Lujan Grisham forcing masks on student-athletes

KTSM 9 El Paso reported that the New Mexico Public Education Department’s updated guidance includes “indoor sports is 100% mask wearing” According to the report, “Outdoor sports, including football, has now been changed back to recommended mask wearing. The change in language comes just hours after the PED issued the mandate.” 

The updated mandate came after conflicting information came out regarding the masking of student-athletes. 

The Albuquerque Journal’s James Yodice, previously heard on Tuesday from at least three coaches that “Prep football players in NM will be in masks going forward, games and practices, and it doesn’t matter if they’ve been vaccinated or not. In the spring, doable. In the heat of the summer? Oy.” 

According to Coach Adam Kedge of Albuquerque Academy, who was previously informed that outdoor mask-wearing was mandatory, told DyeStat, “We were moving forward. Now, I get this bombshell.” 

“We all know the numbers in the United States have taken a turn for the worst, but as I stated to you, Doug months ago, we are a rural state with, you know, hundreds of thousands… of square miles with a low population. What’s the best thing to do? It’s to be outside exercising in the nice, clear air.” 

Regarding how he will break the news of the mandates to his students, Kedge said, “I hope I can hold them together, honestly.” 

12 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham forcing masks on student-athletes”

  1. Let’s take a look at this.. humans breathe out 200 mL of CO2 with every breath and that is resting when young adults ..who do not need masks at all just like adults don’t need masks at all ..when they do athletics their CO2 rates go much higher and they are breathing that in ..not to mention the pathogens that are being breathed back in by wearing a mask
    It is also be shown that all that CO2 that is being inhaled by wearing a mask does damage to the immune system not just temporary but for life so this idiot Governor that we have is well what can I say and unscientific idiot. Just doing it for no reason whatsoever but playjng politics using our children as Pawns

    1. And what the fool of our governor does not understand and everybody should understand ..the sun kills the virus and the wind blows it away so why the heck do outdoor sports players need to wear masks she is pure moronic
      Once again using the children as Pawns in her apologetical game

  2. The parents of these athletes, of all students need to start fighting back. MLG works for us, she is not a queen. New Mexicans act so tough most times, but bend over for democrat communists. MLG needs to be thrown out of government permanently.

  3. MLG is only keeping this “emergency” going for two reasons. One, she will have to give all the federal relief money back and the State will sink with no oil money coming in. Two, the lawsuits will begin for all the Constitutional Rights she has denied the citizens of NM.

    1. There is no covid emergency ihis is made up and to give you proof here are statistics from World meter the deaths have been flat line at 4400 and the total of the deaths are from the start from last year while the recovery rate is going up by Leaps and Bounds

      New Mexico
      Coronavirus Cases:

  4. Holly cow, your going to KILL young people trying to get O2!!! Every parent and student athlete needs to tell the government to screw themselves or leave public education PERMANENTLY!!!

  5. Absolutely tyrannical. I suggest for the time being that you folks find masks that have very tiny holes laced throughout so as to both give the perception that a mask is being worn whilst also being able to breathe in and out fresh air without it remaining trapped.

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