Lujan Grisham kicks can down the road on border crisis

On Thursday, ahead of Title 42’s expiration, which helped quell the border catastrophe, Democrat New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is kicking the can down the road to Congress instead of helping in New Mexico to alleviate the crisis, as Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is doing. Abbott declared a state of emergency and deployed the Tactical Border Force to help with the crisis.

Instead of helping alleviate the human suffering from the border crisis, Lujan Grisham wrote on Twitter, “I want New Mexicans, especially those on our southern border, to know we are in close communication with cities and counties to make sure they are supported as Title 42 ends tonight.”

She continued, “I’ve emphasized to the federal government the importance of coordinating a comprehensive humanitarian response, and I urge Congress to embrace a longer-term solution by passing immigration reform legislation immediately.”

A plan the U.S. House voted on Thursday evening to fix the humanitarian border catastrophe received no Democrat support at all, including from any of New Mexico’s three Democrat Reps. Gabe Vasquez (who represents the state’s border district), Teresa Leger Fernandez, or Melanie Stansbury. 

State Rep. John Block (R-Alamogordo) urged Lujan Grisham to deploy the state’s National Guard to the border after she yanked them from the post shortly following her installment as governor in 2019. 

“Send the National Guard to the Southern Border to help stop the catastrophe, as you should have years ago. That is precisely how you can help alleviate the horror the Biden regime has inflicted upon our country by neglecting the border and creating a humanitarian crisis,” he wrote

New Mexico has over 53 miles of border that are unsecured by barriers or any kind of security apparatus, making the state extremely vulnerable to an invasion pushed by Joe Biden’s policies that have resulted in a massive surge in illegal immigration.


55 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham kicks can down the road on border crisis”

    1. MLG, along with Gabe Vasquez, are huge proponents of open borders. They won’t lift a finger to curtail the invasion of illegal aliens border states have been experiencing.

        1. Reality would argue with your ad hominem attack. MLG’s and Vasquez’s actions, inactions and/or voting records on halting the invasion of illegal aliens via the haphazardly guarded NM/Mexico border prove you wrong. Do some research and do better.

    2. We are not unsafe here in NM. We are certainly more safe than Texans! What on earth do you think we have to fear.

      1. What do Texans have to fear? Anywhere a lawless environment exists, people are unsafe. Do you consider our borders, with 10,000 people streaming over daily a safe environment?

      2. Excuse me. NM is on the border. We are at risk. Who are coming through? God protect us New Mexicans durning this time.

        1. Spot on Greg! It’s those people who have helped this current illegitimate regime ruin this country. NO other country would open their borders and take from their Citizens money and give to illegal persons!

      3. Really, nothing to fear, I was on the boarder with JTF for years, there is lots to fear from the otm’s, we busted people from Europe and beyond, wish I could say more.

      4. We do not want 30 million illegal aliens in our country. The socialist, anti-business, anti-gun and open borders policies of the governor and democrats in this state are considered by many of us as anti-American and dangerous. She is no better than the demented and crooked joe biden.

  1. Nancy Tannenbaum

    Grisham should be in prison along with Biden and the entire regime to face trial for being an accomplice to their dereliction of duty aka TREASON…as if that would ever happen. Thanks again, useful idiots, for voting for this, which makes each and every one of YOU accomplices to the deliberate destruction as well.

    1. Treason? We liberals did not try to violently overthrow our own govt. and attack law officers! It is not a liberal ex pres. who consciously stole govt. docs to share with others and probably sell to our enemies since he’ll do anything illegal for money.

      1. Nancy Tannenbaum

        Well, congratulations to Judy for being a shining example of why NM is last in everything good and first in everything bad!

      2. But your liberal current president did have classified documents in three or four different offices. His son has contracts with foreign governments, access to those classified documents, and a history of selling himself to foriegn entities. Can you tell me with any authority that Biden and his family are clean.

      3. Judy, I think you should get back into your spaceship and go back to whatever planet you came from, a good riddance!

      4. Judy you should get back in your spaceship and return to whatever planet you came from!
        You certainly don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about!

      5. You are a progressive troll who has been brainwashed with socialist/marxist doctrine. Believe the MSM but remember, there are 100 million of us; we will not give up; and you have yet to see a violent overthrow of YOUR government. However, you may in the near future.

    1. Dream on…he’s deranged and we all know it, especially after that disastrous interview 2 days ago. He’s too stupid and narcissistic to see why he should keep his mouth shut and now has opened himself up to possible more indictments!

      1. How many have you taken into your home leftest Judy? You or our leftist governor. Your just like sanctuary cities. They want all these people here but not in their towns. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. WE should start sending these illegal aliens to MLG’s mansion maybe several thousand and let her see first hand the problem we are facing at the border then maybe she might do something if not keep sending them to her house until she does.

    1. She’s the Governor so I’m quite sure she knows and understands the situation!
      It’s you who do not.

      1. yeah she’s the governor because a bunch of you dumb asses voted for her. Doesn’t mean she knows and understands the situation. As a democrat I don’t think she knows what this does to our state, especially those individuals living near the border. You are probably living in Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

    2. True. Doesn’t the Governor’s mansion have a fence? Funny how Joe Bidens inauguration needed fences and troops…

    1. Texans have to fear being gunned down via an AR 15 anywhere they go. Immigrants do not make me feel unsafe. I’m sorry for your fear.

  3. Grisham is actually a proponent of the invaders. She know they will be allowed to vote by SOS Toulouse Oliver. I lived in Albuquerque for years and can’t tell you the number of times I saw illegals voting and signing petitions. The gov will provide aid and comfort to the enemy invaders using American taxpayer funds. That makes her and anyone the helps traitors and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    1. Sorry, but illegals cannot vote in any state in the US. Get a grip on yourself! I lived in ABQ too, 10 years, and those “illegals” you saw voting are called Mexican-AMERICANS!

      1. Judy really, when did you actually vote last, when you need a foreign written ballot to vote or you can’t speak or understand the English language, to vote, that is the proof they are not a US Citizen. But yet MLG and SoS Toluever has allowed these people to VOTE during elections. And you got to ask just how both got reelected?

  4. Thank you, John Block, for attempting to get the governor to pay attention to the travesty at the border..

    1. Texans have to fear being gunned down via an AR 15 anywhere they go. Immigrants do not make me feel unsafe. I’m sorry for your fear.

    2. THEIR plan to destroy the country is to NOT overturn Constitutional rights, especially. for women, and NOT to destroy the public schools and libraries, and NOT to tell you what you can read or think or if you can travel or not, especially to get health care. Does this sound like the free America you know?

      1. Nancy Tannenbaum

        Amongst your many garbled and incoherent comments, this one is particularly obtuse. As we say in my native Texas, well, bless your heart. Poor thing.

  5. elections have consequences. I would be thinking the $15 an hour minimum wage will drop due to illegals willing to work for less. There could be an issue when citizens do not work because they are lazy but illegals will work but for $15 an hour. I could only imagine what will happen to our welfare rolls.

  6. I service the Walmart in Santa Fe. So I see a lot of customers. I would say about 80% speak nothing but Spanish. It really bugs me. No American should cater to these people and they shouldn’t get jobs if they can’t prove there legal. If they are in America they should be mandated to learn English and pass tests about the Constitution. I’m sure if I went to Mexico they wouldn’t cater to me. You know why all these dumbocrats want to legalize these illegal immigrants it’s because they know they would vote for them. It wrong that these people get a vote like you and me.They should be given a test that every real American should know. If they don’t know why should they be able to vote? The dumbocrats want to allow non- Americans to vote and have the same rights as us Americans.

  7. Seems like a lot of ignorant people talking again, without thinking!! Why don’t you take the time to get properly informed??

  8. The Biden regime’s overt border policies are an intentional attempt to ruin our country at its core. The Marxist leftists fear Trump and his America First movement because it is a formidable force that stands in their way. We are in a war with the devil.

    We need to pray persistently and boldly that good overcome evil. Let’s put on our spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:11), trust that GOD is in control, and meditate on scripture… “Take heart, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD” (John 16:33); “…we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him that loved us. (Roman’s 8:37); “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.” (Philippians 4:13); “but with GOD all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)…ARE ONLY A FEW TO REFLECT UPON…
    May GOD BLESS US!!!

  9. States don’t control the border, so no governor can do much. They can spend money and call out their state’s national guard to pretend to do something. All the states can do is enforce local laws.
    Neither party has done anything about the border in the 68 years I have lived on it. Let’s stop pretending any president or political party will.

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