Lujan Grisham tries playing the victim after being labeled a ‘murderer’

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) recently took to Twitter to characterize Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s comments supporting abortion up-to-birth as the governor being a “murderer.”

Following the tweet, Lujan Grisham’s office played the victim, telling the Santa Fe New Mexican, “Comments like these absolutely have the potential to incite violence, including to the governor, her family and colleagues.”

It is unclear how she equates being called a “murderer” to “inciting violence,” but she is well-known for name-calling of her own. 

She told New Mexico sheriffs who were unhappy with her anti-gun laws that they were “rogue sheriffs” having a “childish pity party,” and she called her political opponents “QAnon lizard people.”

Lujan Grisham’s former communications director Tripp Stelnicki called the Republican Party in New Mexico a “death cult” for not wanting to cripple small businesses with lockdowns.

She also Lujan Grisham applauded ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter rioters during the George Floyd riots who took to the streets to protest (many without masks or social distancing), writing, “This is a violation of the mass gatherings, no doubt, but we’re just going to take a leap of faith in protecting protesters who have no other way, quite frankly. Right? There’s no other way to be seen, to be heard, to be respected, and to be clear about your message.” This came while conservatives were met with scorn for protesting. 

However, when it comes to being labeled a “murderer” for signing laws to institute abortion up-to-birth in the state, squander $10 million in taxpayer funds for a new state-sponsored abortion mill, and sign laws to restrict local governments from following federal laws banning abortion drugs, she apparently can’t take the heat.

Rep. Block, who was elected in 2022, is the founder and editor of the Piñon Post and a longtime pro-life advocate, fighting on the frontlines for the right to life from conception to natural death. He sponsored New Mexico’s first-ever Heartbeat Bill, H.B. 258, during the 2023 Legislative Session to protect children in the womb from the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Do you agree with Rep. Block that MLG is a “murderer”?

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47 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham tries playing the victim after being labeled a ‘murderer’”

    1. Amen! And anyone that pushes to make it legal is no different than the person getting the abortion. The Holy Bible states that one sin is not greater than another, so abortionists are the same as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and the likes.

      1. The Dark Bible teaches that those souls will voice our dark prince. Hell will be kinda weird if’n the big guy can’t talk. Just saying.

          1. It means that “Roy” probably thinks that he/she/it is a satanist with a compulsion to advertise and, hopefully, confuse and/or shock Christians. Too bad.

  1. I have high hopes for Block, someday he should be governor. I regret that my area elected Slick Willie Madrid that wants to be the King of Chaparral, but lies to the people, separates citizens into groups of terrible whites and helpless hispanics even though there is no racial divide in our community. Our governor is a murderer. She supports the killing of babies. Many folks are dead set against killing any babies, many are for something like the heartbeat bill, very few people are for the day before birth, not sure why our elected officials let the bill move forward. I shake my head when men say it is a woman’s decision because men cannot have babies. Taking sides with murderers (the left) still lands you in hell.

  2. the way i look at is, if it has a heartbeat it’s alive, if you get rid of it, it’s murder. they need to make adoption affordable for people who want to adopt and they could save alot of babies lives. having an abortion on the day it is born is down in out murder and the mother, doctor, and anyone else involved should be charged with MURDER. and charge the idiot governor too, just for grins.

      1. So if I’m having surgery and and am on a ventialor then you should be able to come in a murder me because I’m “not alive”??? What a cop out! Anyone who says that a baby in the womb isn’t alive is either stupid or a liar. There is no middle ground!

      2. So the people on ventilators during covid were not alive and the people who need oxygen are dead. Perfect logic.

      3. Preterm babies nearing full gestation do spontaneously breath upon birth; weeks or up to a month before full gestation , they have the ability they only deserve the chance.

        1. They’re working on it as we sit here, Next it will be The Handicapped, Then it will be all those People that worked so hard their whole lives that now they finally reached an age of instead of paying Social Security they will be collecting it, Their Uncle Adolf has a Name for the People who think if you can’t work no more you should be put to the Sword and it’s (Mein Faithful Blind and Stupid Shiest Hund Comrades)

      4. I suppose, following your line of “reasoning,” that “it” aka the unborn BABY isn’t really human, too – right? – in spite of the fact that the unborn BABY’S DNA is HUMAN. I recall when Cecile Richards, at the time the president of Planned Parenthood, stated that the unborn BABY wasn’t alive until he or she was born. Anything to justify murdering unborn CHILDREN – right, “Andy?”

    1. I agree on that one🙌🙌🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️, you should be charged on that one for murder in court🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. Cause what’s the difference🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ so your saying I can throw a child out the moving vehicle or stab or with a gun or killing a girl while she is pregnant,”but” how funny I can go to prison time for that one🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ “but” it’s OK to abortion a heartbeated child in a girl stomach 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️what’s the difference? You should be charged for murder period…!!! The baby didn’t ask to be born. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️what the governor should of done make things cheaper for getting your tubs an burnt so we don’t have that problem, my gosh🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

  3. The case for abortion only holds up to those who believe a person’s value is dependent on how much they are wanted.

    1. So if I were a widow, retired, and have no living child, I’m unwanted so should be dead? No, that would make my killer still a murderer. Legislators and governors who don’t believe in God, sanctity of life, or heartbeats as a sign of life, so vote for abortion, are participating in murder. Murderers all. Sad!

      1. They’re Working on that as we speak, Alot of them already think if your anything but a Democrat you should have your Children Taken away to Re-Education Camps and you should be sent to Concentration Camps for their Final Solution. Some if these Nuts are Warped and Twisted and would love to see Never again into let’s go for another round and this time make it so nobody can Stop us if we take down the Countries that did last time. .

  4. Gov. Grisham, one day you will be held accountable for all the babies you killed. Promoting abortion/ late term abortion is murder. You said this train of thought is inciting violence,
    what you are doing is murder, watch the films while the baby is being killed, their literally crying. .

  5. The young woman in Hobbs was found guilty after she threw her newborn in the trash. I wonder how this is any different from what Grisham and the radical democrats approved as legal in our state with their abortion up to birth craziness. No difference that I can see except with the democrats plan except they guarantee the baby is dead.

  6. She is 100% a murderer! When someone promotes the killing of innocent life…….they are a murderer! Truth hurts doesn’t it MLG (Little Hitler)!

  7. No lives matter to Democrats they claim to care about blacks and children. Half of the black population has been aborted and more children die from abortions every day than any gun violence.

  8. What’s the difference when someone kills a a baby with a suction tube that can probably suck the chrome off a car. Than some one with a gun. A murderer is what these democrats are called they have a signed a contract to kill babies. Where is this a health issue to women. How does this help their health ?

  9. I always felt indifferent about abortion especially when I was younger and had no knowledge of what it truly was and I thought it was ok. I have some past situations I would not talk about today because it makes me feel guilty. I pray that God can forgive me. My family raised me as Catholic and I am now devout Church-goer. We have gone every Sunday for years but we are not perfect . Soon I began to hear scripture and the Father was known as the anti- abortion Priest. To me it was murder. I am now a strong believer in anti-abortion. What really put me over the edge and solidified my thinking was the Bodies expo in Las Vegas. There is a exhibit that shows an embryo/fetus/baby from day 1 to birth. It is all real and very graphic. It warns you before you enter and you can bypass it. What I saw brought me to tears. I knew abortion was wrong. If these women or couples want to get an abortion they should be mandated to witness the stages of growth in the unborn before they decide to take the life of the future baby inside them. The doctors who do this are just as cruel. What happens to the aborted fetuses. Thrown in medical waste or burned. They obviously have no remorse and feel no guilt. Just another day on the job terminating life.

  10. You people are all full of shit. There shouldnt be any law stating what you can and can not do with tour body. If your wife or mother child sister friend gets rape and gets pregnant, your saying without adoubt they should be by law to carry that baby. U dont have a clue what that does to a person being that i was one of those people. No one has the right to point fingers at anyone because u all have done something that has gotten you a seat in hell waiting line so dont trash talk the governor shes doing what she feels is right. U wont last a day in her shoes so since everyone is talking about sin. What did Jesus say HE STATED JUDGE NOT FOR YOU WILL BE JUDGE. HE SAID OBEY LAW OF LAND N KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. LETS BE REAL HERE SHE’S DOING WHAT YOU BOLD ONES CANT DOING BUT GOT YOUR NERVE TO GET ON HERE N TRASH TALK HER. I THINK SHES DOING A DAMN GOOD JOB FOR NEW MEXICO. WE AS PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO AS WE WISH WITH OUR BODYS. SO YALL SHOULD MIND THE BUSINESS THAT PAYS YALL CAUSE CASTING THE FRIST STONE AINT GONNA GET YOU PAID HERE N NOBODY CARES TO HEAR NEGATIVITY ESPECIALLY FROM PEOPLE LIKE YALL.

    1. Only from people like you, if you have carried a Child does not take judging to know it’s alive, just common sense.

    2. I would think you’re being the judgemental one here. You’re judging that baby because of the way they were conceived. So in reality you’re saying because the baby was conceived by rape you have the right to be the baby’s judge, jury and executioner. Yet you take every right away from the the child to live because you didn’t like the way they were conceived. So you’re saying the child should be automatically condemned. How outrageous is your argument just to make yourself feel better about murdering a child.
      Your are right about Gods judgement, and please don’t act like an innocent jerk to God while being judged. I’m pretty sure it won’t get you anywhere except hell .

    3. Nancy Tannenbaum

      “There shouldnt be any law stating what you can and cannot do with ‘tour’ body.”
      “She’s doing a damn good job for New Mexico.”
      Aside from the obvious re: brutal infanticide, raging crime, out of control border invasion of illegals, and a destroyed economy courtesy of the “damn good job” your heroine is doing, here you are, a shining example of her bottom of the list school system as exemplified by your comment. Abortions have ALWAYS been performed for rape/incest/health of the woman and these abortions are RARE. 95+% of abortions are done because the baby is an unwanted “inconvenience.” It is not YOUR body destroyed by abortion. One of Jesus’ commandments is, “Thou shalt not kill.” Your reference to having been in a traumatic situation explains your desperate attempt to justify unlimited abortion for any reason. Whatever unfortunately happened to you does not make right unlimited abortion and brutal infanticide of a child.

  11. God put choice throughout the bible as well. Taking choice away from other’s is like saying that these people know more about what God wants than God does. Even though abortion is a sin. Only God can decide who’s sins are forgiven. Not all the little trumpets out there.

  12. Yes, life begins at conception, and some lives end during pregnancy. Do you support legal ending of human life in war, or for heinous crimes? Do you consider the unborn candidates for special consideration of their lives, because they are “innocent”? Do the unborn not have the stain of original sin, which is a tenet of some Christian sects? Do you value the life of an innocent 14 yr old raped and pregnant by her uncle over the innocent unborn? Do you anti maskers think YOU can tell someone what to do with their own bodily autonomy? Many more questions, and everyone might have a different answer. Michelle is no more a murderer than your Grandfather who served in WW11; an unborn life is secondary to the pregnant life, and keep your creepy hands and laws off my Grandaughter.

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      Grisham and all those who enable the murders of others are indeed themselves accomplices to those murders and are therefore murderers.
      “An unborn life is secondary to the pregnant life…” means…what, exactly? That the unborn child, who is indeed innocent, is less important than the mother? What does ‘original sin’ have to do with abortion? What do ‘anti-maskers’ have to do with murdering unborn children?
      Your arguments/examples do not hold water.

  13. Question… so they say it’s a woman’s choice whether or not to have a child or abort it ( murder)..has anyone ever asked the father what his thoughts are… what if he wants the baby??? Does he have any rights because it does take 2 to make a baby… just wondering…also it’s easy to sign a paper into law but if you are able to do this (governor) then you should be able to murder the children your self with your own hand instead of passing it to someone else.. like I said.. I’m just wondering..

  14. The government here in NM is the worse… You wanna kill babies, you leave killers, drunk drivers,felons,drug users and seller all in the street…Look at our state theres drug users all over the streets, they steal they kill and the destroy the world we live in…you leave criminals in the street instead of keeping them in jail…and then now abortion isn’t a felony of killing an innocent child who didn’t ask to be in this world…Like what is this world coming too.. we are in hell the world is awful… we have no living it’s depressing and you have no care in this freaking world…you don’t care for innocent children your people.. look what we are SURROUNDED by drugs killings abusers racism…. Make our lives better and easier and happier make this state better again!!!! Think with your brain not our money that is taken frm us!!!!!!!!

    1. I was raped at 13 years old and i got pregnant i kept my child because she was a blessing despite of what ever i went through… i raised her all alone with no help and she’s became such a beautiful soul…You should never ever decide for a person and tell them that it’s ok to abort a child that was asked to be made… that’s life… i was given all those options and i did what was the best decision i ever made… Theres options like adoption or keeping a child of god… adoption would be great too for mothers who can concieve… you think about it use your heart your brain… what if you weren’t planned or wanted how would you have felt if you were told that!!!!

      1. Nancy Tannenbaum

        You are an exceptional person, Amanda. Your child is fortunate to have you for her mother. God bless you.

  15. A woman gives birth to a live baby. She wraps it in a garbage bag and throws it in a dumpster to die. It is discovered, she is arrested, tried and sentenced to prison.

    Another woman irresponsibly get pregnant and carries the baby to near term, seeks and gets an abortion. The attending physician either terminates the baby’s life or neglects it until it dies. They wrap the body in plastic and toss it into medical waste.

    The latter group are perfectly within Michelle’s laws.

    I struggle to reconcile these two situations.

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