NM legislature adjourns with only one anti-gun bill reaching governor’s desk

On Saturday at noon, the New Mexico House and Senate adjourned from the 2023 Legislative Session. The adjournment meant the death of many anti-gun proposals that would have restricted citizens’ constitutional rights. Only one bill, H.B. 9, mandating the lockup of firearms, passed and was signed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The dead gun-grabbing legislation includes S.B. 44 banning citizens from carrying a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place during an election, S.B. 428 targeting firearm retailers and manufacturers with frivolous lawsuits, H.B. 100 banning most firearms over 10-round capacity, and H.B. 101 mandating a 14-day waiting period before firearm purchases.

S.B. 427, which is similar to H.B. 101 banning magazine capacity, died, while S.B. 116, mandating a person must be 21 to purchase a firearm, did not make it across the finish line.

Other bad bills, such as H.B. 426 to create a “clean fuel standard” (resulting in increased gas prices), along with H.J.R. 4 to install the “Green Amendment,” died in their first chamber. 

Other extreme legislation, such as H.B. 399 to attack counties’ sovereignty, died, while a proposal, H.J. R. 8, to pay legislators salaries fizzled in the Senate. 

H.B. 25 to raise the minimum wage to over $16.00 per hour, S.B. 77 mandating electric vehicle charging stations be put in all new homes, H.B. 263 to create taxpayer-funded drug dens for addicts to shoot up, and H.B. 230 to astronomically increase the cost of alcohol, all died. 

A tax package that will increase taxes overall by around $100 million did pass, although it is unclear if it will be signed into law by Gov. Lujan Grisham. That package included a minor additional tax on alcohol. 

Following the end of the session, the Republican Party of New Mexico wrote, “We knew progressives would take advantage of their majority in the legislature to push through their radical agenda this session. However, despite being in the minority, Republicans successfully passed beneficial legislation and halted other unconstitutional bills from becoming law.”


14 thoughts on “NM legislature adjourns with only one anti-gun bill reaching governor’s desk”

  1. Every time the legislature meets I cringe in fear of what will happen to our freedom. They steal our money and infringe on our rights. Only the agenda matters to them. Thank God there are those few that are able to thwart the treason of the majority.

  2. So I reckon the Pygmy Pig Nazi Governor will be cailin a special session to further turn this Cesspool of a state into a Fourth World state. She’s a Criminal….A Weasel Deluxe….. It’s time for the Tall Tree and Short Rope Solution

  3. Duane, you nailed it. And if they think we are going to hand parental rights over to the schools and the government with the other stinking bills they passed they better think again.

  4. A good review of the status of. The bills that did not pass and the bipartisan efforts not permitting many questionable written and unconstitutional proposals that would have restricted rights increased the cost of living in NM. I am happy to see we have our elected officials stand up be counted and do what us beneficial to NM and not make felons out of people just who wish to secure and. Ot burdened by big over arching government.

  5. the Albuquerque Journal this morning had a huge headline A PRODUCTIVE SESSION. Productive if you mean taking away our rights and not following the constitution, or our laws, sure it was productive, but if you mean all the anit gun bills that died? Yes that was very productive, but we have to wait, cause they will be back as long as we keep them there. Our freedoms and liberties will continue to be eroded by the Demon-0-rats and the Wicked Witch of the North, Michelle “Loser” Grisham. We MUST GET RID OF ALL OF THEM!!!

  6. I would like to give a shout out to Representative John Block for keeping us all abreast of what is happening in our state government. I am not a constituent of John’s , but I appreciate all the hard work he put in. I know he is not alone, but my Representative does not keep me informed about what is going on. That is why I read the Pinon Post. Thanks go out to everyone that kept these draconian laws from going into effect. The fight is not over.

  7. The fight has just begun.I agree that the communists are plotting a special session even though the cost of one is exorbitant for the poorest state in the Union. They only care about the agenda their masters have laid out for them. The californication of NM continues. Thank you Rep John Block and Rep Stephanie Lord for the information you provided and your righteous convictions in voting for God and humanity, unlike the rest of the vile communists and useful idiots in office.

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