Shocking video report shows cartel smugglers ravaging NM’s southern border

A new video report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has revealed shocking images from the United States border with Mexico in the El Paso sector, encompassing New Mexico.

On New Mexico’s border with Mexico, the report by the group’s senior national security fellow Todd Bensman shows images of square holes cut out of the mesh border barrier constructed under President George W. Bush, which the cartel is utilizing to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

Just in a one-mile stretch examined by CIS, it found at least seven holes still gaping open and utilized by the cartel. It also caught on video armed cartel members smuggling illegal immigrants into the United States. 

Other scenes from the report show Bensman joining Hidalgo County Sherriff’s deputies to catch criminal aliens with laser night vision technology. 

“In New Mexico, the Democratic governor (Michelle Lujan Grisham) won’t allow State Police to join the dwindling ranks of Border Patrol agents in opposing this runner traffick, quite unlike neighboring Republican Governor Greg Abbott with his multi-billion-dollar ‘Operation Lone Star.’ That leaves some willing sheriffs’ offices to protect their own communities. One of them is Hidalgo County Sherriff William Chadborn of Lordscburg in Southwest New Mexico,” Bensman explains.  

“It’s pretty much a constant flow. There’s always something coming through… Hidalgo County,” the Sheriff said. 

Watch the full report from CIS: 

The dire scenes from the border are only expected to worsen, as Biden’s ineffective border policies and the lapse of Title 42 are creating a perfect storm for an even worse crisis.


37 thoughts on “Shocking video report shows cartel smugglers ravaging NM’s southern border”

  1. Have buses ready at the border and start sending these people to MLG mansion and make sure they get in after all she has plenty of Wagyu beef to feed them. She is not going to do anything until these people are in her backyard.

    1. Thank you! Once several people I know used to set up OP.’s on the border NM. & AZ. Radio info on Guard, or by sat phone. But then M.L.G. actually had the NMSP start harassing people who weren’t from the area!

      Makes a person wonder if certain people are getting paid to prevent border security?

      Thank you again for your service!

    2. So you’ve been in doing this for 30 years? What about the past governors, um what have they done? Martinez was on board for 8 years. What did she do?

  2. Sad that immigration policy, and the problems they sustain over the last 100+ years hurt us all. This is a massive problem not addressed by state and the Feds who use immigration policy as a political football to get votes.

  3. Have buses ready and drop them off at the plazas in ABQ, SF and LC. I don’t care for most of our NM legislatures but they are only doing the bidding of the idiots that voted them in. Let them feed and house them.

  4. Your wrong! It’s Trump and the Republicans that are the real criminals! They lie and steal and use you Republican people to do crimes!
    Republicans don’t care for us the American people! They are for the rich! Biden is trying stop the illegal immigrants from coming in. That’s why the military is there.

    1. Open your eyes Biden just cancelled the order that Trump put in place about these criminals coming over the borders then committing crimes here. Biden don’t know his @$$ from a hole in the ground. And it’s not Republican nor Democratic views it is all politics either side could care less. We need more independent thinkers in the office not a individual party fricking dumbies

    2. WOW, what a tool! Biden sent military to assist in paperwork allowing them to be released. Not to physically stop them. Though TX, FL. and 20 other states are sending their own NG & LEO’s to assist TX in actually Blocking them!

      I try not to laugh at people like yourself! It’s hard, Try actually Doing research CBP.GOV , ICE.GOV , ERO.GOV ,

      FACT by ICE records over 4 million illegals left the USA under Trump! “No free rides” Right now over 86 Known Terrorist have been caught since Jan. 1st 2023! KNOWN means on FBI watch list, can’t fly here!

      Last year over 100 KNOWN Terrorist, One Known AQAP was caught near Yuma, in a US First Responders uniform, The Regional CBP director was fired for posting that information!

      People like you have NO CLUE what is really happening along the border or that your Hero Joe Biden has killed more US Citizens in just one year, than all our wars for the last 75 years! 108,000 dead

  5. Your wrong! It’s Trump and the Republicans are the criminals! Trump and the Republicans who are lying and stealing and have the Republican people commit crimes! They are not for the American people! They are for the rich!

    1. What planet are you from? Your are spewing complete tripe. Give up your video games and come back to reality. There are non so blind as those who will not see….

    2. Trump is not the president now, Bimbo Biden is, remember that. He stopped the wall building, he stopped the law’s for borderlands, imagration law’s, ext. Come on you idiot people, you don’t make any sense in your comments. MLG is just as bad in this, not letting the state police interact on this problem. The many drug’s and criminal’s coming in has got to be stopped one way or another. I’m all for the people who come in legally, I feel horrible for the children that the cartels drop off into the desert alone to fend for themselves, the women are being trafficking, enhumanly sexually abused and so much more. Trump had nothing to do with what’s going on now, he stopped many coming in and what has been brought over the border, drug’s and criminal’s. Your president Bimbo Biden has done nothing to stop it, so who’s getting paid for all this?

    3. Jonathan, it’s obvious you don’t live in NM. I do. When you’ve actually experienced this invasion, you may speak but not until then.

  6. From Wikipedia: do some research:
    “The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is an anti-immigration think tank and a SPLC designated hate group. It favors far lower immigration numbers, and produces analyses to further those views. The CIS was founded by historian Otis L. Graham and eugenicist and white nationalist John Tanton. The organization was founded in 1985 as a spin-off from the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and is one of a number of anti-immigration organizations founded by Tanton, along with FAIR and NumbersUSA.”

    “Reports published by CIS have been disputed by scholars on immigration, fact-checkers and news outlets, and immigration-research organizations. The organization had significant influence within the Trump administration,[3] which cited the group’s work to defend its immigration policies.[4] The Southern Poverty Law Center designated CIS as a hate group with ties to the American nativist movement.[5] CIS’s lawsuit against the SPLC over the designation was dismissed.[6][7][8]

    Do some research – don’t just accept this kind of report as truth.

    1. “Reports published by CIS have been disputed by scholars on immigration, fact-checkers and news outlets, and immigration-research organizations”
      Scholars are unnamed, fact checkers? really does anyone take fact checkers seriously? News outlets are another arm of the left.

      Southern Poverty Law is far left. Anything the right prints or videos is deemed fascist and hateful and thus dismissed and not thoughtfully debated.
      How many illegals are you willing to house, Ms. Gail? Would it be alright if one took your job? Just wait a few months to a year and to see how it plays out for you and then answer.

    2. Nicole A Thomas

      I live in Roswell NM. Check your facts. No one was called by the governor to guard NM’s Border. Not the National guard. Not the Minute Men. Not the State local or Sherrifs Dept’s from any county.

    3. LOL SPLC really a far left propaganda hate group? You know they listed a county in NM. as a no go zone? Yeah, they officially called a county in NM. as Hate group. Here is the kicker they did so over a Church located in another county over 100 miles away!

      Anyone who would take any information from a group Who can’t even read a MAP??? No wonder the left acts so stupid!

  7. Border Sherriffs should call for VOLUNTEERS to man up a SHERRIFF’S POSSE. People who are willing to support the Constitution and The Country. Prior military service under arms would be best but not Absolutely Necessary. These folks would take the Oath and under DIRECT SUPERVISION would Support the DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES. Some Politician should be calling for all REAL SHERIFFS TO GET THIS DONE. There are politicans that have been elected sheriff in counties like Grant County and Dona Ana County they wouldn’t be interested in protecting the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. But people could join the Sheriffs who do.

    1. Before Governor Gruesome took over there were a lot of trained volunteers along the NM. Border, 2019 the NMSP started harassing anyone not from Border counties! Stop & Frisk, etc.

      Now most the people I knew doing this were Vets or former LEO’s or both! Well equipped, Com’s NVG, thermal imagery etc. All they did was radio or phone location & direction of travel of groups or cars!

  8. When are the leaders of our country going to start protecting us? 100,000 American Citizens died last year from fentanyl overdoses. How is it getting into our country? The criminals/got aways are carrying it across our borders. Why don’t all of our governors use everything in their power to protect us? Sex offenders, murderers, criminals, drug mules from all over are coming across the borders. These are not just families looking for a better life. It is estimated that since Biden became President there have been approximately 1.5 million got aways have invaded our country. Why do the people in power look the other way?😡

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