Mystery UFO floating over Roswell identified

On Wednesday, Roswell residents reported the sighting of a blimp-looking unidentified flying object. It has now apparently been identified as an airship called a high-altitude platform station (HAPS) from the company Sceye, which specializes in strengthening broadband signals and monitoring environmental activity. These blimps are filled with helium.

It turns out the company has a hangar in Roswell. 

The Roswell Daily Record reported last December, “Sceye, established in 2014, has facilities in Moriarty and a hangar and other work sites at the Roswell Air Center. According to its JTIP funding request, it now employs about 38 people. In June, one of the HAPS launched from Roswell successfully reached the stratosphere using solar and battery power, a demonstration of the capacity of the HAPS to reach that altitude and to stay in one area for months at a time. According to the company, Sceye is ‘on track to expand internet access to remote populations, monitor greenhouse gases down to individual emitters and detect natural disasters as they begin.’” 

Roswell sign. Kevin Burnell via Pexels.

According to Albuquerque Business First, “The airborne internet technology may reduce the need for the construction of hundreds of cell towers. Several other companies are participating in the initiative, including Albuquerque-based rural telecom company Sacred Wind Communications, CellularOne, PVT Networks and Navajo Technical University in Crownpoint, according to Sceye. The initiative, if successful, may be impactful for the citizens of the Navajo Nation, many of whom do not have a fixed internet connection.” 

The revelation of what these flying objects are shoots down theories that the sighting was from outer space, as some suggested. The videos of the blimp lifting can be seen here:

Read more about Sceye and its technology here.


2 thoughts on “Mystery UFO floating over Roswell identified”

  1. Anybody else find this statement concerning?

    “Sceye is ‘on track to monitor greenhouse gases down to individual emitters”

  2. I smell a huge scam. Milking Fed $ in the name of bringing broadband to Native American populations.

    And the ability to monitor individual gg emitters? Even more horse pucky designed to make the greeny wackos even more willing to hand out additional bucks.

    Time for the Demwits to step up. If each and every one of them sponsors satellite internet for one or 2 rural residents, the broadband issue is solved.

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