During CBS appearance, MLG pressed on NM’s ‘controversial’ no-limit abortions

While appearing on CBS News’ Face the Nation Sunday, Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham doubled down on her pro-abortion stance, telling host Margaret Brennan regarding a recent ruling by a Texas judge to halt the use of one of the two drugs used in medication abortions, “if we’re going to use the federal courts as a way to bar and ban access, we are looking at a national abortion ban and more. And I think states have to band together to do as much as they can in opposition to that.”

“So, currently, in New Mexico, abortion is legal. But you don’t actually have a law codifying it. I know you want to write one,” said Brennan.

Lujan Grisham responded, “We do—we do now. So the last time I was here, we didn’t. And you were, and thank you, talking about Colorado’s work. We now have a law both codifying [the] right to abortion, abortion care and access, as well as gender-affirming care in the state. So that just got signed by me,” referring to the controversial H.B. 7 passed this legislative session.

The fate of the bill is currently tied up at the state Supreme Court, where a case regarding local pro-life ordinances is being heard.

Brennan asked, “What so, nail down for me then how do you define because up till now my understanding is there wasn’t a limit on when in pregnancy, a woman could receive an abortion? Have you set any limit on that?”

“There are no limits,” answered Lujan Grisham.

“That’s very controversial,” responded Brennan.

“It can be,” noted Grisham, trying to pivot to a statistic claiming one percent of all abortions are after 21 weeks, claiming, “New Mexico’s position, and mine, is that we should not be interfering with a woman’s right medical situation and her decision about that life-threatening potential circumstance. We shouldn’t be doing that.” 

“So your state has become this haven of sorts for the surrounding states that do heavily restrict abortion like Texas,” Brennan said, with Lujan Grisham chiming in that Oklahoma was also on that list of feeder states to New Mexico for abortion tourism.

Lujan Grisham then noted how she wants to work with tribal “sovereign” nations to institute abortions in those areas for those people as a means to circumvent potential laws in states or national laws protecting the right to life. 

Following the interview, Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce, a former congressman, wrote, “Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham doubled down on her decision to keep no limits on abortions up to birth in New Mexico, justifying late-term abortions of viable babies. This very extreme position is far removed from our traditional New Mexican values.” 


25 thoughts on “During CBS appearance, MLG pressed on NM’s ‘controversial’ no-limit abortions”

  1. A sick MLG shows she’s not ashamed to brag about New Mexico’s no time limit for abortions on national TV.

  2. Elected officials from New Mexico have made the news. Haaland and MLG. Does not put our State in a positive light. I call that type of news Dem’s Downers. More to come.

  3. I’ve said it here before & I’ll say it again: NM always last in the best & 1st in the worst & that goes for all the DemoncRAT ass hats running this state into the ground.

    1. I am in total agreement. Instead of looking at Mississippi moving from 50 in education they moved up into the 30’s What does NM do nothing just throw money at the problem as long as money is coming in our DemoncRAT’s will spend it

  4. It’s not just WHEN abortions can be performed (up to the day of birth), but also that MLG is funding abortion clinics around the state, so WE are paying for these abortions from our tax dollars. Not all of us are Democrats or agree with this policy. How is it that we have reached this position/condition?

  5. Will she be proud of what she has ‘accomplished’ as a mass murderer of the unborn when she faces God to give an accounting of her life?

  6. Way to go MLG!!! Stand up for WOMEN, It Is OUR body, OUR lives that are changed forever when the so called MAN walks away. IT should be OUR choice! Not some Man that has NO CLUE. That and the FACT that group homes and foster homes are overflowing with children that could use a home but won’t get one because they aren’t newborns. I am signing my real name because I will gladly standby what I write, no need to hide or feel ashamed.

    1. Nancy Tannenbaum

      It is not YOUR life or YOUR body that is ‘changed forever’ when you murder your child. Do not bother trying to justify abortion in circumstances of rape or health as ending a pregnancy for those reasons has ALWAYS been available and are RARE and the vast majority of abortions are performed because the baby is an unwanted inconvenience. Note that I am signing MY real (and complete) name because I ALWAYS stand by what I write and can back it up.

    2. Sharon, don’t you know that God is not mocked, and making a mockery of His creation? Those that cry out, “There is no God,” only do so out of their own selfish gain. That child that is being created in the womb of the woman (female host) has their own DNA and not identical to the host female. Therefore, if that created being in the w pool womb has a different DNA, he or she is their own person. It’s not about the woman’s body, but more about the murder of the unborn individual. Blood is on the hands of those who commit and applaud the biggest murder machine ever seen since Auschwitz.

  7. So sad that we put so many other things in a higher place than that of the life of an unborn baby. I will not ever support a candidate that agrees with abortion. There are many ways to avoid getting pregnant and that is what we should be talking about, not murdering a baby. The baby is a life with a heartbeat and it is murder when that heartbeat is stopped by abortion.

  8. This up to day of birth abortion nedds to go to the Federal Courts ! As most New Mexicans know the State courts do just about anything The Democrats want!

  9. As I’be said many times before, mlg’s murder your baby law didn’t go far enough! The law should allow post-partum abortions up to age 65 or so.
    But gasbag politicians know that would paste a big target on many of their own worthless carcass’s, so I won’t be looking for that law to be passed any time soon.

  10. So it’s all right to kill a baby born alive. How would this be done, would the governor appoint someone, or would it be advertised in the newspaper. I wonder how the job description would be worded. Must be willing to take a life. Or we could set one day a week aside for the governor to come do it herself. I’m just curious how the murder would be done.. cut the throat, throw against the wall, drop from a rooftop…or maybe just give a shot like they do at the dog pound.. how awful that we’ve been reduced to this… anyway, I still think the best idea is having the governor do it. We could even have a lunch after for her. Of course she’d have to wash the blood off her hands,
    ( if she could) We should all be asking a lot more questions. As For myself, I liked it better when our state was known as the land of enchantment instead of the abortion state. Have a great day.

  11. Why should a baby pay with it’s life for the mother’s good time and inability to accept her responsibility to the child especially up to the time of birth. So sad New Mexico has a governor with no morals.

  12. I am a Catholic. Not the most perfect Catholic like many I have many flaws . I do attend Church and have for years consistently. I know she’s claimed to be religious just like Biden. They are not religious. They support the death of the unborn which in my book is murder. I know all can be forgiven in God’s/Jesus’ eyes but I sure hope they are judged a lot different then us who respect life. She obviously has no guilt and she obviously is so stubborn she would never listen to the highest court ruling and try to push her extremist views. There was another person in history who was in to killing babies and is documented his name was Hitler. She is the new NM Führer. Heil MLG

  13. It’s just so hard to believe that this worthless Governor and the President are willing to throw life away like a piece of trash. What gets me even worse is that people keep voting for them. Blood is on your hands.

  14. I believe MWLG (Michelle “Wuhan” Lujan Grisham) as she is affectionally known for, is the Queen of Abortions. In fact, she seems to put all her effort into making sure the biggest murder machine exists in New Mexico and under her control since Auschwitz.
    She’s even admitted to including Native Americans in her reproductive control grip. Who voted for this to happen?? Take a guess.

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