated via the BATF. Individuals who desire to own or possess must go through a process to obtain. The process takes months to complete.
        #2 Semi automatic are some what controlled depending upon category (Pistols , Revolver and rifle shotguns). The manner in which an individual obtain them is also different. A Gun Store which is a FFL or Federal Firearms licenced, acquistion via gun shows, private sales and yes Illegal methods.
        A FFL has certains rules that they must follow inorder to maintain their licence. Gun shows or private sales have no rules to follow. Neither do the illegal transfers.
        We have way to much misinformation abound in the last few years. The Governor of NM desire to make grand statement and headlines is part of her desire to gain national spotlight to enhance her next job as her current position will expire in the next few years.

    1. Edward Sokoloff

      Ar-15 isn’t automatic, governor you’re talking out of you ass. A-15 is semi automatic means one bullet at a time. It’s illegal to own an automatic gun. You need to learn more about guns before you look like a Jack ass which you are.

      1. Upon reading and listening to the Governor of NM talk about this issue, she comes off as nearly totally clueless. In March 2023 several gun control issues were proposed and soundly defeated. Due in part to their unconstitutionality, failure to gather support and extremely poorly worded proposals. The Governor needs to do something and currently seeking for headlines in her response to the Farmington Shooting. Many states wish to blame anyone who owns or has possession of any firearms. The Law-abiding person has been made to be the enemy. Her knowledge of firearms in this recent posting shows how uninformed she is. She needs to rely upon staff who should be able to do at least the basic research so she can at least come off as creditable. She has been very outspoken on the firearms issue and carry the democratic banner as a good democrat. But, If she is truly interested in firearms reform and not a constitutional challenges she need to be better informed. Stop go after the whole industry, seek solutions that are legal, constitutional balanced. Making outlandish statements does solve anything and only goes to alienate more widening the divide that is permeating this country.

    2. I agree, The mighty Midget is just part of the woke progressive socialist/communist leaders who brought there idiotc views from Washington DC to their state to screw up our state just like the disaster in Washington DC

  2. Looney Lujuans family have always been Lying Stealing Cheating CRIMINALS. They are not worthy of the adoration that the uneducated unemployed and Totally Frightened people in NM slather on them.

    1. Part of the rich elite they are above the law that’s why during the lockdown Lujan was out shopping and having party’s Only military and police having guns sure sounds
      Like Nazi Germany

      1. While such activity of the inappropriate spending was highlighted in the recent NM election commercials she was re-elected. To say that Only the LE and Military should possess such firearms -What a statement that clearly shows how little she is aware of such a statement ramifications. The very aspect of such language is totalitarian and casts very specific dark shadow of her beliefs in constitutional law and due process.
        The state legislature really needs a school lesson in the US Constitution. During the 2023 legislative sessions, I heard only one ( I may have missed others) who spoke on select proposals on their constitutional legality. In watching other state propose and pass legislation that has been challenged in the courts has resulted in rules being ruled unconstitutional as a result of the SCOTUS “Bruen” decision.
        NM needs to it better. It can and we need to be engaged in the process. Let learn from our collective history, work the problem and stop the political BS., mis information and grandstanding. People have a greater respect for our elected officials who stand up and offer solutions. They dislike elected officials just as much as used car sales people. We do not trust either one.

    2. Democrats don’t get charged in a democratic state, BE REAL,”VOTE REPUBLICAN” PUT A END TO THESE BAFFONS

  3. Due to our open border with Mexico, even should the lady government seize all firearms, she knows within a week new weapons and drugs would be available to all with $. The maras and cartels and OC groups will be able to outgun local law enforcement as they have in Mexico. The residence of the New Mexico would be prey to the armed criminal groups. Only she and the favored few would have the armed protection and it would be with both semi automatic and ‘Fully Automatic Machine guns. She is not giving up her divine safety net.

  4. Is MLG dumb as mud? A U.S judge in Virginia struck down a federal law barring the government from enforcing the age limit-based on SCOTUS June 23, 2022 decision in Bruen vs New York State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n. The number of guns in the streets will not diminish as “criminals” do not follow laws. If she wants to save lives she should stop supporting & mandating the murder of innocent babies.

  5. Dems. They always get mad because they can’t make us think the whackadoodle way they do. For that, I am sincerely grateful. Just because Ms Lujan Grisham doesn’t like guns doesn’t mean other people can’t have them. Maybe if we all took turns calling and left a voice mail reciting the Second Amendment… she would just get annoyed; she isn’t capable of learning.

    1. Any law that goes against the Constitution is not law.
      2nd amendment is very clear for a reason. Shall be unabridged.

  6. Read it I figure after all u right wing gun toting nut jobs scream and cry about 2nd amendment you’d know it by heart. 2nd amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary for the security of the State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall, not be infringed.” Since we have a national military they can protect us against the immigrants.Being on the border in TX and also a gun owner not an AR-15 or AK-47 in my arsenal who has a safety lock on every weapon this is called being a responsible gun owner. Plus being a Vet for Peace If you’ve never seen what an AK-47 does to another human being taken my word u don’t want to

    1. A well regulated militia is defined as regular people able to bear arms in proper defense of their own lives and property. The standing military is controlled by the state to include the national guard and police. The intent of the second amendment is to protect ourselves from the very tyranny that is now rearing it’s ugly head as communism in America. Quotes by Jefferson, John Adam’s, Ben Franklin and George Washington leave no doubt as to the intent. Blaming inanimate objects for mentally unstable peoples criminality is a ploy that the neo Bolshevik’s are using to disarm and enslave Americans.

  7. She goes after guns but could care less about being this aggressive about mental health issues. She gives 22% raises to staff that have not given any results to earn that kind of raise. Even if parents try to get their teens mental help, this stupid state allows 14 year olds and up to deny care. We can’t even know what is going on with them to help them. Fix the kids Governor! Fix the next generation for this state. Fix your spending allotments! Secure the border! Get tougher on crime and get more police on the streets. Stop letting emotions run your position.

  8. MLG IS AS WICKED AS THEY COME! The 2nd amendment is to protect THE PEOPLE from TRANNY of our OWN GOVERNMENT. Having an AR-15 still wouldn’t even be the equivalent of what the govt. has to use against us. And since she refuses to do anything about the border and cartel no way in hell she is taking our protection away!!! She is “supposedly” so concerned for lives yet murdering babies is just fine. Michelle is crooked just like her husband but no one wants to talk about it. MLG is a disgusting pig literally the wicked witch of the west!!!

  9. This is a knee jerk reaction. As a person who doesn’t believe in owning guns. This method isn’t going to stop the mass shootings. We have became a society that believes this is the way to settle things. Spread love and caring we had Huns in the 50s 60s 70s and didn’t have the problems of today. Society has been less caring than before.

    1. love and caring wont and doesnt stop a criminal….they are called criminals for a reason. and by the way…..contrary to what you believe, its not morally superior to be a victim.

    2. You are correct. And what did we not have back then. Video games. Back then we played with the neighborhood kids. We learned communication skills, teamwork, social skills, as well as how to settle conflicts. Now kids play video games for hours on end. They isolate themselves, therefore they don’t learn communication skills, teamwork, social skills, and damn sure don’t learn how to settle conflicts. Being isolated they learn antisocial behaviors, they over stimulate their brains, while not burning off youthful energy. Therefore

  10. Stephanie McKenzie

    MLG believes she can deny the constitution of the United States to make sound bites to impress the people running the US in DC. She does not realize that what she is saying is actually an act of treason against the people of the US. The punishment for treason is hanging, not a very pretty ending to her life. I had been praying for MLG since she got into office and she has had ample opportunity to repent of killing babies and destroying the values and culture of New Mexico. Now she is left to face God’s justice.

  11. Kathairein Greer

    I like to look for antidotes to poisons. Here’s one for NM, and I think they have been around since 1935.
    PO Box 93433 ABQ, NM 87199
    LO AND Behold! there is an ANNUAL MEETING TODAY: SAT. MAY 20
    ABQ. NM 87122 FROM 10 AM TO 2 PM.

  12. She wants 21 to be the age to purchase Guns, but a 12 yr old can have their sexual organs removed?? She wants to have Gun manufactures be responsible for Gun deaths, so in essence when a person is killed by person in an auto mobile, by a scalpel, by a hammer we can sue the company that built that item?? How crazy is that, but I am good with suing the folks that make the blade the doctors use to kill babies, because we know the doctors are not responsible for killing the unborn??

  13. Kathairein Greer

    TODAY, MAY 20, 2023 FROM 10 am till 2pm
    2417 WYOMING BLVD. NE AQB, NM 87122
    NMSSA.ORG 505-990-1802

  14. Most of the counties in New Mexico have underfunded law enforcement. When a crime is being committed the law is 30 minutes to hours away. This is not the laws fault as they ere undermanned. I will keep my firearms for my protection as under lined in the 2nd amendment in our NATIONAL CONSTITUTION. We have another politician who took an oath of office to obey and enforce our laws already in place. The catch and release laws here seem to be the opposite of this. Protect the criminal and arr
    est the lawful citizen is the norm of the Dumocrats.

  15. Until it happens to your child maybe you’ll see that these weapons of war are unnecessary. Nobody is taking your stupid guns away. Morons.

  16. It is happening to our children Miss Rita because the evil witch and all those politicians like her have no regard for life. Satan is at work here with all the wealthy elites who are thriving on plandemics, abortions, anarchy ,and immorality. Look at the statistics of the child slavery and trafficking in this state, country, and the world. Look into the movie coming out in July…..”The Sound of Freedom”.

  17. She is pounding her chest, trying to impress. The second amendment will prevail.
    Abortion rights should never be a government issue. It should be between a woman, her God and the doctor that took an oath to preserve life. Period!!!

  18. She will mention the Farmington shooting but won’t mention the baby thrown in a trash bag in a dumpster recently or the one thrown in a hospital trash and died. The supporter of killing babies in the womb probably felt no remorse yet she’s wants to do a gun grab. This no eyebrow and no upper lip moron thinks she can go against constitutional rights and believes a state can oversee Federal law. She is not my Governor and good luck trying to disarm all the rightful gun-owning citizens.

  19. An UNARMED citizen is more compliant and easily intimidated.. Once again the piglet got wind of something she has no clue about but is willing to jump on the bandwagon. The best thing that can happen for New Mexico is she gets escorted out of the roundhouse in handcuffs! The gun is NOT the issue but big pharma and corrupt politicians won’t face the fact that mental illness the major cause of mass shootings and unruly/unacceptable behaviors in modern society! Too many QUACKS think by talking to a nutcase they expect that nutcase to behave,or take their feelgood meds!

  20. Ok. Maybe I am not too terribly smart. Not much to get upset about here IMO. It seems to me we keep our mouth shut and LET her run her mouth about a “ban” on “automatic” weapons”. When she finally realizes she screwed up and tried to ban something that was and remains today heavily taxed and regulated since 1934 (NOTE in the link below that automatic weapons are NOT actually banned) I say we just let her do it and let NM Supreme Court chew on it and make a nonsense decision. Ultimately SCOTUS will embarrass her. None of this will affect my ARs at all. Reminder: They are semi auto and are not automatic. Besides I “lost” them…
    My right to self protection thru the Second Amendment is (contrary to misguided belief) not granted by the government. That is a god given right codified in the Bill of Rights. Thank god for those pesky Anti Federalists insisting on that Bill of Rights. Those rights have been doing a fine job of keeping liberals in check since 1791. Lean on them and ignore the flatulence and nonsense emanating from Santa Fe and Washington. Exit soap box.

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