Ex-state archaeologist says he was fired from MLG admin. for reporting abuse

A new lawsuit filed by former state archaeologist Eric Blinman claims he was fired this year “in retaliation for reporting to human resources rumors of an ‘illicit sexual affair’ between his boss and a subordinate,” according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Blinman, who was fired on February 13, 2023, from being chief of the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies, claims he was fired for ageist, sexist, and racist reasons. He was supervised by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Department of Cultural Affairs Secretary Debra Garcia y Griego. Both Lujan Grisham and Garcia y Griego have been named in the case as defendants. 

The lawsuit stems from Blinman reporting a rumor that the cabinet secretary was having an affair with a subordinate in 2022.

“Mr. Blinman believed that the rumor itself had the potential to negatively impact the efficiency” of the department and “was not in keeping with the State’s code of professional conduct,” the lawsuit read.

Blinman’s attorney, Merit Bennett, told the Journal Thursday, “We don’t know exactly what happened, but obviously the confidential reporting was disclosed to Garcia y Griego, who has a friendship with the governor,” noting, “So basically they began to retaliate against Dr. Blinman.”

The former state official alleges that after Garcia y Griego found out about Blinman’s report, which was supposed to stay confidential, then she denied him of his ability to hire the necessary staff to carry out the basic duties of the Office. 

He then filed an official complaint with the New Mexico Office of Human Resources due to the hostile work environment. He was quickly fired. 

“He needed the resources and they basically starve[d] him out,” Bennett said. “Basically, they wanted to get him out of there because he was an older white guy…. That’s the other aspect of this case, that there was a civil rights violation happening at the same time as the whistleblower violation, he said.”

Both Lujan Grisham’s office and Garcia y Griego’s vehemently denied Blinman’s allegations, with the latter claiming there was “sound and carefully considered reasoning” to dismiss the former state archeologist. 

Even the left-leaning public appears to agree with allegations that Garcia y Griego caused a toxic work environment:  

This is certainly not the first time the Lujan Grisham regime has been the target of whistleblower lawsuits, with two former officials previously filing a complaint after being fired for exposing the deletion of data in the state’s Children, Youth, and Families Department — a failing agency that has overseen the deaths of many children while in state custody.


4 thoughts on “Ex-state archaeologist says he was fired from MLG admin. for reporting abuse”

  1. WOW, New Mexico ruled by Sex, Power & Control. Do the Democrats know anything else in this state? Do we have to get out the paddle for this abuse?
    Republicans quite as crickets or just draw the line in the sand. A Comment Only!
    YES, It’s “The New Mexico Way!”

  2. How can this be a surprise to anyone? This is merely more confirmation of MLG & Co.’s corruption and dereliction! It’s disgusting but it will never end until the good people mow her stupid, ridiculous ass down. Down to where that trailer trash originates!

  3. Elections have consequences, unfortunately many
    NM towns and cities are ruled and hired by the politically connected. Not unlike DC, where whether you are competent or not does not matter, if you can be loyal and keep your mouth shut to illegal activities, you are part of the team.

  4. Diversity means anti-white racism. Equity means communism. Inclusion means incompetence. So actually the new religion of the democrats – DEI – is quite appropriate, isn’t it MLG.

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