Organizers seek to overturn extreme laws via NM’s referendum process

Organizers from across New Mexico through the group Better Together New Mexico seek to overturn extreme bills passed during the 2023 Legislative Session via ballot referendums. 

The group wrote on a sign-up form, “Did you know the legislature just took away many of your rights during this 2023 legislative session?” 

“Soon you will have NO RIGHT to secure elections because of HB 4 & SB 180. If HB 7, SB 13, SB 397 become law, parents will have NO RIGHT to be aware that their child is having an abortion or gender transitioning at school,” wrote the group.

“And because of HB 7, it’s now illegal for counties, cities, and even teachers to opt out of abortion and transitioning school clinics. These bills are just a few of the damaging bills that passed this year. You may hear about other bills to fight in the days to come. Are you frustrated by the government’s rule over your life? Now’s your chance to stop it!” 

The group noted, “We are gathering signatures for referendums to stop those bills before they become law and get them on the ballot in 2024 for the people to decide! 

Many of the extreme bills passed the legislature with virtually no Republican support, which fundamentally change the rights of parents and open up New Mecico’s elections to interference through corrosive election policies, such as an opt-in automatic absentee ballot list, among other measures. 

However, Democrat Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s office is trying to stop Better Together New Mexico from setting up the referendum.

The SOS office’s spokesman, Alex Curtas, told the Santa Fe New Mexican, “None of the requests submitted by Better Together New Mexico or affiliated individuals [have] met the strict legal requirements for referendum petitions, and it would be completely irresponsible for the Secretary of State to approve a referendum petition for circulation and signature by voters of this state if it is not in the format required by law and most importantly, if it is constitutionally exempt from being challenged by referendum petition.” 

He added, “To date, following the 2023 Legislative Session, the Secretary of State has not received a single petition that meets even the basic technical requirements as to form under [New Mexico] law.”

Larry Sonntag of Better Together New Mexico told the New Mexican, “She’s not doing her job of approving the format for the referendums to go forward.” He said she is putting up “unnecessary roadblocks,” claiming, “She’s kicked back some of them based on a hyphen or a comma. That type of red tape, governmental obstruction to what’s allowed in the Constitution is not acceptable.”

To find Better Together New Mexico’s sign-up form to collect signatures in your area of the state, click here.


8 thoughts on “Organizers seek to overturn extreme laws via NM’s referendum process”

  1. Madyson Marquette, who attended some of the Military tribunals, as a witness a couple of years back today put some pages from a UN directive on FB with this msg: “On page 17 United Nations explains that this guide is intended to help children build relationships with romantic or sexual partners.
    On page 71 teachers are instructed to teach little kids from the age of 5 about kissing, hugging, touching, and sexual behaviors. 9 year old children should be taught about masturbation, sexual attraction, and sexual stimulation.
    This is R@pe of our children and any teacher who comply’s with this is a PREDATOR & PEDOPHILLE!”

    1. This is deplorable!!! Fight this with everything we have!!! How sick… No I am not prude or whatever you want to call me I am responsible, respectable and I have morals!!! Teaching these small children this is so erroneous!!! Let them be children and when they are older they can learn but not from some degenerate in our systems!!!!

  2. The nm branch of the Demorat party are perhaps the Nastiest collection of Liberal Scumbags in the US. They All Lie to protect each other. They are All Criminals and Terrorists who are only interested in Absolute Power. There will be a Reckoning and I hope I’m alive to see it.

  3. Sick of the evil liberal agendas!! Sex should no be discussed in schools with grade school children!! We should promote condoms and abstinence!! Responsibility and that there are only 2 TWO genders!!

  4. Saying it louder for those in the back:

    THIS is what happens when you sit back and don’t police elected officials. I know many people who refuse to vote and refuse to get involved in politics….many reasons, including laziness, apathy and a resignation that “NM will always be Democrat.” That thinking, multiplied across thousands of people, is what got us here. We had a chance to head a lot of this off at the pass. The covid mandates were a testing ground: How many would comply and not question? If you think all of that was for your health and wellbeing, you are wrong. Much of the groundwork for this was laid while you sat at home in your mask, awaiting further instructions. How many of you know who your legislators are? Who your District reps are? How many of you have called or emailed them, demanding answers and accountability? None of this would have been necessary if just half of you stepped up and done your duty as constituents. I’m sick of the complaining from people who hate this “progressiveness” yet did nothing about it.

    1. The onus is on the persons who are not ignorant, to what the dems and rinos,in office, are doing. It is up to us to do all we can to inform them. It is not an easy task.

  5. In 2019 a number of laws were passed that were equally disingenuous, including the vicious “Energy Transition Act”. The SoS (Oliver) claimed that no repeal efforts could go forward because all of them were supposedly for “Safety, Peace, and Welfare.” Not surprisingly, state House leader Egoff had a number of laws ready to be passed that were simply empty documents (no language at all!) but were all titled “Safety, Peace, and Welfare.” How ridiculous. This exemption is a ready excuse to deny the public the right to choose what laws they want.

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