Vasquez refuses to vote for immigration fix, lobs strange accusations at GOP

On Thursday, far-left U.S. Rep. Gabe Vasquez of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District said he would vote against a commonsense bill to help alleviate Joe Biden’s border catastrophe by extending Title 42’s sunset date and implement other measures to stem the flow of illegal immigration into the United States. 

In a video message, Vasquez said, “Republicans are trying to further break a system that’s already broken,” referencing the immigration bill proposed by the GOP to cure the crisis.

“That’s why I’m voting against H.R. 2, an extreme anti-immigrant bill that falls woefully short of who we are as Americans and what we are capable of,” he continued. 

He also charged Republicans with “extinguishing the flame of the Statute of Liberty,” whatever that means, and said the bill “further sows the seeds of division.” 

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s Delanie Bomar wrote on Twitter following Vasquez’s announcement that he will not help stave off the crisis of illegal immigration, “The crisis at the border is unfolding in Vasquez’s own backyard. El Paso is 40 miles from his district. New Mexicans deserve better than this.” 

U.S. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) said during his remarks on the House floor regarding H.R. 2, “And what does this bill [do]? It secures America’s border again and ends catch-and-release. It says, ‘Let’s get back to rule of law.’ We are actually a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. We can do both, but this President has abandoned the rule of law to the point where more than five million people have come across illegally.”

“And what has it also done? It’s brought drugs into our country. The cartels are running our southern border. Today, we’re going to lose 300 young people to fentanyl deaths because [Joe] Biden opened our southern border. Yesterday, 300 young people died. Tomorrow, another 300 young people in America will die because the President opened the southern border, and he doesn’t care about it. He issued a veto threat on the bill that will fix it.” 


19 thoughts on “Vasquez refuses to vote for immigration fix, lobs strange accusations at GOP”

  1. It is clear that Vasquez is against the rule of law. He supports defunding the police and is even opposed to his Constitutional duty to protect the citizens of the U.S. His support for open borders is a green light for drug smugglers and human traffickers to flood the United States.
    I can’t wait for Yvette Herrell to win back CD2.

  2. Vasquez has in the past sided as a far left Marxist. Of course he want to change the entire completion of the country in order to satisfy his need for America to be another Venezuela. He was forced down electors throat by a radical governor and complicit legislature by gerrymandering our rights away. Hold on to your heads conservatives, these fascist intend to make life as hard as they can, while trying to force retires, the military and working class pay for it.

  3. Vasquez is a proud Marxist, hoping to make America another Venezuela and forcing the workers, military and retirees pay for invaders they bring in. He was forced on us by Lujan and the complicit legislature by their gerrymandering away our right to representation. It’s gonna get ugly.

  4. Hey, Gabe, I hate to tell you this, but immigrants from the 19th and early 20th centuries didn’t come via cartels or didn’t engage in drug smuggling and human trafficking.

  5. Just another Democrat that his oath of office to protect the citizens of the USA isn’t there. This is and invasion not migration,the southern border is wide open for terrorist, criminals, the sick, and drugs to be brought through. Biden and Kamala need to be impeached immediate and Moyorkas fired.

  6. Hey Pendejo, how much are you getting from the Cartels or groups that are trying to bring down our Country. Yu well know we cannot bring in all that are coming in… Thought you would do well pero you are backstabbing sellout, que no???

  7. take about 5000 immigrants and send them to his house and see what he says needs to be done once they are in his backyard and while you are at it send another 25000 to sleepy Joe’s house in Delaware.

  8. Gabe, you are a disgrace to CD-2. Yvette is going to kick your butt in 2024. I say good riddance to you and your Marxist beliefs.

  9. Is this publication staffed with wannabe MAGA republicans or objective reporters? I prefer to read facts, not personal judgements/opinions of the author. Gabe Vasquez represents his district, not just the OILIES that what’s her name lobbied on behalf of in her solitary turn in the US House. New Mexico politics would be vastly improved if the NM GOP leadership dumped the Pearce/Harrell/Drugstore Cowboy ruling triumvirate…

    1. Hey Jack!
      This site is about opinions. Most of us here are sick of the socialist agenda being forced upon New Mexicans. It is the Dems that distort the facts and cannot seem to talk coherently.
      I have been called a Motorhead. But an OILIE? Wow, brilliance shines through.

  10. I tried calling during business hours the local offices. They aren’t even open.
    They do not have America’s interests at all. Voting no, as they supposedly disagree with local police having to do their job of enforcing illegals who shouldn’t be here. Sounds like Gabe came here illegally also….

  11. I continue to remind my self when I am in a store and look at people, in my head I think which of these idiots voted democrat. They are the reason NM is changing from an open minded place to live to a marxist socialist let commune. Let’s take from those who work and give to those that are too lazy to show up to work every day and would rather stay home and play video games or just get stoned. Yes I could move and I may if I had the time to rebuild a new location before I kicked off.

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